Katanashi 形なし

katanashi in action

Click to see how Katanashi would move


Basic Personality: Katanashi is both curious and kind-hearted. He may have very few memories of the past, but he understands the kind of life he lead in Malfeas. He’s been through some terrible stuff so he doesn’t like seeing other people suffer. Because of his lack of memories he’s very curious about Creation and enjoys exploring and observing. When he sees people take actions that stir his memories of his past he becomes enraged and will strike back at the offender. While like this he can be very vengeful against people and things that he sees as corrupt and have a negative effect on Creation. He likes large cities, but stays hidden and out of sight out of both preference and just a tiny bit of awareness that his appearance is rather frightening. On the occasions that he does interact with other people, he uses one of his tattoo artifacts to form a white mask as a courtesy so other’s know where to speak to. Katanashi himself is only able to speak Ye Olde Realm, but is able to speak and understand other tongues using his Perroneles companion Selim. Occasionally he will have Selim create many eyes and sharp toothed mouths across his body to intimidate others. He often uses Hearing the Unspoken Word to prevent people from sneaking up on him and to pick out high virtue targets to observe.

Default Actions:

  • When threatened: Uses his quicksilver body to hide and flee in ways only he can do.
  • When bored: Explores his general area. Usually a city. He likes to observe people in everyday like so he’ll commonly hide outside of markets using his quicksilver body.
  • When trying to scout for information: He uses his quicksilver body and keen senses to hide and spy at the location his is interested in. If its a person he’ll stalk them using his quicksilver body to hide.
  • When under attack: His quicksilver body is quite resistant to damage and reforms quickly when damaged. He uses his pseudopodia to strike his opponent from blind spots.
  • With extra time/energy: Will occasionally patrol the city he’s in looking out for people in need.
  • Signature quote: “My body is like a mirror and under the moon’s light your true nature is reflected in it. During the night I slither through the streets striking down those who would harm the powerless. I am Katanashi, the silver reaper. Your end has come!”

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