Edelweiss, Little God of the Crimson Gale

Edelweiss, Little God of the Crimson Gale(Ally 1)
Motivation: Watch over and protect the Zephyr and its crew
Attributes: Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 4, Charisma 4, Manipulation 3, Appearance 5, Perception 5, Intelligence 3, Wits 5 (Wits, Appearance, and Stamina are all one dot lower thanks to the loss of cult)
Virtues: Compassion 4, Conviction 3, Temperance 3, Valor 3
Willpower: 7
Abilities: Archery 4, Awareness 4(Within Domain 2), Stealth 5, Integrity 4, Craft 3(Crafting Clouds 2), Lore 3, Sail 5(Favored), Linguistics 2, Survival 2, Presence 3, Resistance 2, Dodge 3, Socialize 2, Preformance 3(Entertaining Crew 2), Occult 2
Backgrounds: Cult 1(True rating is 0 right now), Panoply 4(The Crimson Zephyr), Ally 2(Welkin), Backing 2(Haslanti League)
Essence: 2
Peripheral Motes: 65
1st Sail Excellency
1st Stealth Excellency
2nd Integrity Excellency
3rd Craft Excellency
3rd Awareness Excellency
1st Presence Excellency
Benefaction – One-die bonus to actions taken to protect and ensure the survival of the Zephyr
Intrusion-Sensing Method – Detects trespassers in the Zephyr
Sense Domain – Scans the interior of the Zephyr
Domain Manipulation Scenario – Allows limited autopilot for the Zephyr
Landscape Travel – Doubles the Zephyr’s speed
Spice of Custodial Delectation – Regains one mote per scene when the Zephyr is being cleaned or receiving maintenance
Affinity Air Control – Elemental Material: Can craft clouds to hide the ship

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