Episode 5 – Re-Encounter

The party sans Carlos awoke from the inn they stayed the night at to find a message for them. Carlos’s great-uncle Esteban had invited them to a dinner party as thanks for escorting his beloved nephew here safely. The party explored Nexus for the day before going to Esteban’s estate in the evening. Esteban welcomed them along side his maids and informed them that Carlos is feeling ill and won’t be joining them. Esteban showed them to the dining room and introduced him to his wife. A man calling himself Garcia approached the party and introduced himself as one of Esteban’s war buddies.

As Marik, Harlock, and Bravo enjoyed their food, Maximoff chatted with Esteban. Meanwhile, the man calling himself Garcia went around chatting with everyone he could. He asked each individual of the party their names, Bravo and Harlock answered him normally, Marik gave him a fake name, and Maximoff tried to use an alias, but felt compelled to answer with his actual one. This made Maximoff awfully suspicious, doubly so when his train of thought suddenly crashed while talking with Garcia. He warned the rest of his allies of his suspensions. Garcia started to give a speech and during it, Bravo, Harlock, and Maximoff felt a change in the essence around them. Maximoff later excused himself to the bathroom to shoot a few questions to the loom of fate regarding Garcia. He got vague answers which confirmed the true identity of Garcia. He checked to make sure Carlos was actually just sick before returning

Back in the dining room Marik got a bit bored and activated his martial arts form charm and began to practice kata in the room under the guise of entertaining the other guests. Bravo was getting annoyed with Garcia and tricked Esteban’s wife into thinking he wasn’t actually an old war buddy. This put Garcia on the spot and tried shoo Bravo away, this lead to a slip of a tongue on his part and Bravo had run out of patients and decked Garcia. Garcia started to put some distance between them before muttering something about his job being finished and fleeing the scene. Bravo leapt from the second floor balcony and quickly chased after him. He cornered him in the garden, but was forced to back off when a blood red spear was hurled between them.

The man who stole the map from them who they chased to Rathess, Chulainn stepped out from the shadows and reclaimed his spear. Harlock and Marik jumped off the balcony into action. Harlock tried to run past him to catch the fleeing Garcia, but Chulainn moved just as fast and pinned his shadow to the ground. Marik then started casting a necromancy spell. Maximoff not as confident in his athletic abilities opted to go back inside and take the stairs. Bravo moved in to slash at Chulainn when a silvery liquid rose from the ground to his defense. Harlock threw a bomb while trying to pull his shadow free from the ground, but missed and destroyed a garden gnome instead.

Maximoff rushed down stairs and activated blinding the boar when he arrived. Marik finished casting his spell and caused bone hands to appear from the ground grabbing at everyone. Chulainn slashed at Bravo grazing him and ordered his silvery sentry towards Marik. The thing pounced on Marik and tried to envelope him in its acidic body. Marik grappled with the slimy monster while Bravo skirmished with Chulainn and Harlock pulled his shadow free from the ground. After Marik threw his attacker off of him, but not before getting singed by acid, it returned to Chulainn to protect him from the rest of the party’s onslaught. The slime monster appeared to be injured and Chulainn jumped back and began to carve runes onto the ground with his spear. The party tried to interrupt the spell, but was unsuccessful. He tapped his spear to the ground and a geyser of water followed by a large wave erupted. Marik used his bone chains to pull himself away, Maximoff changed his fate, and the two Lunars took a more appropriate form. While the party was hampered by the rushing water, Chulainn took a deep stance and prepared to lunge with his spear. He leapt forward calling the name of his spear and as though moving against all of fate, the spear came for Maximoff. It took Maximoff everything he could muster to dodge this imminent fate that seemed to be ignoring cause and effect. However, with his final attack dodged, a crocodile Harlock leapt out of the water and critically injured him. Before death could fully claim him, Chulainn muttered a few words under his breath and his body burned to ash in a flare of essence. The party gathered themselves and began to figure out what their next step is.