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Spring Break Exalted Campaign
By Prions, with Jennifer, Ellen, and Trevor

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The party rests in the warehouse for the night, then Vik meets with the Colonel, who indicates the party has made a bit of a mess but escape is still within reach. The party pokes around and finds there are posters with their mugshots, and Realm troops are searching every ship leaving harbor. They quickly nab some disguises and investigate various ways of leaving. It is finally decided that the party will escape into the ocean since it is the only way not being watched, and will send Martel's parrot as a messenger to the ship, which has a very small window before the Wyld Hunt cracks down on the city, letting no one escape until they track down the Anathema.

The party is also saddled with an intelligence contract for the trouble they have caused the Colonel. They are to investigate a new and mysterious Shadowland to the far east, and send back a message with a provided automated messenger. Failure to comply will result in catastrophic rearrangement of limbs by the less-than-sane Mistress Robed in Midnight.

The party makes it out to the city wall, and after a bit of trouble, makes it into the water. After a bit, Vik is smitten with a seduction attack by a fair folk, while the other two are dragged down by her accomplices and their pet sharks. Game over-- oh wait, the party is a group of Solars and kicks royal tail. The party then swims close to the beach because they're bleeding and attracting sharks.

The party sits on its heels for a day, then the ship is sighted being escorted in by a First-Age style destroyer boat which apparently has the Wyld Hunt on it. The party waits nervously, then the boat shows up and they board and bail. Behind them they can see the city being put into full lockdown by the Wyld Hunt.

The ship makes a stopoff at Lookshy, and Christophe and Viktoria secure a sweet deal on some elementally-empowered farm equipment from the Military Surplus Depot. They skip Nexus and are most of the way to Great Forks when Daniel Archerguy notices that their travel pass seems different, and Martel notices it is now throbbing slightly with some kind of signal. The party tosses it overboard since they were overdue to get back to Nexus. They continue to Great Forks, where they secure a sweet payday for the farm equipment and then buy a new boat, trading in the old one. They have the crew repaint it "light red" (pink) while they sail onwards (after buying some farm gear to sell at Rana). While passing through Pallin's territory they are accosted by the Pallin naval force, curious as to whether they are pirates or just awesome. The guy (Lieutenant Nels) seems interested in getting to know as many boats as possible.

The party makes a sale at Rana, then continues to the new shadowland. Leaving the crew behind at the river with instructions to wait a week, the party heads in. After a long day's haul, the castle is visible in the distance. The party cowers in a cave for the night because the shadowlands are CREEPY.

Stealthing in is easy. Stealthing around skeletons less so, so Vik leaves the others and locates the Green Lady conversing with some lackeys, leaving them in charge while she goes on her trip. Vik reports back, then spies again and sees that she has left entirely. He fetches the party and they burst in to create some mayhem.

Vik slays the skeletons quickly with thrown daggers while Martel holy-nukes and mega-crits the accompanying Nephwrack. Christophe uses Bulwark Stance to defend the Deathknight's Barrage Assault but is no match for his dark energy and is badly wounded. The rest of the party steps up and helps drag him down.

Going through his stuff reveals a lot of soulsteel gear (icky), armor bracers (cool), and a shapeshifting gadget (awesome). The party then strolls out, finds that the skeletons are all after them, and books it. Vik makes a brief detour to the top of the keep, where he finds someone has been hard at work under the shadowland stars. Interesting. He then Monkey-Leaps back to the others already fleeing the castle.

The party makes it back after a very grueling journey, then scrambles back on the boat and sails away. There is some debate whether to redeem the Deathknight's head for cash or not, eventually Vik insists to do it with or without the party and the others acquiesce. They sail back to Nexus, run into some pocketpicking (but escape unscathed), and make the exchange. Vik notices a bug (literally) has been placed on her person, so she does the only logical thing: put it on a random someone walking by.

The final act involves the party sailing to Rana, selling the ship and consolidating their cash (Resources **** for all!) and then setting out to reach Camp Granada. An extremely grueling journey which nearly kills Kether Rock grad Christophe ensues (embarrassing!) before they arrive at Camp Granada. They are greeted as brethren by the Solar soldiers and get a chance to meet Lupo, the mighty master of Camp Granada.

Roll credits!

(to be continued?...)

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