Approximately 475 years ago, Iselsi Samuel was waiting for his first assignment with the All-Seeing Eye, which served as the secret police force for the Realm. Sam had trained for assignments for years, studying skills such as impersonating others and picking locks in order to gain access to intelligence and artifacts. He was assigned Everyman Armor, which allowed him to disguise himself to look like anyone he desired, and he studied techniques to allow him to mimic voices, as well.

Sam was working on his forgery skills when he was interrupted by a messenger. “Iselsi Samuel?”


“Alice would like to see you, sir,” the boy said. “I think it may be about a mission,” he added.

Sam tried to contain his excitement as he walked over to Alice’s office. These years of study would finally pay off.

Sam and his companions were assigned to investigate the home of a wealthy man, Gus Carp, who was suspected of misappropriating Solar artifacts found in excavation sites. They had previously tracked down blueprints of the mansion, and the leader of the group, Alice, had a few ideas where she’d like to look. Sam had already observed the man as a potential person of interest, so he was able to disguise himself to look like Carp. He then activated Imposter’s Voice Technique so he sounded exactly like him, too.

“Sam and I are going to investigate first,” Alice told the group. “He’ll attract less attention with only one other person, but we’ll let you know if we need any help.”

Armed with some lock-picking equipment, Sam’s concealed fighting chain, and little else, the two of them headed toward the mansion. As it turned out, the front door was unlocked. They entered, and the maid rushed toward them.

“Ah, sir, you’re home early. Is something amiss?”

“No, not at all,” replied Sam. “I merely wished to show my new friend here some items from my collection.”

“Of course, sir. Will you require any assistance?”

Sam shook his head. “No, but thank you. You may resume your duties as usual.”

“Thank you, sir,” she said. She bowed her head and left.

Sam commented quietly to Alice, “I could get used to this ‘sir’ business.”

“Focus on the job,” she whispered back. “This way first.”

Sam nodded and led the way, showing off ‘his’ mansion to Alice as they went. Nobody questioned them, and they were soon in a basement room.

“We’ll focus on what’s in here later, but I have a feeling there’s a secret room somewhere around here. Let’s search the walls for a switch of some sort,” Alice said.

A few minutes later, Sam crowed, “Got it!” He flipped the switch triumphantly.

A deep voice boomed out, “Please state your identity.”

“My name is Gus Carp,” Sam replied confidently.

“Vocal signature verified.” Sam smiled. “Please enter the passphrase,” the voice continued. The smile fell off his face.

“Uhh…” Sam looked at Alice, who simply shrugged.

Sam’s mind whirled as he considered what he knew about the man. He was intelligent, but also overconfident. Maybe, just maybe… “The passphrase is 12345.”

“Passphrase verified. Please press the switch again to enter.”

Sam couldn’t believe it. It had been such a long shot, but it worked! He pressed the switch again… and then froze in place, unable to move.

“What’s wrong?” Alice asked after a few seconds, but Sam couldn’t even speak. “Sam, let go of the switch.” Sam’s frustration mounted, but there was nothing he could do. Slowly, a blue aura came over Sam. “It was a trap!” Alice shouted. “It only said the passphrase was verified to get you to touch the switch ag—”

Suddenly, Sam’s surroundings vanished. Alice and the room were gone, and he was alone in an abandoned field. He had no idea where he was or how to get back to his friends.

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