Hello everyone.

Due to the continuing computer problems, Eli’s AWOLness until the Mayan calendar resets, and Debbie’s and my school, Tides of Fortune is officially on hiatus for the remainder of fall 2012.  Watch this space (or your email) for announcements on its triumphant return!

I am currently scheming a smaller-scale campaign with the locals (Leslie and Natalie).  It has its own website visible here.

Tides of Fortune is comparable to a symphony.  I’m gonna try more for a string quartet this time….


I just wanted to mention to our loyal audience (Hello?  Anyone out there besides spammers?) that we’re having a break from Exalted for a few weeks.  This will give Leslie and me a chance to have a little more time to start our school year, and Alejo a chance to figure out exactly what he wants to do.  Of course, we’ll promptly start doing something unexpected and force him to change his plans…

We expect to start again September 30.  Approximately 3-4 months will have passed in game time.

Between-Story housekeeping

As Story #1 draws to a close, so does the characters’ “Springtime of Youth.”  XP gains will now be drastically smaller, though XP gains for written material will continue.

Sessions will also be shorter.  The exact start time still has to be worked out, since someone wants to start earlier and someone else wants to start later….

The party also gains “Training points” which are like experience points but can only spend them on things they train over the break.  So far that includes:

  • Canna spends time investigating what happened to Sabin and how the Obsidian Blade is involved, then also trains archery
  • Lucinda trains a new spell, among other things
  • Kami fixes the ship and works on his crafting projects
  • Hunter helps Canna, then finds a shadowland to raise his essence score in
  • Vae goes north to Talonclaw Island and trains her essence under Splinter

Also, pictures from session #11!

Oh one last thing: some things that were said alluded to it, but I’ll spoil it for you: Oneiros had promised to be the early warning system for the Infernals using his hearthstone, but when Canna broke it, Oneiros didn’t let on that she couldn’t read minds anymore, which is why they were so unprepared and easy prey for the party’s coordinated attacks. Once again an example of how lateral and aggressive thinking can make your life easier down the road! Props to Brianna.

Session #11

The party has been getting ready to arrive at Abalone.  Lucinda has trained under Shuragon, who asks that she help him right the wrongs Oneiros has committed.  Kami is working on his crafting project, and Canna has been running around as a go-between.  Vae and Kami are steering the ship south.

Hunter contacts Canna with the mirrors as they approach, and they pick up Hunter on the coast north of the cove where the Lintha are based.  Some planning and scheming is done under the gun, since basically there’s a front door (the cove) and a back door (the tunnels).  Hunter rolls his int+war to estimate the various likelihoods of different plans working.  He spends a willpower to do this, which is good because the dice show a double botch!  Hunter has the bright idea of having everyone surrender to the Lintha to see what they’re up to, but then Hunter has a second thought that that would be stupid.  He finally suggests they split up, that he and Kami go in the back door while Canna, Vae, Lucinda, and Vae’s servants create a diversion by sinking the Lintha ships and killing the Lintha.  This plan is approved.

They prepare overnight.  In the morning, the Moral Ambiguity drops off Kami and Hunter, who creep their way to the secret tunnel entrance.  Vae sends her seagulls and octopus to scout ahead, seeing two Lintha ships beached at the shore, and a group of Lintha-controlled demons roiling in a quiescent manner in the bay.  It’s go time!

The Moral Ambiguity sails around the bend, and Vae sends her fire-burper (little fire dragon elemental) at one of the ships, and manages to get it set on fire.  Avalanche and Vae fly overhead while Lucinda steers and Canna mans the essence cannon.  She uses it to kill all the demons, then once the other Lintha ship is full of soldiers and sailors, she blows it up good.

This is the signal for Kami and Hunter to enter the tunnels, but something catches Kami’s eye and he manages to pull Hunter back before they are killed by percussive mines.  The enormous bang ruptures Hunter’s eardrums, however, and he has to hand the mirror to Kami to talk with Canna since he can’t hear.

As the remaining Lintha flee and the smoke clears, three figures are seen standing at the shore: the Scout, the Demoman, and the Soldier.  The Scout has crazy magical boots that let him literally run on water up to the ship, where he assaults Lucinda rather badly with a baseball bat.  The Demoman carries a huge device of some kind which he shoots an explosive out of that damages the Moral Ambiguity and causes it to start listing.  Vae has her octopus hold it up and she starts casting Sting of the Ice Hornet.  The Soldier has a similar massive magical device but his is more of a rocket launcher, and he fires at Canna, hitting her for eleven damage dice (which only became one lethal damage) knocking her back into the water.  Avalanche helps her up while Lucinda activates her Martial Arts excellency and kicks the Scout in the nuts so hard he passes out and falls into the water.  Canna manages to wound the Demoman with arrows (the last one hitting him in the eye), causing him to flee.  The Soldier is taken down by Vae’s Sting and by Canna’s arrows.  Lucinda was nearly KOd by the Scout but since she has Wood Dragon Form active she is rapidly healing it, but she stays on the ship as Vae and Canna pursue the Demoman.

Meanwhile, Kami and Hunter make it to a big open room with tables and some strange poles.  They are stopped by the Heavy Weapons Guy, the Medic, and the Spy, who promptly cloaks.  The Heavy Weapons Guy seems very cocky and stands in the middle of the room, but if he had some plan it doesn’t seem to work, since Hunter manages to completely slay him in one go using his new ridiculous combo.  The Medic flees, and Kami blocks the Spy’s attack on Hunter, then Hunter cuts down a pole and swings it around until it hits the invisible Spy.  Kami and Hunter take him down.  They then pursue the Medic.

The party is reunited as they find the Medic healing the Demoman.  Hunter slaughters the Medic and Canna shoots the Demoman some more, but he sets a bunch of charges on the ceiling that everyone flees before they detonate.  Everyone but Hunter takes some damage from the resulting explosion and cave collapse, and Canna has to go around (picking up Lucinda) to find another way around the rubble.  The party is now once again reunited and ready to end this.

As they enter a huge room with a massive mechanical spire in the middle, they encounter a man wearing a full face mask and carrying another massive device, this one spouting fire at the party right as they come in.  Kami jumps in front of Hunter, who would otherwise have been incinerated, taking some of the damage himself.  Then their anima banners (well almost all of them) plus the fire cause a huge number of bats to start swarming around them.  Canna keeps watch for a bat with glowing eyes, which she’s expecting, while Hunter goes to town on the Pyro, who doesn’t last long.  Kami and Vae go after the Engineer who’s been working on the tower while Lucinda casts Commanding the Beasts, and Canna does spot Oneiros but can’t draw a bead on him/her.  Lucinda commands six bats to go find the bat with glowing eyes and drag it down, then spots a red dot on Hunter’s chest and warns him.  Since Hunter still has his Athletics charm active he literally runs on bats as they fly around up to a hidden spot high in the tower that is the roost of the Sniper.  The Sniper manages to shoot Hunter with yet another large magical weapon, and Hunter takes cover, then he manages to get up and kill him the following round.

Meanwhile Lucinda’s bats have dragged Oneiros down, so he turns into War form and flees with Canna and Lucinda hot on her trail.  Kami and Vae finish off the Engineer, then Kami manages to reverse what the Engineer was doing right as a large number of machine gun turrets pop out of the ground and walls, point at them, then fall silent.  Hunter, Kami and Vae then pursue Oneiros as well.

Lucinda manages a Soul Marking Strike on Oneiros, then the group tracks him to a room with a number of child prisoners, where she has Sabin, Canna’s son, hostage.  The party hesitates, and after some words are exchanged Canna tries persuading Oneiros to stop and listen to reason, but fails, and Oneiros moves to kill Sabin.

This is when Lucinda activates Unbreakable Fascination Kata.  This compels everyone who can see her to stare and do nothing if their MDV is not high enough, and since everyone is wounded and hasn’t studied Integrity except Canna, everyone except Canna is spellbound.  As Lucinda gracefully performs her kata, Canna, without any hesitation, fires four arrows into an undefending Oneiros at close range, killing him, then fires more arrows until she stops twitching while praying to Luna that she accept this Exaltation back and find a more worthy successor, and then severs his head.

Once Lucinda is done with her kata, Canna takes Sabin aside, talks reassuringly with him, and leads him out.  Lucinda goes as well.  Hunter and Kami stick around to do some investigatin’, and Vae turns into her arctic fox form and leads the other children back out to the ship.  Vae and Lucinda sail the ship around until their anima banners are gone, then take the kids south until they meet Wavecrest patrol ships, where they unload the kids.  Canna is walking Sabin and talking with him the entire way, bonding with him.

Kami performs an autopsy on Oneiros’s head, finding abnormalities in the limbic system, while Hunter goes looking for Phineas.  He finds several Lintha, one of whom backstabs the others, so is obviously Phineas, hey dude how’s it going.  Phineas is going to remain in deep cover with the Lintha, so Hunter helps by chasing him into a group of Lintha, catching a random other Lintha, and very ostentatiously feeding on him while the others flee.  He gets back to Kami (“You’ve got red on you”) and they investigate the cavern.  It seems the Engineer had finished with the portals and was building a massive power source for them (these ones are not independently powered like their own teleportals are), and so Kami ruins it so they won’t work anymore.  Hunter deduces that these tunnels were actually old, but the Lintha had added to them recently with some type of supernatural worker, and the plan was to have demons start popping up all over Gullwing.

Kami also analyzes the medic’s medigun he had stolen, which appears at first glance to be a piece of technology but it actually a living demon of the second circle, soulforged into an advanced weapon.  To be used, the user has to bond with the demon and commit a large amount of essence to controlling it, though the demon itself provides the essence that does the healing (and presumably the exploding of the other Devil Arms).

Kami and Hunter get back to the beach and the ship’s gone.  They ping Canna with the mirror but she’s on foot and has no idea what’s going on.  Lucinda and Vae soon show up and pick them up again, and they lie low while Canna takes Sabin back to his foster family and meets with them about what happened.  She tells everyone she is planning on investigating what happened here, and Hunter offers to help, so he flies over on Avalanche.  Lucinda goes and passes out while Kami starts working on repairing the ship, and as night falls, Vae is struck with the light of the full moon, limit breaks, steals some of Lucinda’s money, and teleportals out to the Gemstone Islands for a night of wild partying.



Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Vae makes exceptionally effective use of her minions, from scouting, to careful provocation with the Fire Burper, to having Avalanche help Canna out of the water while simultaneously instructing the octopus to hold up the ship and seal the breach
  • Hunter’s opening combo against the Heavy Weapons Guy becomes an instructive lesson in why you shouldn’t just stand there and let him get first strike
  • Kami demonstrates his healing and his defensive power, as well as doing some serious damage on charges.  But his save the day moment was preventing the Engineer’s sentry guns from slaughtering them all in the nick of time
  • Lucinda’s Commanding the Beasts and Unbreakable Fascination Kata made all the difference between a dangerous Oneiros and a dead Oneiros
  • Canna’s Mamma Bear against Oneiros was not only completely in character but put a powerful climax to the story


Funniest Moment candidates:

  • “There’s a knack for that.”
  • Natalie: “I’m on the ground, right?  I’m going to kick at him using my martial arts excellency!” *roll* Alejo: “Wow, okay, you kick him in the nuts so hard he passes out”
  • Alejo: “Augh! Okay Canna you take one damage.  Man now I know how you feel.”
  • Brianna: “What? How many dice was that?” Debbie: “Eleven dice” Alejo: “You get caught on fire, get knocked into the water, and the fire is instantly doused, that’s what happens.  You’re in the water”
  • Eli: *sends this picture to Debbie re:stratergy*
  • Eli: “Medic?”
  • Eli: “Can I run on bats? *grin*”
  • Kami interrupts the Engineer’s attempts to do something on a panel on the wall with an elbow strike, sliding in between him and the panel, and asking, “May I cut in?”
  • Alejo: “Okay, Oneiros brings his claws down at Sabin’s throat” Eli, to Natalie: “Quick, do the thing!” Lucinda: “Uh, I offer myself in his place!” Eli: “No not that, the other thing!” Natalie: “What thing??” Eli: “The thing you said would help!!!”
  • Kami manages to give Oneiros a sleeping potion. Alejo: “Okay, Oneiros is now drowsy.” Debbie: “I tell Oneiros not to operate any heavy machinery.”
  • Alejo: “Did you all remember to subtract your wound penalties from your MDVs?” Everyone: “……”  Alejo: “I’m taking that as a no”
  • Alejo: “Yes we’re all staring at Lucinda’s dance routine, aww yeah check that out.” Leslie seconds this despite glares from Natalie
  • Brianna: “I now chop off Oneiros’s head.” Eli: “Are we going the whole vampire route, stuffing garlic in the mouth and everything?”
  • Alejo: “Okay Vae is gone to partying.  She shows up the next morning bedraggled and covered in fluids.” Others: “Ewww!”
  • Leslie: “Can I add more tails to my war form if I get more Essence?”  Alejo and Natalie give each other a look.  “Yes, you can get up to nine.”

Session #10

Hunter and Phineas have sailed off to investigate the Lintha presence on Abalone. Their adventure is viewable under Hunter’s page.

Meanwhile, Canna, Vae, Kami, and Lucinda are sailing north with the Moral Ambiguity being towed by the Billowing Flag, as Mothoma has an overt mission in the area, and their diplomatic mission is covert. The trip takes a week, and Kami works on his crafting projects while the others simply relax and prepare for meeting the Lunars.

Finally the Moral Ambiguity detaches from the Billowing Flag and sails out to Talonclaw Island, where the Lunars may be found. Vae resolves to scout ahead in seagull form and rolls 11 successes on perception+survival…. She easily identifies the animals that are Lunars, including another seagull (“Mine! Mine!”) who is named Forty Scales and who shows her the meeting place for the meeting that is taking place the following night at the New Moon. When Vae reports back they ask if they’re allowed and she realizes she should ask. She re-locates Forty Scales and asks, and he is surprised and takes her to Redpaw, a wolf-totem Lunar leading a pack of intelligent wolves. Redpaw suggests that the non-Lunars can meet with the elders at their direction, and they should not barge in. Vae agrees.

Vae can turn into a wolf, and so runs with Redpaw’s pack for the day, while the others relax on the beach, including Lucinda with Free Spirit on the beach. The night passes and the following day is uneventful for a while, until a horde of Octopus beastmen surround the ship and accost Vae’s zombie octopus while a massive Lunar in the Deadly Beastman shape of a octopus-man lands on the deck and is about ready to attack Kami until Vae runs in and explains. This octopus warrior, Hachi, is now naturally suspicious of the lot of them.

The Lunar gathering is a big party that Vae shows up to and has to roll her temperance to avoid getting drunk. The three elders of the gathering are Hachi, the full moon; Sakast, a scorpion totem changing moon; and Splinter, a rat-totem No Moon with four Turtle beastmen who are playing the music. There is also a very large and very boisterous Rooster Beastman who is a representative of an ancient and powerful Lunar names Jones (“Jones, that is!”) As the gathering picks up steam, young Lunars take turns describing their great feats of heroism, and Vae takes a turn, dramatically impressing everyone with her story of the war they’ve been fighting against the Silver Prince. Her admission to studying Necromancy is met with a hesitant pause, then with impressed cheers, and she also gives to the Lunars the gift from the Gemstone Islands of the Moonsilver Smashfist that Avalanche flies in, which they accept graciously.

Hachi, Splinter and Sakast meet with Vae, the rooster, and the party at a nearby meeting hill later in the night. Canna does some skilled negotiations, and Hachi has an oath sealed via Lucinda that his armies will not impede the good guy fleets, thereby opening new corridors of travel for them. Sakast suggests that many young Lunars seeking glory could be persuaded to help in the war effort, though the Lunars will make no unified move. Hachi has made his oath in exchange for the party’s demonstration of good faith in sorting out a strange occurrence. The Lunars apparently knew Fred was coming and so sent a young Lunar named Oneiros to shepherd him here, but they are overdue. Splinter warns that he was the one who tattooed Oneiros and does not trust him, as s/he seems too self-centered, and was complaining of caring about someone (Canna). The party promises to get on it right away.

The trip north by boat takes two days. Searching the island they were supposed to meet at reveals faded tracks and a sea cave with a mysterious door at the back. The party explores this area which appears to be a broken-down Lunar research lab from the first age. Apparently getting into the control room triggered something, however, because they are now sealed in, and when Lucinda is left alone she is strangled by something strange and amorphous, though others show up before she is in mortal danger. Kami decides to go into the air ducts after this thing, and it attacks him there. It appears this thing is Fred, who is now a chimera. He seems briefly capable of begging for help but is mostly just trying to digest Kami. Kami takes damage for the first time in the entire campaign! Vae crawls in and wounds it so it crawls away. Further exploration reveals experimentation rooms, and Canna’s charm prevents them from being exposes to the same Wyld energies that tainted Fred. They then find an auxiliary control room that when activated seals them in, though Vae manages to dash out and Canna joins her by crawling through the vents. Further exploration eventually reveals a power source, and Kami goes in to reactivate the power to the main control room.

When people are crawling through vents, Canna, being last in line, is ambushed, and Vae goes to help while Lucinda and Kami work on the controls. Canna ends up spending a lot of essence on Iron Skin Concentration. The controls are in Old Realm so Lucinda keeps reading while Kami tries to get to Fred, but Canna and Vae, using a knife and an ice-knife, finally kill Fred. His last words are “He’s watching….. She wants his revenge…”. The party can now open the blast doors, and Kami rigs it to seal shut when they leave. The Wyld energy from the experimentation room will eventually destroy the lab. Canna muses on how Oneiros seems to have done this to get back at her for bonding with her, and gains limit in frustration.

The party sails back to Talonclaw Island and reports to Splinter. He is sad but grateful that they helped put Fred down, and warns that Oneiros must be stopped. They sail next to find Mothoma, which they do as he is leaving a town in the Neck (Vae has a minor side adventure of discovering that an embassy belonging to Durango was burned down just as Mothoma was leaving). The party is more interested in getting back to Abalone than it is in sticking around him, though, and Canna’s call to Phineas makes it seem that their presence there is urgently needed. Canna also prays at one point about Oneiros, and hears in her head, “The Bat will seek you out.”

Canna has no intention of just waiting for Oneiros to strike, however. Once Lucinda and Vae have them on course for Abalone, she takes Kami with her and goes through the portal to the Gemstone Islands. She rapidly gets a boat arranged to Diamond Island, and the two of them enter the manse ready for trouble. Shuragon is there and is very polite, and somewhat disturbed that Oneiros has gone off the deep end. He reports that Oneiros left some weeks ago to try and gain standing with the Lunars, mostly to distract him/herself from Canna. Guess that didn’t work out.

Canna uses persuasion to convince Shuragon to tamper with the manse and deactivate Oneiros’s hearthstone. Shuragon is exceptionally reluctant but can see that this is probably for the best, and so he and Kami work together to tamper with the manse. The manse is very old and finicky, and caring for it is Shuragon’s only mission in life, but they manage to deactivate Oneiros’s hearthstone and attunement. Shuragon wants to help further but indicates he can only teach someone through martial arts. Canna goes and fetches Lucinda, who then spends most of the next few days being tutored by Shuragon in the ways of the Hungry Ghost. It seems conflict is inevitable.

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • I really thought Leslie did an excellent job navigating Vae through the tricky Lunar politics and coming out the other side with increased Lunar rep
  • Vae was also the one doing a lot of the damage to Fredmonster too
  • Canna’s aggressive stance against Oneiros is not only badass but as it turns out dramatically makes their lives easier in the next session.
  • Kami appropriately rolls 7 successes to delicately help Shuragon tamper with the manse.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • “There’s a knack for that” continues….
  • The Lunar meeting was a rogue’s gallery of imported characters, from TMNT to Naruto to Warner Brothers cartoons
  • “An Angel descended to us….” muse the villagers as Vae puts out their fire with her ice beam
  • Alejo: “The magical girls are sailing the Moral Ambiguity to Abalone…. I’d just like to note that that is probably the first time in the history of the universe that anyone has said those words.”
  • Something that was said made Natalie laugh for a good 3 minutes straight…. Don’t remember what anymore
  • Debbie: “I’m starting to think we underestimated Shuragon…” Alejo: “Me too.”

Session #9 pics

Summary of session #10 coming eventually….

Session #9

The party has rested overnight, except for Lucinda, who spent the night figuring out how to cast Open the Spirit Door from the Lore and Occult books (and is now sleep-deprived).  Once Vae is awake, Lucinda has her hold the rudder while she tries to take a nap.    Kami and Canna head over through the teleportal to Hunter’s manse, then head over to the main island (on a small boat the Raksha made from Kami’s rage the previous night, so naturally it’s red and has an angry face on it, etc).

Their goal is to talk with Cathamoray so they find a camp of his people and perform the ritual to chat with him.  Canna wants him to send a message to the senior diplomats (Ivy from Wavecrest and Tucker from Coral) warning not to send an invasion.  Cathamoray takes her handwritten letters, folds them into paper airplanes, and zooms them into the spirit message system.  He then indicates that they seem to both be heading to Gemstone (interesting) and that the Storm Mothers had a council last night for the first time in a long time, about Amamire’s condition mostly.  That distraction was why Cathamoray failed to notice the Pool of Death escaping.  He says that Amamire is currenly in her sanctum along with the Loquacious Seeker of Secrets.  Which means….. the Pool of Death *IS* the Loquacious Seeker of Secrets!  DUN DUN DUNNN!

Meanwhile Lucinda is awakened from her nap by a small messenger spirit shaped like a tiny blue fairy.  The messenger spirit is from the Storm Mother court.  Apparently the documents the party gave Amamire indicate that the Silver Prince eventually intends to enslave ALL Storm Mothers, and they will not abide by this.  The council has agreed that Amamire must prevent the Silver Prince from enslaving the rest of her kind and it is up to Lucinda to help her do this.  The Pool of Death also has the key to powering their entire super-death-fleet, which is probably Jacob.

The party has reconvened and Lucinda is rather shocked that the Loquacious Seeker of Secrets and the Pool of Death are the same person, but it seems that makes a lot of sense.  The spirit had given Lucinda general coordinates, and Canna’s inviso-vision detects the sanctum entrance when they arrive.  Lucinda casts the spell, which costs 35 essence to get everyone inside, so she’s already glowing like a bonfire when they arrive.

In the spirit court, they see Jacob sealed in a magical water bubble, crying and scared and also infectious, and the Pool of Death trying to force Amamire to let him and Jacob out so they can go to the Silver Prince.  Kami runs over to Jacob, rolls five successes on four dice for compassion, and LIMIT BREAKS!  Now with no control over his Compassionate Martyrdom, Kami heals Jacob, which prompts battle to be joined as the party is now ready to murder the Pool of Death real good.

The battle starts out encouraging, as Hunter and Canna put some real damage into the Pool of Death and his counterattacks don’t seem terribly inspired.  Vae is casting Sting of the Ice Hornet, but when she casts it, the Pool of Death activates a Principle of Motion action to martial-arts-roll to force Hunter to eat the damage instead of himself (he actually doesn’t make it the first time but he yells out, “Oh come on, DM, lemme re-roll that one!”).  Hunter then takes 7 damage and drops to -2 (“Stings, don’t it?!”), and the Pool of Death goes after Canna, but then he triple-botches on an attack roll and severs his own hand (“Augh! Can you give me a hand?”).  He then starts trying to get it to reattach.

Kami has put Jacob into his carrier and has healed Hunter, who then goes after the Pool of Death again.  This further wounds him, as does Canna’s cool new archery charm.  The Pool of Death is out of Principle of Motion actions so he reactivates the charm (“Anime Power-up ‘n’ shit!”) then when he gets further pummeled he pulls out a machine gun (“It’s time for the hyper combo!”) and blasts the entire room, causing Kami to protect Vae while everyone else dives for cover.  Kami then charges the Pool of Death and wounds him further, causing him to drop, then Hunter stands over him and repeatedly stabs him (“Ow! Ow! Can we talk this over ow!”)

All this time, since Lucinda doesn’t have any essence, she has been persuading Amamire to help them.  Even though it will kill her, Amamire finally decides to help by collapsing the sanctum with herself and the Pool of Death still in it.  Her water elementals pull the party out of the sanctum and bring them to the surface.  The party has successfully survived, and Hunter gains a willpower!

The party now decides to sail back to the Gemstone islands, their work here being done.  This gives a week of downtime.  Activities include:

  • Kami and Canna portal to Cathamoray’s island and after a lengthy and delicate process (including using Irresistable Salesman Spirit on a recalcitrant sister), acquire the guy who is in a permanent coma from the Raksha attack for experimentation.  Kami takes the current occupant of the ship’s warp core out, and awakens him with Canna and Hunter on hand in case he was a volunteer.  It turns out he was not, he’s a fisherman from the northern Neck named Lay-torr.  Kami heals him and puts the coma guy in the tank and hooks him up.  Activating the ship nearly kills him, so Kami reluctantly has to infect him with Jacob’s disease.  Then the ship works fine.  Lay-torr needs to be healed the same way as Jacob, though he is not contagious.
  • Hunter finishes learning his new charm Unfurling Iron Lotus, then starts working on a combo.  One morning while he’s in his manse, the Raksha inform him that someone has come looking for him.  This person, Kelm, is Hunter’s last spy in the Skullstone bureaucracy, and is very loyal to Hunter.  He reveals that he prevented the Pool of Death from contacting anyone to alert them to Jacob’s or the island’s position, and that he was working with the Lintha on Abalone some time recently.  Hunter thanks him and sends him back in to search for more info on Island Five.  It’s also revealed that Kelm is his family name as he is the patriarch of it, and Hunter will help his living descendants.  Kelm’s first name is Kraig, by the way.
  • Lucinda spends a fair amount of time riding on Free Spirit on Hunter’s island, and is also practicing to increase her dexterity.
  • Vae has finished her necromancy spell and spends some time acquiring bodies.  No human bodies to be found, she kills a number of seagulls and a giant octopus and resurrects them as air zombies (the seagulls are fully capable of flight due to the wind currents they produce).  She also summons another fire elemental just in case.  Avalanche is displeased with this.
  • Kami works on his craft project for a while.  All very hush-hush still!
  • During the trip the ship stops at Hunter’s island and picks up another teleportal for installation at Gemstone.
  • When the party has gotten close to the Gemstone islands they reactivate their radio set and manage to get in contact with Mothoma, who is currently in port.  He informs them that Phineas is running a war council and they should get there asap.

The party arrives at Gemstone and goes to the war council, sans Lucinda who goes on a ride through Sapphire City and Vae who goes dolphin-hunting.  Credibility is rapidly established as soon as Canna activates her invisovision in the war room and spots a ghost taking notes, then kills it with her new ghost-cutting charm.  She grabs the notes it was taking and presents them to the astonished crowd.

The senior diplomats from Coral and Wavecrest are there (the junior diplomats, Tenga and Fayre, have been promoted and are elsewhere).  The message was already received about the trap, so now Phineas is busy concocting an elaborate scheme to use geomantic constructions on islands around Skullstone to push back the shadowland.  The acquired documents are produced and add to the body of knowledge, and Canna has Phineas remove Hunter’s island from the list of possible targets, just for security.

Phineas is also disturbed by this new revelation that the Lintha are on Abalone, and there is definitely work to be done there, but they also need diplomats to treat with the Lunars on Talonclaw Island in the vast untamed archipelago between Wavecrest and the Neck.  He asks that Vae go as she is a Lunar, Canna go since she is a skilled people person, and Lucinda go as she is an Eclipse.  Kami should go with them for backup.  He and Hunter will investigate Abalone and then the party can catch up later.

Kami spends a bit of time before Mothoma departs collecting plants of various types for some medical experiments and finally after some trouble and some assistance from Vae and Canna, creates several doses of a truth serum.  Canna also goes to King Denephus and requests supplies and support, rolling 9 successes on a charisma+presence roll and earning everyone Backing 1: Gemstone Islands and Canna gets Backing 2: Gemstone Islands.  Everyone is issued some money, and Kami picks up a (moderate-quality) book on Elementals, one on demons, and one on local plants of the region.  Kami, Vae and Canna are brought to the Gemstone treasury and are issued the Moonsilver artifact they are hoping will help open negotiations with the Lunars, and Kami picks up some orichalcum scraps that may be useful.

Next time: sailing forth!

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • The Pool of Death activates a Principle of Motion action to grab Hunter and force him to get hit with Vae’s Sting of the Ice Hornet instead of him.  Hunter is unable to defend and gets hit for 7 lethal damage.
  • Canna’s new archery charm sticks the Pool of Death with three arrows, and Hunter immediately afterwards slides over and hits him with his sword for further damage.
  • When the Pool of Death pulls out a machine gun, everyone dives for cover except Kami, who leaps into the path of the bullets to protect Vae, who didn’t make it.  Kami manages to block several shots by spinning his spear very quickly (one bullet whizzes past his ear).  Limit breaking can be entertaining!
  • Hunter stands over the fallen Pool of Death and stabs him repeatedly for 11 lethal damage.
  • Canna’s invisovision reveals the spy ghost and she takes it down with her new charm.  In the shocked silence afterwards she grabs the paper and it materializes, then shows it to the assembled group.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Many of the Pool of Death’s lines were ripped from the cartoon and from MVC3, and added a bit of levity and a lot of frustration to the dire situation
  • The Pool of Death triple-botches an attack on Canna and severs his own hand.  He shrieks, calls out, “Come on, DM, lemme reroll that one!” to which the DM replies, “Dude I already let you reroll that other stunt.” The Pool of Death looks around and quips, “Can you give me a hand?” to which Canna snarks, “Sure bring your other hand over and I’ll sever it too.”  The Pool of Death then rather casually slips over to his hand and starts trying to reattach it to his wrist.
  • Kelm: “Well if my cover is blown I’ll probably have to retire.  Maybe I can open a tailoring shop.” Brianna: “Yes, then we can send him over to Deep Space Nine.”
  • Leslie: “I give Phineas all the documents I stole in my underwear.”  Phineas: “Why does this one smell like…. nevermind.”  Everyone: “…….”
  • Leslie: “Well if we need money I can go into the streets and get some.” Everyone:”………”
  • Near the end of the session a large conversation occurred about Canna selling Kami’s wares with Vae as booth babe, Hunter as loss prevention, and Lucinda as accountant.


Session #8 pics