Armor Backstory

When Iselsi Samuel was in training with the All-Seeing Eye, he excelled in picking locks. His impersonation skills, however, were a bit lacking. While he could mimic voices with an amazing degree of accuracy, his appearance always gave him away. He had plenty of practice disguising others, but disguising himself required different skills, and he never seemed to get it quite right. His commander reported this to the head of the training division of the All-Seeing Eye, and Sam was placed on probation and forced to spend hours each day training in this single skill.

One day, after working hard and failing to impersonate a colleague, Sam was struck with an idea. He had heard of an artifact that allowed perfect visual impersonation, called Everyman Armor. It had been located sometime in the past year and was likely being kept with other artifacts waiting to be catalogued and distributed. Sam had gotten a peek at blueprints and knew exactly where they were—they were kept under guard behind two locked doors. The locks would be trouble for even most members of the All-Seeing Eye, but Sam doubted they would pose much of a problem. The guards would be trickier, however.

Inspiration came at last, and Sam headed to the artifact room. He mimicked the voice of his commanding officer and urgently called away the guards. He only needed a minute, if this were to work properly. The first lock was a simple one, and Sam had it picked in no time. The second required a bit of ingenuity, but Sam was able to crack that one in under ten seconds, and he slipped inside. A quick search revealed many interesting objects, but the lamellar armor was what he had his eye on. He put it on and activated it, spending the required Essence to look exactly like his commanding officer. He then quietly left, re-locking the doors, and went around another way. He ran into the guards and told them it was a false alarm and to return to their posts.

They did so, and Sam felt quite proud of himself. So proud, in fact, that he decided to test this on the head trainer. He confidently walked to his office and knocked, and was introduced. He told the head of the training division that Sam had met his requirements and more, and should no longer be on probation. The leader agreed, and removed all restrictions on Sam.

After leaving, Sam decided to complete the cycle. He impersonated the head of the training division and told his commanding officer that Sam had shown marked improvement and he would like to take him off probation. The commanding officer agreed.

Three weeks later, inventory was taken, and someone noticed the missing Everyman Armor. A quick inspection with Essence Sight showed Sam’s armor to be magical, and he was called in to talk with his commanding officer and the head of the training division.

“Iselsi Samuel, you are in possession of an artifact taken from the storeroom. What do you have to say for yourself?”

Sam considered his options and decided to tell the truth. He told the whole story, from start to finish, and waited to hear his punishment. It had seemed like such a good idea at the time, and he thought he had gotten away with it.

When Sam finished, the head of the training division looked at him solemnly. He then broke into a grin. “Sam, my lad, that shows quite a bit of ingenuity and chutzpah. There is no better use for that armor than for someone like you, who is adept in all other areas and willing to do what it takes to get things done! The armor is yours, and I’m officially enrolling you in the All-Seeing Eye. Now get out of here. And Sam?”

“Yes, sir?” Sam said, stunned.

“Take care in the future when taking things that don’t belong to you.”

“I will.”

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