Final wrap-up

SWORD of the Solar Empire has now concluded.  The door is open to a possible sequel campaign in the future but the next planned Exalted campaign is In The Shadow of the Bull, set to start sometime in January.  Thanks to everyone for playing and watching!

Also, pictures! I sadly forgot to take pictures of Yvonne’s summoning of the forests.  Oh well!  Enjoy!

Red Queen and White Queen...

Red Queen and White Queen…

Blood and chaos!

Blood and chaos!



Session #7: The Epic Finale™

With guest player Jason playing Christophe.

While Wildflower and Zeke have been resting overnight, Yvonne has been out gathering gossamer while making repeated returns to the Purple Raksha’s Freehold.  However, she goes to pick up her cyst again to go out and finds her cyst is gone!  Only a bit of ooze remains.  She panicks and asks the Purple Raksha about it, and he takes the cyst from his own Freehold and splits it, giving her a new 1-dot cyst (it’s purple of course).  They agree something bad must have happened to the Freehold back at Rathess and hurriedly awaken Zeke and Wildflower.

The party agrees disaster is striking Rathess and gather to leave at the gate of the Sun-Kyo city.  Chapman shows up as the Strong Bad Man, the Purple Raksha volunteers to come help, and Liari couldn’t be kept away from Wildflower Dew at this point.  Liari transforms into a horse for the Strong Bad Man to ride, and the Purple Raksha reveals he has a ride, a giant purple wasp that doubles as a shaping weapon.  They make the trip back as quickly as possible (though Zeke gets lost at one point and Yvonne has to locate him), and as they reach the edge of Rathess, they run into none other than the man who had saved them before, the Eclipse Solar, who identifies himself as Christophe.

The Strong Bad Man drops his disguise and becomes Chapman, and asks Christophe for a report.  Christophe relates how there was an explosion near the Freehold which is now leaking Wyld energy everywhere, and strange red wasps and white slugs are now roaming the streets.  Yvonne asks if Christophe had a brother named Dammien, which Christophe suspiciously confirms and says this conversation should be had later.  Wildflower Dew prays to the Unconquered Sun and gets through, so she starts babbling all her questions at him for a while.  The Unconquered Sun patiently listens to her babble for a while, then tells her that Harold has been compromised and she should only trust those who she knows and who stand with her.

Christophe leads everyone to the base camp outside Rathess, where the Dragon Kings and Solars have evacuated to.  Liari and the Purple Raksha leave to scout while Zeke, Wildflower, Yvonne, Christophe, and Chapman meet up with Harold, Scotty, Xavier and Blue.  They stand around the big table with the map of Rathess while Harold explains what had happened.  When he had sent SWORD with Circus to defeat the Abyssal, what he had really been interested in was a piece of necrotechnology that could apparently turn a dying Solar into an Abyssal.  Since Circus had destroyed it, Harold had now assumed it was safe to kill the previous resident of Rathess, Filial Wisdom.  Filial Wisdom was a Dawn Caste Solar who for the last 150 years had been in cahoots with the God of Eating the Dead, Han-tha, and they had been building an army to destroy the world and eat it.  The Doctor had helped seal Filial Wisdom and Han-tha into the Freehold, but Harold had underestimated them, and when he tried to kill them Han-tha escaped and the Freehold started leaking.  Filial Wisdom is still inside but loose with a huge sword now.  McCoy has gone missing too.  The other problem is that the earthquake caused by the damage to the Freehold released both the Red Queen and the White Queen, which were in separate labs until now.  This prototype bioweapon has now been unleashed, and massive swarms of red Wasps are circling over Rathess.

Harold recommends that Yvonne and Zeke run in and kill the Red Queen and White Queen while everyone else get ready to do… something else.  Wildflower Dew wants to have a word with Harold in private, and asks him what he’s doing.  Harold starts sounding desperate as he points out that with Christophe in the group, the Circle is now Perfect, except for that pesky Zeke, which makes him expendable.  He wants Zeke and Yvonne to go in and kill the Queens while the Circle of Solars retreats from Rathess and makes a fresh start in the Sun-Kyo city.  Wildflower Dew is extremely displeased with this and makes it clear she will not betray her teammates.  Harold claims he is more qualified than her to interpret her prophesies from the Unconquered Sun, but Wildflower doesn’t budge, and Harold starts casting a spell.  Wildflower THWACKS him on the side of the head with her war fan, causing 6 bashing damage and also causing him to lose the spell in a huge BANG that blows him backwards into a wooden fence which collapses on him.  He is quite unconscious.

Yvonne could hear all this due to her enhanced hearing and informs Zeke, so when Harold’s spell fails the two of them rush over and debate what to do with Harold.  They also bring Christophe over and Wildflower tries breathlessly to explain that Harold was compromised, but Christophe demands evidence.  After a discussion of Fae abilities hits several dead ends, Yvonne draws out Harold’s current dream, which is a constantly repeating vision of Ashe and Venomous Dreams destroying Rathess and the world with fire and death, with McCoy laughing insanely.  Christophe finds this mildly disturbing and accepts that Harold needs to stay out of things for now.  He then checks to see whether Chapman can hear them (and botches!), concludes they’re out of earshot, and asks Yvonne how she knows Dammien.  Yvonne relates the story of Dammien’s death and produces the pendant Christophe had given Dammien, which he confirms is definitely his brother’s.  Christophe is now suspicious of Chapman and goes over to the war meeting.  Chapman and Xavier are mapping out a plan, but Christophe successfully fakes becoming distraught and cleverly determines that Chapman already knows Dammien is dead despite his lies.

Christophe returns to SWORD, and after they hogtie Harold they head over to find Liari and the Purple Raksha, who report that McCoy and Venomous Dreams are also in the Wyld Zone, and McCoy seems to be quite completely insane.  Chapman is suddenly there amongst them, and after being confronted by Christophe, he admits culpability but says they have a much bigger set of problems to worry about.  Chapman and the party construct a plan:

  • Chapman can fight Han-tha using spirit and martial arts abilities
  • Liari can fight Filial Wisdom, as she is a 500-year-old Lunar
  • The Purple Raksha can fight Venomous Dreams inside the Wyld Zone
  • Zeke, Yvonne, Christophe, and Wildflower must go kill the Queens first, and only then can they provide support for the other fights.

The main issue with getting to the Queens is that there are massive hordes of enormous wasps flying over Rathess.  Wildflower Dew suggests using smoke to keep them at bay, and so Yvonne makes a huge number of smoke bombs for herself and a flamethrower for Scrap Iron, all from gossamer (so the smoke bombs have brightly colored smoke inside).  Yvonne flies on Aveskzia in the lead, throwing smoke bombs ahead and keeping a few open on her person trailing rainbow colored smoke behind them, while Scrap Iron follows at a run with Wildflower and Bruce riding close behind, while Wildflower yells out directions that Yvonne can hear using her hearing [Soundtrack: Ride of the Valkyries].

They reach the wall of the research lab, which Scrap Iron blasts through.  Yvonne drops the last of her smoke grenades behind them to keep the wasps out, and the flamethrower is now out of fuel.  There are two main queens: the Red Queen, a gigantic ant laying red eggs and tended to by a dozen giant red ants; and the White Queen, a gigantic white slug laying white gelatinous eggs and guarded by a large white six-tailed octopus-slug.  The battle begins, but not much progress is made.  Some red ants are killed and injured, but a number of them grab onto Bodyguard and start pulling him apart, causing Wildflower Dew to cry out for help.  Yvonne’s Lure is activated and she slaughters all the ants on Bodyguard, but this last compassionate act was the limit of her Cup Grace, which falls off (yes it was her bra….) and she is now in Bedlam.  Her compassion is now effectively zero.

Wildflower makes a daring jump onto the back of the Red Queen and starts hitting it with her fans, while Christophe charges on horseback to hit the White Queen, but neither are really being damaged much, and Zeke only avoids the White Octopus’s grapple attack by using Seven Shadow Evasion.  With the ants and queens and octopus stubbornly holding on, the party starts getting serious.  Christophe activates his combo, Blast of Golden Sunlight, which completely wastes the White Queen, and Zeke activates his own combo to attack the octopus, but it defends, and Zeke puts a huge hole in the floor.  It seems something is on the floor below theirs…..

Yvonne, meanwhile, has attempted several dickish moves, including trying to shove Scrap Iron out of the way (failed), trying to disarm Wildflower Dew (narrowly failed though made it look like an accident), had Aveskzia poke Christophe’s horse Bruce in a very uncomfortable place (causing Christophe to eat dirt and also get covered in the White Queen’s acid slime), and hitting the octopus in such a way it winds up on Scrap Iron’s face (….).  Now with Yvonne starting to snap out of it she hits the Red Queen with her boomerang (though she hopes for, and succeeds, in having the Red Queen toss Wildflower Dew off with this).  The ground seems to be rumbling more now, and as the White Queen dies, five massive tentacles blast through the floor and grapple various party members: Yvonne is picked up and hoisted through the air, Aveskzia is pinned, Wildflower Dew evades injury by using Demure Carpe Feint, Scrap Iron’s left arm is snared, and Christophe gets pummeled.  Things are looking grim, as the floor starts to crumble and the massive maw of an enormous six-tailed slug becomes visible.

Yvonne now expends a gossamer to have trees grow throughout the entire building and activates Teeth of the World, making the trees come alive and attack the tentacles.  As one of the trees encirles Christophe, she remembers the touch of his brother Dammien who kept her sane all these years, and her Bedlam comes to an end.  The trees and tentacles wrestle as Zeke manages to grab the small octopus and throw it.  It bounces off the White Queen and both slide down into the massive tentacle monster’s maw.  Wildflower Dew jumps on Bodyguard and chases down the Red Queen, and as Bodyguard holds it in place Wildflower executes it with her war fans.

Christophe bails, followed by Wildflower and then Zeke.  Yvonne stays to collapse the entire building with the trees before fleeing as well.  The wasps have scattered so the party makes it back to base without incident, but the report is that the other fights are still ongoing.  The four of them rush out to the Wyld Zone, where the three fights are not going too well.  Han-tha and Chapman are fighting underground, the Fair Folk are having a massive shaping duel, and Filial Wisdom, despite having moonsilver tattoos on his face that have sealed his sight, is still winning against Liari.

Christophe uses Blast of Golden Sunlight against Venomous Dreams, who ignores the attack– BIG mistake, it hits for massive damage and allows the Purple Raksha to seal his spirit into a perfect cylinder of purple crystal.  Yvonne activates Teeth of the World to make an unblockable, undodgeable attack against Han-tha who is underground by targeting him with her super hearing and plant senses, pinning him and allowing Chapman to use a Sidereal magic to seal him.  Wildflower and Zeke both attack Filial Wisdom as he gains the advantage on Liari.  Wildflower hit for 3 lethal, Zeke for 15, detatching him from his body.  Liari immediately jumps into Wildflower’s arms with “My hero!” while Zeke stands there with Filial Wisdom’s head on his spear.

The party collects McCoy, who seems to be insane with some kind of Wyld-engineered brain worm.  Liari and the Purple Raksha invite the Solars and Dragon Kings of Rathess to come to Sun-Kyo and start over together.  They leave a fuse for their Wyld-calcifying bomb to destroy the Wyld Zone and set out to have new adventures!

The End!

[Ending credits Soundtrack: Song of the Lonely Mountain]

 Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Wildflower Dew standing up to Harold in defense of her friends and pummeling him without hesitation when he shows his madness (which follows up her 6 successes on a prayer roll that gave her the information she needed)
  • Christophe taking down the White Queen with a 16-mote combo of awesomeness
  • Yvonne’s Bedlam finally ends and she uses her essence and gossamer to end the fight with a massive growth of trees everywhere
  • Zeke’s final KO on Filial Wisdom completely slaughters an Essence 6 Solar in one hit

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Some ridiculous discussion about Zeke activating Graceful Crane Stance and leaping from treetop to treetop in Scrap Iron
  • Harold: “Yes we had a prototype bioweapon…” Zeke: “See prototypes never work the way you want them to!”
  • Wildflower Dew: “Help help!” DM: “So Wildflower is calling out for help. *Looks at Leslie*” Leslie and Natalie: “Oh no!”  Natalie: “I take it back, I’m fine, don’t help!” DM: “Too late!”
  • Alejo, once Yvonne starts causing chaos: “I couldn’t have planned it better.” Natalie: “I said I’m sorry!”
  • Alejo: “You didn’t even say thank you!” Wildflower Dew: “Thank you!” Yvonne: “…. Whatever.”
  • DM: “So your Cup Grace has completely failed now.” Leslie: “You mean my bra?” DM: “Yes, I mean your bra.” Leslie: “Oh no, oh well, my bra fell off now!” DM: “All characters interested in women are now at a penalty due to distraction.” Jason: *picks up some dice* “Aw man, can I be at negative dice??”
  • Leslie: “Okay I’m gonna have Aveskzia poke Christophe’s horse in the butt with her horn.” DM: “The dickishness continues. Roll it!”
  • *Jason rolls 2 successes on Dex+Ride to remain mounted* “Yup I’m eatin’ it.”
  • Someone: “Wait if he lands on the White Queen won’t it pad his fall?” DM: “Good point.  Christophe you land on the White Queen and take 1 lethal damage from the acid.”
  • Jason: “Oh wait I assumed you were wearing a shirt.” Leslie: “No, not really.” Alejo:
    “Remember I showed you that picture of Yvonne?” Jason: “Oh okay I didn’t realize you were letting it all hang out now.” Leslie: “Yup, I’m letting it all hang out basically.”
  • Christophe: “How did my brother put up with you all these years? You’ve caused a lot of trouble in 45 seconds!”
  • Jason: “Wait, the bra comes off and she becomes a dick?” The conversation went that direction for a while…
  • Leslie, several times: “Am I still in Bedlam?” DM: “Yup.”
  • DM: “Yvonne, your Bedlam has finally ended now that your tree has wrapped around Christophe and you remember the sweet sweet embrace of his brother.” Everyone: “Aaaah!” Jason: “Isn’t there something in the Bible about if your brother dies you’re supposed to be with his wife?”

Session #6

The party arrives back at Rathess after the mission with Circus.  Harold questions Yvonne about whether Circus destroyed all the technology, but Yvonne doesn’t really know, which flusters Harold.  He goes to find Zeke, who is busy working with Scotty on his loot from the Bonestrider, and Zeke indicates everything was destroyed.  Harold seems much happier and leaves in a hurry.  Zeke finishes upgrading his weapon systems.

Wildflower is trying to pray but is interrupted by a visit from Harold’s agent, the Home Star.  He tells her there’s a big competition happening out at the Sun-Kyo city, five days from now and they should go compete.  Wildflower agrees but goes back to reading.  A half hour later, the Home Star comes back and asks why she hasn’t left yet.  When she asks what he means, he says the Sun-Kyo city is a five and a half day trip.  Oops.

Wildflower finds Harold and asks about the Home Star’s instructions.  Harold says he had tasked the Home Star with learning more about the Sun-Kyo and programs the Gips with coordinates of the Home Star’s previous trip.  The Sun-Kyo people are little-known and mysterious, as is their yearly competition, so SWORD is tasked to go and make a good show.

The party hustles as much as possible (Yvonne is able to draw some gossamer while they travel but not much).  They arrive at the Sun-Kyo city which is a First Age city similar to Rathess built on a large hill.  The buildings are being maintained but apparently cannot be rebuilt, as gaps between the major buildings are filled with more conventional wooden buildings.  The guards at the main gate are two unimpressive young men with sticks.  The party finds out the competitions are already underway.  Zeke stashes Scrap Iron underneath a magical camouflage tarp made by Yvonne, and the party heads in to the competition.

The door for entrants to the competition has two more unimpressive guards, one of whom states that registration is closed.  Wildflower Dew activates her Dreaming Pearl Courtesan form to enhance her social standing and she and Yvonne persuade the rather weak-minded guards to let them in (Zeke helps theoretically, but it’s really more of a woman’s job…).  At the registration table inside, a powerful-looking female soldier with light body armor, blue face paint and a stylish helmet over long hair indicates that most of the competitions have been finished and the halftime show is currently playing.  The remaining competitions are the biggest ones: the Strongest Man in the World Contest, and the Strongest Woman in the World contest.  Since Zeke doesn’t speak Foresttongue, Yvonne manages to make a subtitle screen for him, and he expresses interest in the Strongest Man contest, and asks if it involved combat.

The soldier explains the history of the city.  It was originally a city in the First Age, but a Lunar by the name of Kyo drove all the original inhabitants out and make everyone believe the city was completely destroyed.  She then set about founding a new civilization here with the help of the Purple Raksha.  She had created the military as all women martial artists using paired war fans to honor her Solar mate who had been the Queen of Rathess and also used paired war fans in conjunction with graceful martial arts.  Wildflower Dew is exceptionally excited about this and signs up for the Strongest Woman in the World contest.  Zeke is disappointed that the Strongest Man in the World contest is merely a test of strength and endurance, but signs up for it also.  Yvonne is asked if she knows the Purple Raksha, and she does, after activating her charm that creates dots of temporary contacts.  She asks to go meet with him.

Zeke and Wildflower are directed to the men’s and women’s locker rooms in the stadium, while Yvonne goes up the stairs around the back to the top balcony of the stadium itself, where the Purple Raksha resides.  There are two more guards there, and one excuses himself while the other confides in Yvonne that the Purple Raksha seems to be acting a bit strangely and he asks her for her help in figuring out what might be wrong.  Yvonne agrees of course (3 of 4!) and goes in to meet the Purple Raksha.  The Purple Raksha seems nice and friendly, but Yvonne can tell he’s having his behavior restricted somehow.

In the locker room, Zeke meets a strange large muscular man with magical boxing gloves and a big red luchador mask.  This man identifies himself as the Strong Bad Man, claiming to have won the last five years in a row due to his magical boxing gloves.  He challenges Zeke directly, which causes him to trigger some limit and go get Scrap Iron.  Meanwhile, Wildflower asks the women in the locker room more about the story of the city’s founding.  She finds that Kyo, the founding Lunar, died around 500 years ago, but her new incarnation, a Lunar names Liari, is now the head of the city.  This excites Wildflower even further, though she’s more nervous now.

When the names are being read, Zeke’s is the last called, and he literally jumps, in Scrap Iron, over the wall of the stadium and into the arena.  He lands with a big BOOM and the crowd goes nuts.  The Purple Raksha initiates the contest, which involves him creating many huge grapes onto the men’s backs and creating more and more until only one man is still standing.  Zeke is the obvious winner, as eventually even the Strong Bad Man is crushed under the weight of the grapes, while Scrap Iron can easily hold them with one hand.  He jumps out after and is interviewed by the Announcer, and he states that he represents the Rathess empire and its leader, Harold.  This is a key boost of prestige for the Rathess empire.  Zeke also wins a silver trophy with a Lunar caste mark logo on it.

As the day wears on, the last event begins, the Strongest Woman in the World contest.  The Purple Raksha creates a set of balance beams on which the women must balance.  The rules are simple, the first one to lose footing loses.  This is a test of skill and grace, and the golden trophy with the Zenith caste mark on it makes Wildflower Dew even more nervous than she already was.  However, the tournament is a cinch for her, since she uses her Perception+Martial Arts to determine appropriate strategies, and her Second Martial Arts Excellency to boost her attacks.  She dislodges her first two opponents with ease, and even the third goes down quickly, though she’s now at a mild aura.  By this time, the sun has set and bright stadium lighting washes out her aura, though the other women at the bench notice it when she sits down.

The final round is against an extremely skilled opponent, but Wildflower does not fall for her feints and also scores 9 successes on her Dex+Athletics to keep her stance, which makes victory a foregone conclusion.  This does, however, cause her to go to maximum anima banner.  As she stands with her anima at maximum and a brilliant golden hummingbird swirling around her, a Harpy Eagle flies down to the balance beam and shapeshifts into Liari, her Lunar mate.  Wildflower immediately feels the connection that has been formed and they briefly exchange words.

It’s in this moment that Yvonne, who has been monitoring the Purple Raksha, notices he is starting to do strange things.  The Strong Bad Man and Liari both have tiny purple bands around their neck which have now expanded and are choking them into unconsciousness.    Also, purple spikes are slowly descending to the ground all around the stadium.  Yvonne attacks (MASSIVE head start on the join combat roll) and hits him with her Staff Grace boomerang.  As it happens, the Purple Raksha had just started forming a Wyld zone around himself, so her attack becomes a Staff shaping attack that splits him in half.  The two halves of the Purple Raksha fall to the ground and start reforming in a corner, while standing in his place is Ashe, Yvonne’s nemesis.  She was apparently hiding inside him and using him, as she is now holding his Heart Grace (a purple gem).

Zeke, stranded outside Scrap Iron with no weapons, runs over to the Strong Bad Man to try and take his boxing gloves, but the Strong Bad Man suddenly grabs Zeke and then, in an instant, he is suited up inside Scrap Iron with his anima and hearthstone ready to go.  A prayer strip with beautiful calligraphy is taped to his dashboard, which says “We will talk again soon.”  What.

Wildflower carries Liari over to Bodyguard, then tries to figure out how to get up.  Yvonne sees Ashe about to drop the Purple Raksha’s hearthstone off the balcony and manages a trick throw that snags it from her and brings it back to Yvonne.  Ashe, annoyed, sets Yvonne on fire.  Zeke then jumps straight from the arena floor up to the balcony, barely managing to grab the edge of the balcony, and then hauls himself up, severely cracking it in the process.  Aveskzia is flying in at this point and Wildflower tries waving her down to pick her up and bring her up to the balcony, but she botches the ride check to grab onto the flying Unicorn and ends up grabbing its tail, smashing her face against the sand and the balcony before unceremoniously dropping her in front of Ashe.  Yvonne douses herself with a bucket of water (after much internal debate about how to go about not being on fire).

Now surrounded, Ashe sets the entire balcony on fire, missing both Scrap Iron and Wildflower but successfully burning the entire side of the arena down and causing Zeke and Wildflower to take more bashing damage.  Since Ashe, now in burn-everything mode, is standing atop the rubble, she is at eye level to Zeke, who manages to hit her with his spear for massive damage, and Wildflower charges up the burning rubble to hit Ashe with her war fans and bring her down completely.  They both catch fire, though Wildflower’s anima prevents the fire from taking hold.  Yvonne then conjures a massive bucket of water to douse Scrap Iron, which she manages to pull off before Zeke takes much damage (his Twilight anima power was saving him from the worst of the heat damage).  Scrap Iron had already been rust-proofed but its electrical circuits go out, causing it to revert to toaster mode: “Howdy doodly doo!  I’m Talky, Talky Toaster!”  Zeke promptly removes the hearthstone. “Would aaaaaa—.”  Yvonne jumps down and confirms Ashe’s death, then keeps some of her colorful sand remains in an hourglass.

Liari and the Purple Raksha are revived and gratefully thank SWORD for saving them.  The Purple Raksha indicates that he could tell that Ashe and Venomous Dreams were part of a group of Raksha that had created some strange infection that only afflicted Wood-aspected Dragon-blooded and made them slowly become recklessly insane.  No one here is wood-aspect, but Wildflower pipes up that McCoy is, and he has been doing strange, dangerous experiments.  Liari and the Purple Raksha will accompany SWORD back in the morning, but first it’s bedtime!

Yvonne goes to the Purple Raksha’s freehold and, finally resting in a freehold for the first time in who even knows how long, refreshes her willpower and essence, and also collects a lot of gossamer from the locals.  Liari and Wildflower spend the night with a sleepover at Liari’s room.  Zeke gets a hotel room at the Boring Hotel, but once he gets there it’s not as boring as he thought it would be.  A strange, ordinary-looking man is there carrying the Strong Bad Man’s boxing gloves.  He says that the Home Star, Bubba, and the Strong Bad Man are all alter egos of him, and that they need to get back to Rathess ASAP.  He thinks they were all baited here to empty out Rathess for some event, and Zeke agrees.


Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Zeke’s entry into the arena.  ’Nuff said.
  • Yvonne steals the Purple Raksha’s Heart Grace with a boomerang attack.
  • Zeke’s landing on the balcony.
  • Zeke’s massive damage to Ashe.
  • Wildflower Dew’s double fan attack that brings down Ashe.
  • Okay pretty much that entire fight was badass.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Yvonne still apparently refers to Zeke as “Zekie”…
  • Taylor: “I should have cross-dressed!”
  • Taylor miming holding the grapes in one hand, and lightly chucking them back and forth was epic
  • Leslie: “Can I make subtitles for Zeke?” This spawned quite a conversation….
  • Wildflower botches to mount Aveskzia as she passes  DM: “Okay, you take *roll* 1 bashing damage and *roll* 8 damage to your dignity”
  • Leslie: “Wait isn’t she in anima mode, won’t that hurt Aveskzia?” Alejo: “Oh she’s just grabbing her tail though, wow the two bad things canceled each other out.”
  • DM: “Okay Yvonne so it’s your turn and oh you’re still on fire!”
  • Leslie: “No Ashe is a girl.” Alejo & Taylor: “Oh really?”
  • Taylor: “Okay I’m gonna hit him with Hungry Tiger Technique.” Leslie: “It’s a her!” Alejo: “Aim for the tits so we’ll remember better.”
  • Natalie: “No remember Scotty make Scrap Iron waterproof!” DM: “Ohhh yeahhh nice catch!  Well, so it’s mostly fine, but…. There’s a big spark as something short circuits…. ‘Howdy doodly doo, I’m Talky, Talky Toaster!’” Taylor deliberately mimes grabbing the Hearthstone and yanking it out “Would aaaaaa—”
  • Taylor: “See this is the kind of damage I do to low-soak targets!” Alejo: “10 soak isn’t low!” Taylor: “It is to me!” Alejo: “It is to your robot!”
  • DM: “Yes Ashe is dead, she’s turning to colored sand.”  Yvonne: “I want to keep some.” Alejo: “What like in an hourglass?? DO IT!”
  • Alejo: “This hourglass holds the remains of my previous nemesis….” *Slowly turns it* “This is how long you have.”
  • Leslie: “Oh man a freehold, it’s like a spa, I think I should get all my willpower back!” DM: “…. I can’t argue with that.  Everything’s purple though, big surprise.”
  • Natalie: “SLEEPOVER!!!”

Session #5 pics

Haha whoops!  Forgot about these!


Session #5

Zeke spends more quality time with Scrap Iron while Yvonne drains more dreams from the local humans.  During one hour her cyst doesn’t recover her any essence, but then it goes back to recovering her more essence after that.  Later when Harold stops her to ask something she brings it up, but Harold suggests it was a random fluctuation and he has no idea about it.  He then asks her to make mining equipment for the miners who are about to go gather more and magical materials for the Rathess empire.  Yvonne happily complies and expends 5 gossamer to make a rack with 16 full sets of mining gear.  Harold, rather taken aback, asks whether she can also make weapons for Xavier’s mercenaries, which she does for 4 gossamer.  After making a good 30 spears and 15 swords in a lickety split, Harold can only remark, slack-jawed, that Yvonne is handy to have around.

Harold later finds Wildflower in the library and brings her to a cordoned-off and abandoned section of Rathess for a meeting.  They take a series of secret tunnels and stairs down to a laboratory where Harold and McCoy have been experimenting with something called “phylogeny.”  Drawing from an old First Age textbook by Wildy & Opp, the great First Age biomancers, Harold and McCoy have been studying the properties of mollusks and arthropods.  They are preparing to use them as biological weapons (under careful safeguards of course) and are still in the early stages of learning how to make a stem cell mollusk that can differentiate into different forms such as a slug with 6 tails.  The growth factors are produced by the arthropod “partner” so only putting them together would result in disaster.  Wildflower is very interested and McCoy teacher her all they have learned.  Harold insists that this is all to be kept a secret from everyone, including Zeke and Yvonne.

That night Windflower Dew prays to the Unconquered Sun and actually succeeds for the first time!  She asks about Harold’s plans, and the Unconquered Sun warns her that he is not on the right path, and she must forge the path once the circle is made perfect.  She also asks about Dammien’s brother and he says this will also be made clear once the circle is made perfect.  She later reports this to Yvonne.

The next morning, Harold sends everyone to Zeke’s workshop (Zeke remarks, “We have a mission, don’t we”) and then in walks a tall dark-haired woman with a strange heavy hammer on her belt and a fancy staff on her back.  She has black markings on the inside and outside edges of her eyes, and she says her name is Circus, the Lunar (she proves this by shifting into her war form).  She says she has a mission that requires some muscle, and she asked Harold for help so he is sending SWORD with her.  Their mission is to find the last deathknight of the now-sealed Shadow in the Darkened Water.  Circus has killed several incarnations of this Moonshadow Abyssal essence, but she suspects s/he is in a well-protected location now.

The journey to the Lunar-controlled shadowland is uneventful, and they sit around and wait inside it for nighttime.  Once night has arrived, they set out into the Underworld.  The place where Circus had last tracked the Abyssal essence is an hour to the west, but Yvonne gets separated and lost in the jungle.  Only once the rest of the party gets to a reference hill do they realize they’ve left Yvonne behind (the Underworld plays tricks with sound and echoes).  They split up and search for her, and Wildflower Dew locates her and brings her back.  Zeke has successfully not gotten lost himself.

Circus and Yvonne search the jungle to the west from the air, and while Yvonne doesn’t see anything, she can hear something that warrants investigation.  The party successfully sneaks up to the edge of a mini-clearing, in the middle of which sits a building shaded by two large jungle trees.  There is a man in black armor conversing with someone who Circus identifies as a human working for the Undead.  Near the building is a roiling, grinding bonestrider-machine in some kind of quiescent state.  The party discusses tactics for a bit, and only belatedly notice the strange glowing stakes sticking out of the ground in a ring around the building.  As soon as Yvonne and Aveskzia step near one, the deathknight pokes his head in the door to the building, then draws his weapons while the human flees.  Battle is joined!  Wildflower starts with a charge but the deathknight evades, and Bodyguard gets trapped in the cramped railing while Wildflower chases him into the open.

Zeke fires his dartlauncher into the bonestrider, with little apparent effect.  Yvonne slays the fleeing human with a single boomerang blow, and Wildflower and Yvonne beat the everloving snot out of the deathknight in the course of about 8 seconds (Wildflower pulls of an epic disarm that denies the deathknight most of his killing power, and his super-combo completely misses her).  Meanwhile, the bonestrider turns out to be a relatively immobile but extremely sturdy and powerful defense machine (more of a boneguarder than a bonestrider) and Zeke’s boltcaster doesn’t seem to have much effect.  Zeke then decides to go for the mega-combo on it and charges with an epic stunt to crit it for 60 lethal damage dice (an incredible 28 damage!).  Unfortunately, the stakes then start glowing brighter and the entire bonestrider starts reassembling.  Aveskzia tries to smash the nearest stake, with zero effect.  Wildflower then insists Circus start smashing them with her artifact-smashing hammer.  She transforms to her war form for more mobility and starts smashing the stakes.

Meanwhile, the deathknight is avoiding death by using perfect dodges, even including Yvonne’s awesome attack that was four parts: 1) Yank bush out by roots; 2) throw bush at deathknight; 3) hit deathknight with boomerang; 4) boomerang clips rail that has trapped Bodyguard on way back to Yvonne’s hand.  Step 3 seems to be denied, but the rest works fine.  Wildflower tries again for a disarm but he dodges again, and Yvonne times her next boomerang attack to be paired with Aveskzia’s quills attack, which finally catches him for his last hit box and he falls over.

Circus was caught by the boneguarder’s long gropey arm, so Zeke gets her free, and Yvonne jumps onto the boneguarder’s head as Circus runs to the last stake and smashes it.  Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to “kill the boneguarder” so much as “activate all the skeleton statues into actual skeletons”.  Chaos ensues when the boneguarder grabs Yvonne and hoists her into the air while Bodyguard, Wildflower and Zeke are all beset by skeletons, and one walks over to the deathknight and then disintegrates.  Zeke uses another epic combo (this one only for 40 raw damage, aww boo hoo) to smash the boneguarder and get Yvonne free, so she clears out the skeletons on Zeke.  Wildflower tells Circus to get into the building and smash whatever’s in there, and shortly afterwards the remaining skeletons and the boneguarder depower.  Circus throws out the smashed wreckage of some artifact that was powering the necromantic minions.

The party then goes inside the building and finds the Monstrance of Celestial Portion that the deathknight (who seems to have escaped) belongs to.  Circus smashes it open with the hammer and there is a body inside!  It seems to be the Shadow in the Darkened Water’s comatose form.  Wildflower attempts to cleanse the body with 1 mote of essence but somehow her anima is drawn to this thing and her entire 19 motes of essence instead gets used up in a brilliant blast of holy light.  Once it subsides, nothing remains of the body…..

Zeke collects all useful-looking parts and then they depart.  On the way Circus relates how she helped the Doctor seal the Shadow in the Darkened Water and they then threw the device into which he had been sealed into the Mouth of the Void.  However, apparently though the device was fed into it and unmade, he himself seems to have survived in some strange way and is now re-forming.  Circus speculates his true form is scattered throughout the Labyrinth and was reforming in the last Monstrance, and that it has been set back because now his spirit must find somewhere else to be re-formed.

The party arrives back in creation, and Circus parts ways with the party graciously.  She has to go report to the other Lunars and then go find that escaped deathknight….

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Wildflower Dew uses her war fans with great skill especially in disarming her enemy.
  • Zeke’s 60 damage dice combo, for a record-setting 28 lethal damage.  Then he does it again for 40 more damage later!
  • Yvonne grabs a bush, uproots it one-handed, throws it at the deathknight, and follows it up with the boomerang throw that also frees Bodyguard.
  • Yvonne also takes out three skeletons in one throw.  Would have been all four but for an unlucky roll…

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • DM: “Okay so how many gossamer are you going to expend?” Leslie: “Uhmmm… how about nine?” Taylor: “Uhhhh” Alejo: “So you want two, four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two–” Leslie: “Oh THAT’S what you meant??” Alejo: “–Sixty-four, One-twenty-eight, two-fifty-six sets of mining gear?”
  • Alejo: “I’m imagining something like from the Matrix.  Guns, lots of guns.”  Leslie: “Are there guns in Exalted?” Natalie: “Yes.” Alejo: “Yes but you don’t know that and you wouldn’t know how to make them.”
  • Harold: “We hope to eventually be able to use them as biological weapons.” Natalie: “I think I’ve heard this before, it never ends well.”
  • Harold: “We’re developing new breeds of these creatures.” Wildflower: “Why don’t we call them pokémon!” Harold: “Actually we were going to call them ‘Xenomorphs’.” Entire party: “……”
  • Natalie: “I know that laugh.  Alejo’s up to something.”  Alejo: “I’m sure nothing bad will EVER come of this research. Chekhov’s gun is pointed right at you guys right now.”
  • Circus: “Well, maybe this will make things clear.” *Epic transformation* “I’m a Lunar.” Zeke: “…. I could tell.”  Yvonne: “So beautiful…” Circus: “That’s not the first thing people usually say.” Yvonne: “I know the feeling.”
  • Yvonne spent more time than is probably healthy admiring the boneguarder’s roiling, undead mechanical clicking….
  • Taylor: “Leslie will you stop gibbing our enemies?!?!” Leslie: “I can’t help it, it just happens!” Ironic considering his own character’s combo….
  • Natalie rolls 13 successes on the disarm… DM: “Oh wow, okay, so the weapon’s gonna end up wherever you want it with 13 successes.” Natalie: *throws sword* “Over there.”
  • Taylor: “Okay here’s the next roll…. okay 7 more damage….” Alejo *snicker* Natalie: “I think it’s too soon to celebrate guys….”
  • DM: “Okay, so the entire undead thing has been completely blown apart and vaporized by Zeke’s combo….. All the stakes light up….. it starts re-forming together again….” (each statement followed by appropriate player noises)
  • The boneguarder’s long, prehensile limb was compared to a wang numerous times and became the de facto description, e.g. “Okay the bonewang has grabbed Circus and is now molesting her”
  • Leslie: *rolls to hit four skeletons at once* *Third skeleton’s attack roll is two successes and seven 1s” Leslie: “AAAAH!” Alejo: “Whoa man that would have been a record botch if you hadn’t had those successes!”
  • Alejo: “Yes if you had septuple-botched it would have been bad for you… ‘Your staff grace is broken. Your conviction is now 0′ “
  • DM: “Okay, so Circus smashes the last stake…… All the skeleton statues around the building activate into actual skeletons.  And the bone-wang reaches up and grabs Yvonne by the bosoms.”

Session #4 Pics

Session #4

Wildflower asks Yvonne for help making some Silken Armor, and while she can’t make the magical material type, she can make equivalent armored silk, and is compelled to do so because of her Lure (2 out of 4!).  In exchange Wildflower Dew tries praying to the Unconquered Sun to help find Dammien’s brother, but her inexperience with prayer shows.  Wildflower starts trying to pray at every opportunity this entire session….

Harold has a requisition list for Yvonne and her 37 gossamer, and one of the primary things he wants is some reliable way to get into one of the flight towers which he believes may have some working First Age artificial flight machines.  Unfortunately Scotty is terrified of heights (despite being an Air-aspect Dragon-Blood) and Harold cannot reliably climb to the top, so he asks Yvonne for help.  Yvonne uses some gossamer to make a hand-cranked freight elevator that can take someone all the way to the top.  Yvonne, Zeke and Wildflower get inside and find that access panels can be fed essence to operate, but it doesn’t seem to be very reliable.  Yvonne and Zeke put their heads together and build a hand-cranked generator that can power the building (mostly the elevator) and they go down to the first floor and open the building.  Scotty is soon brought in, and now that he doesn’t have to deal with heights he is excited to have access to this building.  He also mentions that he thought the team of Dragon Kings sent to retrieve Zeke’s stuff should have been back now.

Zeke, with Wildflower and Yvonne in tow, goes to see Harold about the missing Dragon Kings.  Harold comments that they are overdue so he will check on them.  He takes them down to one of the basements where he does his sorcery research, and he uses a perfectly round, perfectly clear scrying pool to locate the team.  Only, nothing happens.  Harold tries to scry on Zeke’s home and also gets nothing.  Zeke comments, “Either I don’t have a house anymore, or something’s blocking it.”  Harold sharply replies, “No even if you only had smoldering ruins for a house left it would still work.”  SWORD is immediately deployed to investigate.

The trip is two days (slightly longer since the girls, supposedly better with survival skills, nearly lead them into the river and Zeke has to insist on a course correction), and on the morning of the third day they are in the industrial area near Chaing-Dav where Zeke’s house and workshop are.  Yvonne goes in with Aveskzia in flight mode and sees that Zeke’s place is untouched.  One of Zeke’s neighbors, a swarthy man named Bubba, is chatting with the Realm Investigator (retroactively codenamed Javert).  The Realm Investigator is searching the area for trouble, rather than specifically seeking Zeke out, so once the party makes it to Zeke’s workshop, Zeke himself goes to find Bubba.  They chat for a bit and Bubba suggests he go ask the Investigator about what’s going on.

Zeke soon finds the Investigator, who freaks him out a bit by demonstrating how much he knows about him (that he brought friends, that he has a Warstrider, etc) but makes a good case that they should try to find whatever it is that’s jamming signals, since it’s also preventing him from contacting his base.  Zeke goes back and gets into Scrap Iron, and moves as a unit with Yvonne and Wildflower in search of whatever it is that’s causing trouble.

After they complete the search of one warehouse and move on, they see a little girl in the middle of the street staring at them.  This little girl then ducks into an abandoned warehouse nearby.  Yvonne goes in first with Zeke and Wildflower tailing, and inside they see the three Dragon Kings suspended from the ceiling and dripping blood into a collecting tray, while the little girl scowls at them.  Zeke frees them and Yvonne starts healing them.

Soon battle is joined when the little girl turns out to be a demon or demon-possessed in some way.  She telekinetically suspends Wildflower and then Yvonne by their ankles, and injures Zeke (while he’s inside Scrap Iron no less) but when Aveskzia charges the little girl and is deflected into the large barrel behind her, the little girl seems very upset (and the barrel smokes slightly in a disturbing way).  Zeke notes this and fires his boltlauncher shot into the barrel, penetrating it and causing it to leak and smoke more.  The little girl loses her shit and starts strangling him with both hands.  Wildflower is caught by Bodyguard while Yvonne uses her tail to twist herself and land on her feet.  Wildflower then makes a leaping charge attack off Bodyguard and onto the demon girl, while Bodyguard further damages the barrel and is further discomfited (Bodyguard had already been slightly burned and offput by the blood before).  The little girl then picks up Scrap Iron with all her strength (causing a nosebleed) and tries to drop it on the party, but the one Dragon King that Yvonne had already healed manages to pull one of his brethren out, and Yvonne puts the other unconscious one on her Staff Grace boomerang and it follows her out from under Scrap Iron before it falls (Zeke uses his Athletics excellency to avoid taking damage despite being locked in a falling refrigerator).

Wildflower further injures the little girl who is currently defenseless, as does Zeke as he leaps out from Scrap Iron.  Yvonne delivers the finishing blow (1 health level left and so of course Yvonne’s boomerang does 10 damage….).  Yvonne now heals the other two Dragon Kings while Zeke gets back into Scrap Iron and Wildflower broods with Bodyguard and prays some more.

Yvonne is in transformation mode still so she suddenly hears a voice coming from just outside.  The Investigator is now back in contact with the Wyld Hunt and is requesting immediate backup since there is a Solar in the area and he will engage the enemy.  Yvonne yells for everyone to leave, and the party rushes outside to see the Investigator standing ready to murder them all….. until he is hit from behind with a massive melee combo from a previously unseen Solar (the huge golden blast of light is sort of a giveaway).  The handsome young man with slicked-back dark hair and a massive polearm and an Eclipse caste mark grins at the party for a moment, then says “Well get moving!”

Zeke insists they grab his stuff from his workshop since they won’t get a second chance.  The entirety of SWORD plus the three Dragon Kings hustle over to the workshop, grab everything of value, and split in a hurry.  As they’re leaving Zeke recognizes the sound of the Wild Hunt entering town on their flying machines and flying demons but they get away in time.

After the two day trip back they report to Harold who is surprised at both the demonic little girl (though he does seem to have a possible explanation for that and how it was using Dragon King blood to power its signal jamming) and the Solar.  Harold insists he has accounted for every Solar in the area, but not this one.  He also notes that Wyld Hunt Investigators have a device that tags whoever kills them, so the Wyld Hunt will be looking for this Solar and not for the Rathess folks.  Yvonne asks if this Solar could be the one she’s looking for and Harold suggests this may be the case.  They resolve to track this mystery Solar down and find out what’s going on.

Comments for today:

  • Some quotes may have been badly mangled today, feel free to correct me… I didn’t get enough sleep the last couple days….
  • Behold the video that inspired today’s encounter.
  • Natalie drove Alejo to the edge of sanity with constant failed attempts to pray, but she did earn training points for a specialty in Performance (Prayer) for it…

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Wildflower Dew takes no crap.  She activates her Zenith anima banner and stares down the demonic little girl with “State your intentions with these people.”
  • Yvonne manages to save the third Dragon King by abusing her boomerang oath to use it as a stretcher to get him out from under Scrap Iron.
  • Zeke, trapped inside the levitating Scrap Iron, somehow manages to brace himself and take no damage from the fall.  He immediately abuses Whirlwind Armor-Donning Prana to hop out and attack the demon in a single smooth action.
  • Yvonne’s final attack gibs the little girl, doing as much damage as she had taken during the previous four rounds of combat.
  • The cutscene is a race to the top of badassery, with the Investigator in the lead until he is run through by the mystery Solar’s hyper combo.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Alejo: “I’m thinking.” An: “Words you never want to hear the DM say.”
  • Alejo: *twitch* Natalie: “Oh I know that look, that’s the look that says you’re coming up with something horrible that when it happens you’re going to laugh like crazy.” Alejo: “What’s this now?” Natalie: “And that look tells me I’m right.”
  • Wildflower Dew: “Dear Unconquered Sun, please help us find Dammien’s brother, and please note I am trying hard to be a better priestess, amen.”  The Unconquered Sun: “Your call is very important to us.  Please stay on the line….”
  • Elevators always have muzak.  Always.
  • Harold: *Dramatic casting of scrying spell into pool of water which remains perfectly clear and still* ….. *long pause*….. Wildflower: “Is something supposed to happen?”
  • Zeke: *Fires boltlauncher directly into barrel of mystery sauce* DM: “Okay, guess who gets strangled with both hands and guess who gets dropped on their heads?” Taylor: “Me?” DM: “You and them, respectively.”
  • Leslie: “Can I put the third Dragon King on my Staff grace?” Alejo: “….What?” Taylor: “She’s trying to stunt this to save the third one.” Alejo: “OH like a stretcher?” Leslie: “Yes and then it’ll follow me out from under Scrap Iron.” Alejo: *Helpless laughter*
  • Zeke: “You gibbed her!”  Wildflower: “Darn now we can’t interrogate her.” Zeke: “Telekinetic little girls are really hard to interrogate!”
  • Harold: “So what did you find?” Zeke: “TELEKINETIC…. LITTLE….. GIRL….” Wildflower: “*Demonic* little girl!”
  • Wildflower Dew: “Dear Unconquered Sun, we thank you for your help today and hope you will help us find Dammien’s brother.  Also please note I am trying really hard to be a better priestess.” *rolls 4 successes* Alejo: “That’s like the fifth time you’ve rolled four successes!” Natalie: “I’m tryingggg!”

Session #3 Pictures

Session #3

While the party is recuperating and handling ordinary business, Harold disappears one day, and returns that evening with a new comrade in arms, someone referred to as the Home Star.  The Home Star is friendly, chirpy, and moderately helpful though nearly ubiquitous, causing Zeke to comment that he seems to have more screws loose than Scrap Iron.

On the evening of the fourth day after the previous return, Harold finds Zeke in the hangar with a look that says they’re about to be rolling out.  The orders are to go to a village somewhat northeast of the previous Wyld incursion, there is a suggestion that goblins from Venomous Dream’s forces may be rampaging, or possibly under the control of something else.

Harold soon finds Wildflower Dew and reiterates these orders, and says he will also be sending Yvonne, but tells Wildflower he does not trust Yvonne, and that she should give Yvonne an opportunity to betray them.  If she does so, Wildflower is to use a strange crystalline device which Harold says will release a huge pulse of anti-Wyld energy that will calcify every Wyld creature within a 1-mile radius.

Harold then finds Yvonne and sends her with SWORD, telling her to identify whether the goblins are working for anyone.  The three of them swiftly meet up and roll out.  Yvonne activates her Elemental Transformation, but once night has fully set in they rest, then Yvonne activates it again in the morning.  To offset the essence cost, she asks Zeke about Scrap Iron’s upgrades, then feeds off his excitement with Banquet of Crumbs (this time successfully).

As they approach the village area they see smoke in the distance, but as they hustle ahead with Zeke on point he nearly stomps all over some fleeing women and children (fortunately he avoids crushing them).  They question the fleeing women, who say that their village has been destroyed, and the goblins have gone on to attack the men’s village at the top of the hill nearby.  SWORD arrives at the burned-out women’s village, and finding no opposition nor survivors, move on to save the men.

On the way up Zeke notices something glittering off the side of the path.  Seems there are bits of magical material ore and some leftover magitech.  Yvonne uses a gossamer to make a large net to carry them in, and when Zeke picks up the materials, a small static discharge occurs which very briefly causes the power in Scrap Iron to flicker.  They move on, though Zeke intends to investigate as soon as he can.

At the top of the hill, they encounter the wooden stockade of the men’s mining and hunting village, with a large hole punched in the wall the same as the women’s village.  The culprit soon becomes clear, the goblins have a 12-foot monster goblin with them.  Combat is initiated (though Wildflower botches join combat and apparently stares at Yvonne for a good 6 seconds waiting for her to betray them), and while Yvonne makes an excellent triple attack with her boomerang and takes out the leader and two others, Zeke’s followup of smashing the walls with the goblins on it hits a snag when he stumbles into a mining pit and hits a large reserve of ore, which delivers a massive static shock.  Scrap Iron goes completely rigid and lifeless…. and a moment later, the central power relay system in its chest begins talking…. “Howdy doodly doo, I’m Talky! Talky Toaster, talking’s the name, toasting’s the game! Would anyone like any toast?”

The Great Goblin takes this opportunity to begin pummeling Scrap Iron while Zeke verbally tries and fails to regain control of his Warstrider.  Yvonne and Wildflower attack the goblins and the Great Goblin with limited success (Yvonne does manage to hit the monster’s club out of his hand and onto a nearby goblin, and Wildflower’s anima power lets her actually do damage to the monster) but it’s quite a bit of frantic scurrying around before Zeke finally fixes Scrap Iron and regains control.  By then Wildflower has made the Great Goblin angry with her and manages to lead him away from jumping on top of Scrap Iron, so his final charge attack completely and totally slays it.

SWORD rapidly chases off the goblins that were trying to get into the mineshaft which the men had barricaded themselves in, but it takes some persuading to get them out.  Once this is accomplished, they ask Yvonne for help in finding their women, which she does because being asked for help is her Lure (1 out of 4 until Bedlam….).  They gather all the survivors (nearly a hundred people) and intend to move to Rathess at dawn.

Zeke and Yvonne are tired and go to sleep.  Wildflower Dew is tired as well, but as soon as she begins to sleep, the Unconquered Sun sends her a dream that he is displeased with her inaction in preaching his word to these people.  He points out that they are lost, godless, and surrounded by the ruins of their own home and about to undertake a dangerous journey to an unknown place.  They need her, and her sleep will have to wait.  Wildflower awakens, gathers some people, and begins a beautiful dance (6 successes!) that attracts them and comforts them, and soon they are asking for her guidance.  She counsels them and preaches to them and gets no sleep at all, but it is good.

Getting everyone to Rathess is a two-day trip fraught with trouble of every mundane variety, and they arrive in the evening completely exhausted.  Well Zeke and Wildflower are, but Yvonne has been feeding off their fear and draining their dreams and now has a large supply of gossamer.

Harold meets with Yvonne and gives her a list of some things they would like created, and also tells her that Blue and Xavier are definitely not the Solar she’s looking for, he will keep up his search.

Zeke and Scotty go over Scrap Iron with a fine tooth comb and begin investigating what the toaster AI is doing in their power relay, and whether it can be put to good use.

Wildflower Dew meets with Harold and indicates that Yvonne did not betray them and is trustworthy, but she holds on to the calcification bomb anyway.  Harold praises her for her successful proselytization, which Wildflower acknowledges somewhat graciously.  Harold also points out that she had to move on it right away since they were the most open to hearing it when they were in the wilderness about to begin their journey.  If she had waited until they got there, they would have already formed their own opinions, but as they are now, they are all true believers.

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Yvonne’s initial attack kills three goblins, including the goblin leader, outright.
  • Scrap Iron’s initial attack completely smashes the wall the archer goblins are standing on (though somewhat undermined by slipping into the pit immediately afterwards…)
  • Wildflower’s repeated anima-powered attacks on the Great Goblin actually did most of the damage and also got it off Scrap Iron.
  • Zeke’s final charge did ridiculous amount of damage, which could have finished the fight in round 2 if it hadn’t been for that toaster….

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Zeke: “I think this guy [the Home Star] has more screws loose than Scrap Iron!” (also potentially ironic given what happened to Scrap Iron next)
  • Yvonne: “Can I recover essence from them?” DM: “Well they have to be emotional for that to work.” Yvonne, to Zeke: “So how’s your robot?” Zeke: “I’m glad you asked!” *Wildflower covers her ears with two pillows*
  • Scrap Iron: “Howdy Doodly Doo, I’m Talky, Talky Toaster!” (refer to this video for the original)
  • Zeke: “Okay, give me toast!” Talky Toaster: “Great, how many would you–” Zeke: “ONE! One toast!” Talky Toaster: “What would you like on it? I have–” Zeke: “Butter! Just butter!” Talky Toaster: “…….. It seems I can’t make toast right now. How about a bagel?”
  • The Unconquered Sun, to Wildflower: “This is Canna {image of Canna appears}.  Canna is a good priestess because she preaches my word to all who will listen.  Now get out there and be like Canna!”
  • Yvonne: “These people are juicy! ^_^”
  • Zeke: “Scrap Iron talked to me.”  Scotty: “…. Well I know what you mean, when you’ve been in it long enough you can feel when it–” Zeke: “No. It talked to me.  It thought it was a toaster.”