Plan upon arrival

Laughing Surf’s plans, to be coordinated with Jenya:

  1. Laughing Surf realizes she’ll need a better outfit than the scraps of what she sailed away from home in, and snags a nice dress from a tailor in the next town over (so as not to be recognized while wearing it). She sneaks in by night and takes one as a cat, and leaves some coins in its place as payment. If Jenya wants new clothes too, she grabs some for her as well (up to Debbie what outfit it actually is) or Jenya can just come with her.
  2. Find the mysterious person! LS will probably do a few initial passes over the city as a seagull and, if that doesn’t turn up anything, will alternate that with hanging out in the town’s social places chatting about current events and keeping her eyes open for a person in a cloak and mask, or rumors thereof. Could also poke her head into quieter cafes and the like, since a “retiring” person might prefer that sort of place to a noisy one, and checking every house would take too long…how will they get their first hint of the one they’re looking for?