Convergence – Continued

Since we can’t edit posts others make, I will continue on here on this post. DM feel free to edit things at will.

Katanashi had begun his day like most, crawling out of whatever crevice he went to sleep in and quickly went around to his favorite spots for checking out news within the city. Most of what he overheard was business as usual, but he was alarmed to hear of a slave ship in the harbor. It wouldn’t be long before the auction would begin. Unable to stand such a public atrocity, Katanashi could not sit by and watch a slave auction. However not one to make frontal assaults during the day, he came up with a plan to make the best of this situation. He darted between shadows and crept closer and closer to the stage that was used to show off the slaves to be sold. He dived underneath the stage and using his malleable body he carefully extended an appendage up through holes in the wood and quietly sabotaged the shackles and locks one at a time by altering the shape of his tentacle so that no mortals there would notice. When the auctioneer moved back towards the cages, Katanashi quickly reached up to trip him and then extended his reach as far as he could to open all the cages at once. As the prisoners fled in all directions, Katanashi contemplated how to best pick off the slavers one by one.

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