Name: Joshua Jorrvaskr

Player: Taylor

Nature: Chosen of the Sun

Caste: Dawn

Motivation: Protecting Creation from external threats and see it united as one.


Joshua Jorrkaskr was but one of the many Exalted to be involved in the conflict in the North. Born in a small village he was an apprentice to an exorcist. When he and his mentor were overwhelmed by the undead in a town they were helping, Joshua exalted but was the only one to survive. He soon encountered Nalla Bloodaxe and became wrapped up in Yurgen Kaneko’s war. Although the Bull saw potential in Joshua, he needed to be refined. At the moment Joshua only had a passing knowledge of the occult and a knack for punching things.

Joshua was sent to find a women named Narula, she often traveled and his first test was tracking and finding his new mentor. Under her tutelage, Joshua expanded both his martial and spiritual prowess. With his path to improvement unlocked, Joshua began to assist the Bull by investigating Circus Moribund. In the course of his investigation he encountered two individuals with similar interests, a Sidereal named Verrance and a Lookshy officer named Chizu. The three of them became comrades through a common goal, stop Circus Moribund’s machinations.

During the war in the north, Joshua learned many things that would shape his destiny as a Solar. From Chizu he learned more about the Dragonblooded and that cooperation between them and Solars was possible, from Verrance he learned of Yu-Shan and its politics, and from his enemies he learned of the true destruction that can be wrought from lies and pitting ally against ally. Through Verrance, Joshua acted as a liaison between the Bull and interested parties in Yu-Shan. In this position, he was often contracted to handle side jobs from Verrance’s boss, TJ. After a many months of work, TJ suddenly vanished and all Joshua was told is that he was transferred to a new department. Curious about his friend’s sudden disappearance, he continued to take freelance jobs from the Gold Faction while conducting his own investigation. Eventually Joshua finally caught wind of a lead, TJ had recently been arrested and was now on an airship in the south remanded to an agent of “The Freeman.” He had heard that an ally of the the Bull named Kami had been searching for an airship in the south. Joshua headed to the south to find TJ and to assist Kami in the Bull’s endeavors.


Joshua is a dawn caste Solar skilled in punching things and has skills to help him figure out who needs to be punched. He is nicknamed Jojo by his peers, jokingly referred to as the “Hole-puncher” around TJ’s office, and known as the Rippling Fist by his enemies. While he believes in the Bull’s cause, he is concerned about the Bull’s long term plans. The Realm is a threat to the Solars, but destroying them would only bring more chaos in the world.