Laughing Surf

A Changing Moon Lunar, whose totem is a bottlenose dolphin. Jennifer’s character!

Basic Personality:

Cheerful and ambitious, still a little giddy about her Luna-bestowed freedom. Though she has no regrets about leaving her old family behind, she appreciates having the Silver Pact as her “new family” more than she’d want to admit, and her long-term plans to be the mother of a race of dolphin-beastmen partially stem from familial yearnings. Being trapped in rigid patriarchal structure was bad, but being all alone in too much ocean–brief as that was–was no picnic either. She loves being able to see the beautiful remote parts of Creation that mortals can’t, and doesn’t want mean and nasty things using those places to hide, or leaving their mess anywhere, for that matter.

She always keeps at least one eye on whatever important task is before her, but when something intriguing catches her eye, she believes that a detour to go investigate, at least a little, is very often worth taking.

Default Actions:

  • When threatened: Against non-sapients, escapes via shapeshifting and whichever medium the threat can’t traverse (land, air, water). Against sapient threats, she usually tries to diffuse hostilities verbally if it makes sense to do so.
  • When bored: In the ocean, looks for interesting things underwater, especially wrecks or natural features to use as landmarks. On land, seeks interesting people to talk to for news, whether it be of Important Happenings or just local festivals.
  • When trying to scout for information: Talks to each person in the room, with an ear for tracing rumors, etc. back to their source. In water, or if she’s free to use war shape she can use echolocation to find objects in the dark.
  • When under attack: If escaping’s not an option or if she needs to be the aggressor, she generally uses war shape to fight. She doesn’t have any particular fighting-technique Charms, and usually relies on her war shape’s large bulk to just throw people overboard (or off any high place) and let exposure or sharks finish them off. Especially if it really is off the deck of a ship, she doesn’t care if she has to actually pick up her target and go over the side with him, because she can jump back onto the deck and her victims generally can’t. (A Wilhelm is always appropriate for such occasions.)
  • With extra time/energy: In the long term, makes occasional visits to her adopted tribe to see how they are doing and maintain/build her Cult rating. Learns local trade routes to add to her big mental map of the ocean. On land, hunts for interesting land animals to add to her repertoire. She’s literally a cetacean out of water when away from the ocean.
  • Signature quote: “My family and I will see everything that happens in all corners of the ocean. What we cannot see, we will hear when it answers our song, and there will be no place that the enemies of Creation can hide from us.”

Backstory, the short version: in mortal life her name was Brilliant Coral, due in large part to her pink hair. When her family wanted her to marry a man she couldn’t stand, she ran away to join the Tya, only for her boat to get wrecked in a storm. She managed to hang onto the planks until the water was calm. When Luna visited her that night, and asked if Brilliant Coral had a wish to ask of her, she replied with the first thing that came into her head:

“A pair of fins!”

She got her wish.

Her hair's pink.

Laughing Surf, in human shape.

Look at yourself. Now back to me. Sadly, you are not a cetacean. I'm on a boat!

War shape, and a better view of her tattoos (and some other things).

Aesthetic Notes: My view on Lunar tattoos is that since they’re supposed to anchor a Lunar into her proper shape, they should be somewhat indicative of the anatomy of her true shapes. Not so much in terms of design, but certainly in terms of placement: on pressure points, crucial joints, and so on.

Laughing Surf’s tattoos are inspired by strands of kelp. The back-of-tail design is on her lower back (a “tramp stamp”) in human shape–that is, exactly where the tail would grow from if she were to shapeshift. Her legs and tail are separate in War Form because her legs grow out from where her dolphin shape’s vestigial hip bones are.

Oh, and I guess she can borrow a leitmotif from Ecco the Dolphin.

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