The Case of the Confession Cam

A motley crew of Exalts is out in the desert for two weeks of downtime, repairing their ship, playing with new toys, and rethinking their lives.

A confession camera has been slipped into their dreams by a mischievous fae from beyond the fourth wall.

What do our heroes say into it? That’s in the comments…

One thought on “The Case of the Confession Cam

  1. Jennifer Neff Post author

    Quoth Chelsea:

    I’m not really surprised that Kami keeps his kid away from me.
    I wonder if he’s considered what it’s going to be like for Jacob to grow up among a bunch of Exalted elders. What it’s going to be like when he grows up and realizes he won’t ever surpass them in anything, not even outlive them.
    I could suggest to Kami that that’s a far more potent draw towards accepting…otherworldly…powers than anything I might tell him, even anything I might tell a child.
    Parents don’t like to hear that, though, and Kami’s effectively that, so…maybe not.

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