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Kami at the Bull’s secret base

What are Kami and Hunter’s courses of actions?

Kami probably wants to know what Hunter thinks, and also wants to sit and think about it.

Also Kami soon receives a message via Infallible Messenger that Olivia wants to talk with him about a special, secret project (ah man, another one??) and asks to send directions on where they are.  The Bull has sorcerers at hand who could easily send a message back, but do they want to?  Will they?

Kami also wants to quiz the Bull of the North more carefully on what his military intentions are with the Golden Army if he were to gain control of it.

Kami also thinks if he can access the Central Mainframe he can add safeguards or backdoors that will enforce agreements he makes with the Bull, or possibly to give him control of the army instead.  He asks Hunter about the wisdom of this, and whether to tell anyone else.


Initial goals for BSG

The Bull’s Shadow Grows is an attempt to incorporate In The Shadow of the Bull more effectively into the other campaigns, and to follow Kami’s adventures post-Hearts of Silver.

Step 1 will be to post the story I wrote to set up ITSB.  That might give a few things away all by itself!