Welkin Side Stories

During the Case of the Cryptic Contact

When Welkin was informed of the party’s new mission, he was dissapointed that he wouldn’t be able to assist with the mission, but protecting his ship took precedence. After dropping everyone off outside of Gem he set the Crimson Gale’s course south and went to his cabin to study documents he took from his manse. He had pouring over these documents for weeks hoping that they would reveal the location of other manses. Written in ancient Realm with many strange symbols and odd riddles hiding their secrets. After another few hours of trying, Welkin gave up and opted to take a nap. While he slept he had a strange dream, he saw a structure of spiraling corridors and stairs. In these halls he saw familiar symbols scribed across them. All around him he felt essence surging around him and saw a beautiful stone atop an alter.

Welkin jolted awake and immediately dashed for his desk. He shuffled through the documents looking for the right one. He found it, it had the same symbols on it as the ones he saw in his dream. He looked over it and was finally able to understand it. He made sense of the ancient writing and found that it pointed to the location of a manse. Better yet it was nearby, had he subconciously flew in this direction as he go closer to solving this one. He corrected his course and went forward at max speed. By the time he reached the location revealed to him night had fallen and Welkin barely spotted a tall extremely narrow tower extending from the ground in time to avoid hitting it. It was disturbingly narrow probably next to impossible to spot from a distance and only revealed itself to Welkin when its angle reflected the light of the fullmoon.

After landing the ship Welkin approached the structure and looked for an entrance. He descended down a spiraling flight of stairs, exactly like the one he saw in his dream. Welkin continued to descend and was unable to understand the size of this structure because of its odd inner architecture. At the bottom he found what he was hoping for, the hearthroom. He aligned his essence with the essence around him and attuned to his manse. The hearthstone appeared on the alter before him and several doors opened around him. One of the doors lead to a library full of ancient books, but many of them were tattered and decayed. Welkin found a few books in readable shape and put them in his pack. Before he could explore a bit more a small cherub appeared in the corner of his eye. It wispered a message from Grey in his ear before disappearing. It was time to go, Welkin grabbed the hearthstone and left with his pack. He had hoped to get a bit more time to investigate this manse, but now was not the time so he would have to settle with the books he took. Welkin boarded the Crimson Gale and set sale for Gem.


During the Case of the Insidious Instigator

Once again Welkin found himself quietly reading on his ship while his allies handled the mission. Although he had a bit less to complain about this time as he wasn’t thrilled to be this close to Realm skyspace. He had been circling the island at very high altitude keeping an eye out for the Wyld Hunt and waiting for the pick up signal for the party. Welkin’s nerves eventually got the better of him and he decided that doing some lower altitude scouting on a glider would help calm him down. He told Edelweiss to take the ship higher for now while he went down.

While scouting, Welkin spotted a group of somethings moving fast flying low to the ground. He immediately climbed higher to better avoid detection and saw one of the things breaking away from the others to head north. Welkin had a bad feeling and followed the one headed north. He dived to get closer and his fears were realized. He was heavily armored with the latest technology, Welkin had encountered a Wyld Hunt detachment. This one was no doubt headed to the outpost to in the city to at best report and at worst get reinforcements.

Welkin made a split second decision, pulled his goggles down, and dove for him at maximum speed. His vehical was faster than Welkin’s glider so he would only get one chance to catch him. Welkin braced himself for impact and hit his target’s vehical from behind destroying his glider in the process. However, Welkin had achieved his objective he managed to get aboard the small speeder. The Prince of Earth was surprised by his sudden guest, but didn’t waste time engaging. Close quarters combat was not Welkin’s area of expertise and clumsily tried to throw his enemy off the speeder. All he managed to do is grab at and pull off the eye piece and the Dragonblooded held the advantage. In a desperate move Welkin grabbed the a broken wing of his glider lodged in the speeder. He drove it into his opponent and expanded it. The sudden change in drag ripped dragonblooded from the speeder into the air.

Welkin groped around the controls to try and turn this thing around. He was much better with larger ships and not smaller ones like this. He managed to turn it around and tossed a bomb at the previous rider tumbling through the air before speeding off after the others. He hoped that his allies weren’t in this direction as well.

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