Between the Lines – Power

Welkin was becoming just a tad paranoid and rightfully so. In a very short stretch of time he had to deal with both a bounty on him and his ship and a kidnapping by Realm troopers. While these were these incidents were both resolved, they were done so after the fact and were not even part of his main objective. To top everything off they were now rising higher on the “shitlist” for someone called the Master. Welkin went to sleep for the night thinking, “If only I had more power, I could stop incidents like these before they start. I wouldn’t have to worry about the machinations of this ‘Master,’ he would have to worry about me.”

Just after falling asleep, Welkin found himself in a vivid dream and was soon face to face with a familiar merchant. “It’s been awhile hasn’t it Welkin. I believe you may be in need of my services.”

“Makarios, if you’re here then this isn’t the peaceful dream I was hoping for after this last mission. I take it you’ve come to offer me the very thing my heart desires,” Welkin said sarcastically.

“Well I wouldn’t be much of a merchant if I wasn’t aware of the needs of my customers. Selling people what they most desire is my passion as a merchant,” answered Makarios putting on his best business smile. “You’re looking for power aren’t you.”

“I’m not exactly interested in any of the trinkets or artifacts you peddle. They might be powerful tools, but they’re still just that, tools. I seek a more essential type of power.”

“Of course you aren’t interested in trinkets, because I’m not here to sell them to you. What I have for you is special limited time offer: Access to my dream palace for three months.” Welkin looked a bit confused by Makarios’s proposition giving him the opportunity to launch into a detailed pitch from the experienced merchant. “Time behaves differently in my palace, a few days there is but minutes in Creation, but your mind is unable to tell the difference. In just the time one spends sleeping at night, you would have three months to do anything you wanted. Maybe you want a long vacation, or you could even spend that time chasing after the power you desire.” He continued his sales pitch describing all the facilities his palace offers.

Welkin was tempted to accept, but Makarios is a merchant after all. “What’s the cost?” Welkin asked.

“Smart boy, you know what to ask a merchant before committing to a deal. Now there isn’t really room for bargaining on this, but while you’re body sleeps and you mind is in my palace, I want to borrow your body for an hour. I assure I’m not planning to do any harm to your ship or crew, I just wish to inspect the Crimson Gale and its contents. So that I may do better business with you. I can even assure you that I won’t even speak to any crew of the ship,” replied Makarios as he set his terms.

Welkin thought about it, relatively speaking this was an amazing deal. While he was sure that Makarios the merchant would keep his word, he was a bit suspicious what Makarios the demon wanted with his ship. Makarios began to act a bit impatient as Welkin thought on the offer, but in the end Welkin knew from the start of Makarios’s sales pitch what his answer would be,