Welkin was an orphan born and raised in the Docks of Icehome, the capitol of the Haslanti League. From a young age he worked as a cabin boy and eventually a deck hand aboard the fishing boats that operated out of Icehome. However, the sea was not where his heart was, ever since he was a child he would stair up at the sky dreaming of captaining a Haslanti Airboat. Fed up with his current life, he enlisted in the League’s military and was assigned to the Heavy Crane as a deck hand under Captain Arcturus. The vessel was assigned primarily to transport missions delivering supplies to Haslanti cities.

Aboard the Heavy Crane, Welkin earned himself a reputation as a trouble maker, he had issues with authority. He would regularly climb the gas bag for fun, get caught everywhere in the ship someone of his rank wasn’t allowed, and excess use of firebombs. Welkin was not especially endeared to his captain, let alone the upper brass of the League. During a routine mission, the Heavy Crane intercepted a strange vessel sailing across Haslanti waters and was later attacked by the renegade Captain Gyrfalcon. The ship was downed and heavily damaged by the hostile ship. Luckily it was towed to safety by a strange flying man and the boat he was on.

Damage assessments determined that repairs would take quite some time so the crew of the Heavy Crane was reassigned to various ships. Thanks to Welkin’s reputation with his superiors, he found himself assigned to the Zephyr. The Zephyr was a peculiar vessel, not for its construction, but for its crew and captain. This was the vessel the League placed its more eccentric soldiers, ones that were skilled enough to be useful, yet to unruly to be properly controlled. Simply put it was where all the problems were placed to be kept out of the way.

Not so strangely, Welkin fit right in with the crew and quickly befriended the quirky lot of them. The Zephyr was a strange ship, but he felt right at home on it. The Zephyr’s missions would shift between simple missions that would keep them out of trouble far away from most cities to near suicidal tasks that the might rid the League of the Zephyr once and for all. This didn’t stop them, they were able to handle whatever they were assigned to do. But it all came to an end one fateful day, the ship found itself surrounded and under attack by three scales of scouts from the Realm.

The enemy ships had used a fog bank to approach and board the Zephyr from its starboard flank. The first ship rammed into the Zephyr and enemy soldiers began pouring onto the deck. Welkin was on duty at the time, but was not great at close quarters combat. That’s when something sparked within himself, he felt like he was about to explode. He reached into his satchel and tossed a firedust grenade at the boarding soldiers. He tossed one after another injuring some and knocking others overboard. He just kept throwing them, he felt as though he should have already run out. But sure enough each time he reached into his satchel, he would fine just one more remaining. The second and third hostile ships tried to ram the Zephyr from port side. Welkin braced himself against the ship hoping to survive the impact. He closed his eyes and heard a crash, but the Zephyr didn’t buckle. He heard a second crash and then a third. The two ships had hit the Zephyr, but somehow the Zephyr was unharmed and the two enemies slid into each other and crashed.

The attack had been halted and the remaining crew were getting ready to celebrate when they heard a loud “Bang” and suddenly part of the deck exploded. Emerging from clouds in the distance was a talon of the Wyld Hunt closing in on its prey. Everyone knew that fighting was not an option and that they could only run. However, the weapons of the Realm were powerful, even with their current distance the Zephyr was still being fired upon. The shots were accurate and deadly, crew members fell one by one and Welkin found himself in silence as he tried his best to keep the Zephyr in the air.

The Zephyr was no longer being fired upon, not because it got away but because it didn’t need to be pursued any longer. The cold silence and not knowing when the ship will finally give out terrified Welkin. Each time the ship lurched he cringed expecting to suddenly drop from the sky, but the ship pressed forward. Suddenly the silence broke and a voice spoke to him. He turned and saw someone standing on deck and calling out to him. This person was dressed like one of his crew members and was talking like one of his crew members, but Welkin had no idea who this person was. This wasn’t possible, the crew was a tightly knit bunch and everybody knew each other. Nevertheless, this man felt like he was always there. He gave Welkin a new heading which lead the sputtering ship to an island floating in the sky.

The island welcomed the Zephyr as it approached and it finally came to a stop. Welkin disembarked with his remaining crew mate behind him. Welkin asked for his name and how he knew about this place. He answered and when Welkin turned to look at him, someone completely different was standing there.

“You can call me Trevor, and I have a proposal for you.”

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