Manse and Airship

Sylph’s Seat in the Sky

Sylph’s Seat in the Sky is a 3-dot air manse traveling across wind currents in the sky. It consists of one large island with a few smaller satellite islands connected to it via large suspension bridges. The dock where the Zephyr was moored at is one of its satellites. The manse itself has a few buildings but is primarily an open air environment so it is advised that occupants remain indoors when the manse is at high altitudes. The manse has several workshops where it is capable of repairing damaged ships and artifacts. Additionally the manse is able to hide itself from prying eyes and can even appraise and sort items placed in its store room. The dock at the manse can automatically extend to accept a ship and bring it in safely. While the manse is constantly on the move, it is possible to predict where it will be by studying the wind currents it rides. After the Zephyr was moored at the manse, it began repairing and upgrading the ship into a new and improved vessel. The manse requires occasional maintenance, once a month the satellite islands must be realigned by adding or removing slack on the suspension bridges.

The Crimson Gale

The Crimson Zephyr

Named so that Welkin will never forgot the blood spilled on that day, the Crimson Gale is a significant improvement on the original design. Not only has its entire frame and hull has been strengthened, but it is even faster than it was before. Being its sole remaining crew member, Welkin has claimed the ship and as his own. While the ship lacks any conventional weapons, it has several harpoon launchers designed for anchoring and towing. Two gliders, five folding gliders, and nine parachutes were stored in the hull of the Zephyr for the use of the crew.

Edelweiss, Little God of the Crimson Gale

When the Zephyr was heavily damaged and its crew slain, the little god of the ship was deeply saddened and enraged. The essence of the the manse it was repaired at was infused into her and she awakened as a stronger spirit, Edelweiss. She is deeply saddened by the loss of her crew/followers and swore vengeance against the Realm. She is still bound to the ship, but is able to assist its functions with her charms. Welkin is the only survivor from the attack and is at the moment her only ally. As he is also now the captain of the ship she looks after, she has granted him a small portion of her power.

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