Convergence, Part 3

The two bird-Lunars on the roof couldn’t see exactly what had happened to the slaves’ restraints–they were all behind the stage–but the chaos that followed their escape engulfed the entire area within seconds. The half-dozen guards were equipped to deal with one or two defiant shoves at a time, not with everybody charging at once.

Jenya did not wait for any further invitation. She knew exactly whom she would strike first: the man in the colorful robes who had been shouting the most orders, and had the most sound of money in his pockets. That would be the leader of the operation. With a few wingbeats she lifted herself high in the air and dove straight for his eyes. Though most people in the square–at least, any who were paying attention–heard only the screeee of a bird of prey, Laughing Surf heard it as words: “Never again!”

Laughing Surf followed a little less gracefully. Less driven by vengeance, and unwilling to reveal her beastwoman shape for the moment, she kept her eyes on the crowds surrounding Jenya. Anyone who came within range to hinder her got a face full of seagull beak and feathers. Between assaults she glanced around to see what reinforcements might be arriving against them.

And we’re off! I petition the DM to give us a better sense of how many guards there are and what kind of Dragon-Blood opposition might get involved. As Hesperos could have told you, I’m not the best at game balance. On further reflection, retcon’d edges of past chapters will be ironed out in the “Published” posts.