Name: Chelsea C. Dhoberg, codenamed “Braid” by her peers and “Crystal” to the Sidereals

Player: Jennifer

Nature: Green Sun Princess

Caste: Defiler

Focus: Craftswoman finds her lack of tools not disturbing in the slightest

Anima: Green and white flames; when iconic, the white flames settle into the shape of a luminata. Rather like this picture here.

This Reclamation craftswoman has come to the Sidereals with news of a weapon that must be shut down, lest the best-laid plans of both the Yozis and the Maidens collapse in a smoking heap. It’s only a matter of time before she learns the hard way that when it comes to reigning in Hell or serving Heaven, you only get to do one of them, at the very most…


Concept art.

Epic Moment: Pouring a Conviction channel and Past Life expertise into diagnosing how to shut off her weapon…

Epic Fail: …which caused her Past Life personality to take control, followed by a botched jump to the floor to disable the machine, resulting in a twisted ankle.

Fightin’ Music: Rival Battle: Silver (Sonic Generations)

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