Nemesis, part 1

“Tell me again,” that same cold, cruel voice hissed patiently.  “All of her companions, one by one.”

Dexter’s ankles and wrists were bloodied by his own struggles against the iron chains that were holding him, and his nose and mouth were bloodied by his captor who had chained him.  She was pacing around him, clad in soulsteel that was painted with streaks of white, and her pale skin and hair made her almost seem like a ghost, but for her bright yellow eyes and single lock of blood-red hair.  Her armor clinked and her polearm occasionally dragged across a stone, leaving an echoing ring and a deep scratch in its wake.

Dexter shook his head.  “Male, tall, adult, wearing golden armor.  I’m sure any other eye witnesses also mentioned him, he stood out like a sore thumb.”

The White Bone Mistress nodded haughtily.  “They did.  Continue.”

“Male, young adult, captain of a vessel of some kind, trader, with a monkey on his shoulder.”

The White Bone Mistress nodded again.  “He landed a skyship at the edge of town.  Continue.”

“Male, young adult… maybe a crewman for the captain.  Not very interesting to look at.”

Ah,” The White Bone Mistress said as she stooped down to bring Dexter’s chin up to look her in the eye.  “But often the quiet ones are the most interesting inside.”  She stared into his eyes with a twinkle in her own, then pulled away after a moment to return to her disinterested pacing.  “And your role in sending them to attack Patience of the Endless Void?”

“I told you I didn’t mean to!  That was the other me, the one who walks in daylight!  He didn’t know what he was getting into!”

“Hm, this other you sounds untrustworthy,” The White Bone Mistress said, pausing to file one of her blood-red nails.  “Why should I keep you around if you’re going to just turn into him again?”

“Patience’s research was supposed to cure me, to let me become one!”  Dexter said desperately, stopping to cough up some more blood.  “He was supposed to find how to fix my soul!”

“My dear, I don’t know much about mortals anymore, but given that you’ve been selling people to him for some time while the other you tries to stop you, I’d say you were the sickness, not the other you.”

Dexter ground his teeth as he stared at her defiantly.

“Oh but I will tell you that I have good news: I too can cure you!  I can make it so you will never change back into that other Dexter again.”

Hope flashed in Dexter’s eyes for just a moment before fear took over as he realized what she meant.  That brief facial expression mixing the two stretched into eternity as The White Bone Mistress cleanly took his head off with a flick of her long-bladed polearm.  With another flick she splattered the blood against the far wall, and sheathed her weapon.  Dexter’s head rolled down the hallway before coming to a stop by a pipe.

“Feed the body to the hounds,” she said coldly.  “Then give them another piece of Txori’s clothing to track.  And contact the twins.  We will need transportation to keep up with that skyship.”

Six black-clad, heavily muscled figures began complying immediately, while the barking of hell-hounds began echoing through the sewers as they approached.  The White Bone Mistress ignored their sounds, as the mundane evidence of her will being fulfilled was beneath her.  She instead looked out at the ruined laboratory that Patience had been working in all this time.

“Patience of the Endless Void,” She mused, “Soon I shall avenge you.”

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