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Mission #5: The Case of the Ominous Oasis

Session #12

Welkin, Txori, Grey and Sam have reconvened from their separate missions, when the table starts pulsing with blue light.

The course is laid in relatively easily, and within two days they have arrived at Theldaspa.  The party snoops around the market and easily locates a local watering hole called The Watering Hole.  The impression is that the place is somewhat lawless and dangerous, so disappearances are not unheard of.  A lot of the permanent residents live in the large water-aspected manse in the center of the city which appears to be some leftover of the Shogunate or maybe even first age (and probably maintains the oasis).  Some old-timers complain that the manse itself is less safe than it used to be.  The city’s “mayor” (head thug) plays nice with the Guild and aside from that doesn’t do too much, but the party concludes that seeing him may get them somewhere.

As everyone arrives at the towering manse, Grey sees a normal manse, but Txori, with her über-senses active, is confused by subsonic sounds emanating from it that don’t seem to match what she sees.  Meanwhile, Sam and Welkin stare aghast at the building that is completely wrapped up by a monstrous creature covered in fangs and exuding massive tentacles that slide into the building from all angles, occasionally dripping venomous slime.  Sam can sort of use his imagination to imagine a building, which matches Txori’s description of the illusion.

The plan seems to coalesce around evacuating everyone from the building as the top priority.  Welkin is quite confident he can accomplish this using his Mariner’s Parable Defense, Authority Radiating Stance, and Listener Swaying Technique if needed.  He strolls in, easily locates someone who works there, and demands to see the mayor.  The thug on duty says the mayor is indisposed but he brings Welkin up to the 9th floor to see Colt, one of the mayor’s deputies.  Welkin meets with Colt, a dapper man lounging at his chair with a rose in his mouth, and states that his friend and sorcerer has identified that the building is in serious danger.  Colt scoffs at this, but Welkin is insistent, and so Colt assures him he will immediately begin the evacuation for the sake of everyones’ safety.  He asks the guard to escort Welkin down the halls to room 5 while he begins the evacuation himself.  Welkin dispatches Jack to meet up with the party while he stalls on his trip down the halls.

Txori finds an open sandy dune within easy view of much of the building and carves out giant letters advertising a sale in the marketplace, with a hidden message that everyone should grab their friends and get out of the building.  Soon people start trickling out, to go check out the market.

Jack gets down to the street level very quickly (probably going out a convenient window) and guides the party to Colt’s office.  Txori sends Onyx up to spy, spotting Colt in his office.  Sam is watching for anything that may happen under the illusion.  Soon Welkin fakes a trip and plants a small bomb in the floor, then as they keep walking he detonates it and screams, “It’s too late, it’s starting!”  This panics his guard, who sprints down the stairs screaming for everyone to get out.  Welkin hides in the stairwell, just barely evading the gaze of Colt as he throws the door open.  Colt curses at the man causing a stir, and pulls out a strange strip of sparkly, iridescent, prismatic fabric and starts wrapping it around his left hand.  Welkin leaps out and makes a ranged surprise disarm attack, successfully yanking the fabric out of his hand, then using Call the Blade to recover the fabric.  He immediately starts sprinting down the stairs.  Colt curses again, and is about to scream something when Txori decides to take an arrow shot using her super senses and Onyx for spotting.  The shot is devastating to the unsuspecting, unarmored target, who only manages to scream “SIST—“ before the arrow goes through the back of his head and he falls over lifeless.

Welkin gets out of the building, along with the people who saw the message and the people who heard the panicked guard’s screams.  After a bit, the people stop trickling out, so the party plans to get out anyone who hasn’t left yet before confronting the threat at the top floor.  This is a relatively straightforward task, and soon they are on the 9th floor, finding the corpse of Colt slowly disintegrating to colored sand.  Surprise!

Sam pieces together his voice and appearance and mimics him, then they go to the door that Welkin was originally sent to.  Sam can’t see much inside, so he slowly opens the door and they see before them a female Raksha warrior wrapped up in tentacles and on some kind of bed.  She is in a haze, but she turns to see the party, glares and suddenly ninjas leap out of the shadows to attack everyone.  The ninja attacks fail utterly against both Sam and Welkin, for whom the attacks seem immaterial, but Grey and Txori must actually cope with the attacks.  Grey is wounded while Txori perfect-dodges like crazy.  Sam runs up to be next to them and swings his chain around, which dispels the ninjas as it hits them.  Welkin, meanwhile, throws his chakram at the tentacles attaching the Raksha to the walls, and soon she is loose.  She is immobile, as her legs are shriveled and useless, but pulls out a knife which Sam disarms her of.  Another round of ninjas leap out of the shadows, but Sam dispels them just as easily, passing her large sword to Txori for safekeeping.

Sam begins interrogating the Raksha, who refuses to say anything past asking for Colt, so Sam uses Revelation of Associates Hunch, identifies a friend of hers, and says, “You’d better start talking or the same thing will happen to you as what happened to your friend Contessa Candela.”  This brings the Raksha to tears, but she finally starts talking, explaining that she is the Sharp Lady, a renowned warrior of the Lapis Court until ten years ago she was cursed to lose her legs and only the blood of many innocents could restore it.  Her brother the Beautiful Boy (AKA “Colt”) took her here so he could prey on the innocents here, slowly snatching them one by one over the years using the shaping weapon Behemoth, Nyarlathoth the Citadel of Fangs.

The party doesn’t feel confident they can attune to and control this Behemoth, so they cut her a deal: if she takes this monster away, harming no one, and stays in the Wyld for a quarter century, they will give her the attunement grace of the Behemoth and let her go in peace.  She accepts this deal, though she also says, “I will not forget this.”  She then attunes to the grace, and as the party walks out the manse, Sam and Welkin can see it slithering away with her riding it.  Mission accomplished!

Funniest Moments:

  • Eli: “Are there sewers? I think we solved this case before.”
  • DM: “Txori you could possibly use your sense of touch to get more info, but I’m not sure you’ll want to walk up to it and touch it like like ‘Hello building, my friends all say you’re a giant monster but I understand you.’”
  • DM: “You’re scattering them like… something that is easily scattered.”
  • Eli, Re: Barabella getting control of the Behemoth: “That bill would not have gotten out of committee.”