New Campaign: Trials By Moonlight

I am pleased to announce a new campaign, Trials By Moonlight.  A few relevant details released below:

  • Shared canon with the Burning Campaign, Tides of Fortune, etc.
  • Starting Location: Southwest Creation
  • Starting Time: Immediately following Tides of Fortune (predating Hearts of Silver and Wanted: Weapons of Fate)

So far the roster appears to be thus:

  • Taylor: Creating Katanashi, No Moon Lunar (semichimera)
  • Jennifer: Creating Laughing Surf, a Dolphin-totem Changing Moon caste Lunar
  • Debbie: Recreating Jenya, a Tiger-totem Lunar

If you are interested in joining this campaign please let me know!  Thank you!

New Campaign: The Bull’s Shadow Grows

I am pleased to announce a new writing endeavor, The Bull’s Shadow Grows.  It is primarily a vehicle to bridge the gap in Storytelling between ITSB, and upcoming stories with Kami and the Bull of the North.  It will draw on the ending of HOS and go from there.

If you are interested in contributing to this writing endeavor please let me know and we can chat about it!  Thank you.

Announcement: Online Exalted!

Hello to all my fellow Exalted fans!

Have you ever said to yourself, “Man I love Exalted so much I wish I could play it more, and read and write more about it, but I can’t commit any more regular time periods of my weekend”?  If you have NEVER said that to yourself, you may not want to bother with the rest of this message.

As it so happens, I have said that exact phrase to myself many times.  After some careful research, brainstorming and technical finagling, I am pleased to officially announce Online Exalted!

How does this work?  I shall explain!

Anyone interested will create an account at the main website: and let me know what campaign and role you are interested in playing in.

  1. Storytellers are essentially the collective DM of the campaign.  They decide the story, the general direction of actions, and major events in the campaign.  They cannot have a character, though they may introduce NPCs.  They are ideal for experiencing the joy of creation.
  2. Editors are assistants to the Storytellers in terms of writing.  They do not know the direction of the plot but they are familiar with the scenarios the characters are in.  They may have characters, though it is somewhat frowned upon for these characters to be strategic thinkers since Editors have some clues as to what is going on.  They enjoy both creation and discovery in parts.
  3. Players are unable to see the posts with the Storyteller notes, and are thus completely unaware of what is happening outside of the descriptions of the Storytellers and Editors.  They primarily dictate their character’s actions, though they are also encouraged to add details of their own and can participate fully in any writeup.  They are ideal for experiencing the joy of discovery.

The party consists of a number of Characters.  Each Character has their own Page on the website and an actual character sheet in the possession of that Character’s player.  The Page will include a number of Default Actions for different situations (in case someone can’t regularly be at the computer).  This raises an important point: unlike in IRL Exalted, when a player has Sole Authorship over their character, in Online Exalted a player instead has Primary Authorship over their character.  They may have the final say on what their character says and does but it is expected that other people will write words for your character as well.  This makes it very important to develop a distinctive “voice” for your character from the outset, so other people can play them for you.

Additionally, the Storyteller has Primary Authorship over scenery, skill check types, and difficulties, but anyone else may freely insert what they feel is appropriate to the story.  The Storyteller retains final say and may edit as they wish, but should not feel disempowered by other people deciding what difficulty a standard locked door may be for a Dex+Larceny check, say.  (Of course, if the story actually surprises you with a hidden artifact lock, the Storyteller must jump in and say “ACTUALLY, you’re very surprised that you DIDN’T actually unlock that door like you were expecting!”)

The procession of play goes like this:

  • An Unpublished post is created, and the Storytellors and Editors (collectively referred to hereafter as the Writers) set the scene.
  • Players put their intentions for their characters in square brackets, and as they or the Writers set difficulties, someone rolls dice and someone sets difficulties for the actions.  Stunts are, as always, encouraged and accounted for.  Players may also signal their intention to “stunt” the final writeup further, earning extra stunt dice.
  • Once the Unpublished post is complete (as determined by agreement of the Writers) it is retained for posterity while someone creates a Published post that is in novelization form.  It is expected to be a collaborative effort.
  • Characters belonging to any Editor or Player who contributed at any point receive 1xp.

Note: the Unpublished and Published categories are WordPress categories that dictate where on the website the posts show up!  It’s magic!

Confused?  Hit me up!  I would be more than happy to energetically describe the whole process in more detail.

Now that you’ve read through this whole thing, please let me know what your interest level is!!!  Thank you!

Announcement: To Do List

  • Set up User accounts and powers (COMPLETED)
  • Set up tags for Published versus Unpublished posts and for different campaigns (COMPLETED)
  • Set up Pages that will display Posts with certain tags (COMPLETED)
  • Customize so only Announcement category posts will show up on front page (COMPLETED)
  • Customize the site to look like a Campaign site instead of a proof-of-concept for a theme (TO DO NEXT)
  • Make a Google survey
  • Make an official announcement email