Welkin’s Log

Since I’m the one who will be captaining the Zephyr from now on I decided to start a logbook to keep a record of whats to come. Trevor explained to me that I awakened as a Solar and because of that I was able to keep the ship afloat, but it was my exaltation that drew the Wyld Hunt to us. I am thankful to Trevor for leading me to this manse, but I can’t help but hold a grudge for him not intervening sooner. However, as someone who has superiors who force unpleasant orders down my throat, I understand that somethings are not your call to make.

The Zephyr is being repaired by the manse I’m now residing in, its even getting a few upgrades it seems. I don’t want to let myself forget what happened so I’ve begun to paint the exterior hull red. I’ve been studying the controls for the Zephyr, but I don’t think I’ll be able to properly sortie it until I have a larger crew. Trevor says that there will be a crew in due time, the reason he approached me was because he needed an able vessel and somebody to fly it. A team is being assembled and I’m to be part of it.

Also I’ve been poking around the manse waiting for Trevor to give up more details. This entire structure is floating on air currents so I’ve begun to chart its movements to try and find any sort of pattern. I’ve also found some old records in the manse, they seem to be charts similar to mine, but they’re not about the manse’s movement. I think they’re specific locations around the world, but that’s all I could tell using my experience as a sailor. I want to fully decode them, but I think I’ll have to do some research on the First Age.

Its quiet up here, even if they’re new people I’m looking forward to having a crew once again.

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