Blake and Chelsea’s Interlude

This is a summary of a mini-session that took place during “The Case of the Confession Cam”.

In the calm after Welkin’s demise, Chelsea approaches Blake and notes her recent preoccupied demeanor, which looks familiar to her. After extracting a promise of secrecy from Chelsea and a glance around to make sure that Txori is nowhere in sight (she left to find a good source of water), Blake explains that she feels she has made her mysterious patron angry, and is not sure what to do.

She reveals her connection to the Nightfeathers and that she does not know what they expect of her. She is also very curious about the rest of her family and other details lost to her amnesia.

Chelsea notes that the Nightfeathers’ plans probably did not include Blake’s Exaltation. When Blake also reveals that her patron was surprised at her recent increase in power–an increase that patron would have withheld, if he could–Chelsea notes aloud that they are alike in one important respect: their patrons have given them gifts more potent than they intended, which they cannot take back. She encourages Blake to go through with her plan of learning from Hunter, as her patron–as much as he’s given her so far–is not necessarily her only source of power, and it behooves her to find out what he is and is not capable of.

She also notes that whatever Blake may have been before, the Nightfeathers and even the Neverborn now have to deal with her as she is now, not as she was, whether they like it or not.

Chelsea then asks Blake what she sees when she looks at the world. Though Blake’s initial mental image is of a world full of things she can kill, she gives the more philosophical answer of a world full of secrets that she needs to uncover. Chelsea replies that looking at the world makes her feel like a child with her first set of building blocks: a source of materials for greater things to build. Blake notes that despite her Abyssal bent towards destruction, she won’t be able to discover the truth if the truth is destroyed. She also won’t be free to discover what she needs if she feeds her name into the Abyss, and Chelsea tells her it’s worth holding onto her name if giving it up would hinder her search for answers.

As the conversation nears its end, Chelsea hands Blake her flute, and asks if she’s interested in playing. Blake agrees, and Chelsea learns details that, while concrete, aren’t especially surprising. Blake’s Motivation is to destroy the secrets in her life (which may well be accomplished by learning the relevant truths, Chelsea notes inwardly, because a secret known is a secret destroyed). She has strong positive ties to Nightfall Island and a certain “Professor Enriquez”, but a burning hatred for bunnies (which Chelsea also finds unsurprising, if specific, in an Abyssal necromancer).

When nothing is left to be said, Blake gives Chelsea a sudden hug, which surprises her, but she reciprocates.