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Unfortunate Announcement

It is my sad duty to report that Taylor will be taking a break from Exalted to ensure that he completes his degree without any problems.  Welkin will be an NPC, and we look forward to playing with Taylor again once he graduates!

Campaign Theme

An unnamed Elder Sidereal Exalted of great power has decided to assemble a team of young new Exalted to complete missions that no one else can.  These are missions of great importance to fate, including intelligence gathering, acquisition of key artifacts, and assassination.

This squad is recruited based on their abilities and their commitment to improving Creation.  They become vaguely aware that they are receiving missions from Heaven.  There may or may not be actual Sidereals on the team.

The team has the following needs (your character should meet at least one and probably two):

  • Leadership
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Theft/Impersonation
  • Logistics/Technology
  • Stealth Killing
  • Transportation

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to cooperate with the DM to build a character that can participate in these missions.  All of Creation is depending on your team.

Your character options:

  • Solar (recruited by “Trevor”, a Gold faction Sidereal)
  • Lunar (recruited by Splinter, elder Lunar)
  • Dragon-blooded (recruited by “Justin”, a Bronze faction Sidereal)
  • Sidereal (recruited by the Elder Sidereal himself)
  • Abyssal (recruited by Verrance, a Sidereal with extensive experience with Abyssals)

All characters should be recruited after being rescued (e.g. from the Wyld Hunt) or have a revenge motive (e.g. against a powerful foe outside fate).

Announcing Wanted: Weapons of Fate

Now enrolling for a new Exalted campaign!  Unlike previous Exalted campaigns with “open” character creation, this campaign has a “themed” character creation, described in the next post.

Please reply to this post to express interest and for the availability survey!