Tiger-Totem Brawling Lunar (or at least she was last time), appearing in Trials By Moonlight.  Created by Debbie Seacrest.

Basic Personality: Jenya is strongly against slavery and is very dedicated to her cause.  She has no qualms about going into difficult situations, if she feels it’s the best course of action.

Default Actions:

  • When threatened: Jenya will size up the situation.  If she feels it necessary, she’ll go into DBT and fight for her beliefs.
  • When bored: She usually looks for someone to practice martial arts or general combat with.
  • When trying to scout for information: She uses her high charisma to engage others.
  • When under attack: She goes into DBT and attacks aggressively.
  • With extra time/energy: She likes to practice combat skills.
  • Signature quote: “I encourage those who can fight oppression to do so.  There are also those who cannot fight, so I will fight for them.”

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