Side Story – Bravo

While trying to leave Rathess, a slip of the tongue caused the guards to become suspicious of him and they hauled him off for questioning. They took him into a building and put him into a cell while waiting for the interrogator to show up. Bravo decided to play it cool for now and didn’t resist. While waiting in the cell and gazing out the window, he saw a familiar face leave the building. It was the person who lead him to the city in the first place, Chulainn. This was the opportunity he was waiting for, he needed to follow him but first needed to escape this cell.

Bravo hid in the shadows using his hearthstone and shouted, “Oh no! The prisoner isn’t here!” and used a charm to convince one of the guards that he really wasn’t there. When the guard came around, Bravo knocked him out and stole his uniform to disguise himself and shoved the guard under the cell’s bed. He left the building and quickly began to search the crowd for Chulainn. It took a bit of searching, but Bravo found him heading towards the palace in the city’s center.

Bravo causally headed into the palace after Chulainn by blending in with the crowd. As he was heading in, a large entourage was leaving. Being carried on a throne was a young man in golden armor with golden hair and a presence about him that felt bigger than the entire city. Bravo quickly moved on to avoid drawing attention to himself. He went deeper into the palace and saw that Chulainn was carrying a small device downstairs into the depths of the palace. It looked quite important, so Bravo hid and waited for Chulainn to come back.

After a bit the man Bravo was following returned and he began searching for the storage room Chulainn had gone to. He found it and broke the lock and went in. The room was mostly empty aside from the item Chulainn had. It appeared to be a small disc like artifact, but Bravo wasn’t sure of its function. He pocketed it and made his way out of the palace. He moved into an alley and ditched his uniform as he heard panicked guards in the street scrambling. He took this as a sign that his theft had been noticed and decided that now would be a great time to slip out of the city. He morphed into a hawk and waited on the rooftops. He saw that the city guard had begun to launch flying artifacts into the air and waited for them to fully scramble before flying out of the city. Bravo felt that trying to meet up directly with his allies would be dangerous so he flew north to find Nexus, the place they were headed to in the first place.