Name: Iselsi Samuel (Sam)

Player: Debbie

Nature: Dragon-Blooded

Elemental Aspect: Water

Focus: Impersonation, theft, and intelligence gathering

Sam is a martial artist from almost 500 years ago.¬† Brought to the current year by a trap, he’ll be trying to find his way in this strange new world… and he wouldn’t mind getting revenge on the descendents of the man whose trap sent him here!

Hero generator for Sam

Hero generator for Sam

Concept art for Sam

Concept art for Sam

Epic moment: Ninja’ing into a Raksha warrior’s blind spot, trapping him with a chain, then¬†wrapping his own wrists with the other end of the chain while impersonating the Raksha’s friend and begging for his help

Epic fail: Trying to impersonate a guard without learning the guard’s name or having any idea how to communicate as him

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