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Episode 6 – Return to Lookshy

Carlos emerged blinking from his Uncle’s house startled to see it partly flooded. While others were still picking up the mess from the previous night’s party, Maximoff caught him up on what happened. Carlos proposed that the party return to Lookshy as that was where Esteban told Carlos they might find clues to the device they found. The party agreed and started preparations to leave. Esteban pulled Carlos aside to tell him to go see an old friend of his, Julien, a sorcerer who worked in the technology development department in Lookshy and gave him a letter of introduction. Carlos summoned an Azure Chariot and the party left for Lookshy. The party set down just outside of Lookshy to avoid spooking anyone on watch and proceeded on foot. The guards greeted them like most would, but quickly moved aside when Carlos name dropped his family. The party proceeded to Carlos’s house to rest up and so that Bravo and Harlock can be paid for their services. The next day the party proceeds to a building that Esteban had taken Carlos to when he was younger. The guard outside was not eager to let them in but yielded to the letter of introduction. He insisted that the party follow him to see his captain and check in. But was browbeat into skipping that and leading them to Julien. At the base’s cafeteria, in the back corner sat an elderly man who stood out from the many of the soldiers around him. He introduced himself and the Carlos, Harlock, and Bravo dumped all the papers, maps, and the artifact they picked up onto the table in front of him. Julien obliged them and examined what they had and told them about the warstrider, the Hateful Devourer, that he had been working on. Marik was very eager to hear more, but Julien insisted that he return to his workshop to study what the party had shown him. He said that he would return in an hour. Before he left, he looked around the room and lead Marik to a large man and introduced him to Revan, the current pilot of the Hateful Devourer. Marik pleaded with him to show him the warstrider and when shaking his hand felt a twinge of familiar essence, but dismissed it. Revan begrudgingly agreed and lead Marik down to the lower levels of the building into a large underground hanger. Marik was amazed at the sight of such a large soulsteel killing machine. After admiring it for a bit and asking Revan a bunch of questions about it before returning upstairs to wait for Julien with the rest of the party. Over an hour passed and Julien had not returned. Marik found a receptionist and scared her into telling them where Julien’s workshop was. The party moved to Julien’s workshop only to find no one else in it. They found a locked door in the back of the workshop. Maximoff managed to pick the lock and in the center of the room lay Julien with several knives in his back. The party looked around the room for any clues when alarms started blaring and many quick and loud foot steps approached their location. Carlos kept the party calm and prevented them from fighting waves of Lookshy soldiers. They were taken to see captain Gerad and Carlos, Marik, and Bravo managed to convince him of their innocence. They in turn questioned Gerad and learned that he was alerted by Revan about the murder. The party quickly grew suspicious and knew where they could find him. While Gerad was busy locking down the base, the party slipped away to the underground hanger and found Revan there, but the Hateful Devourer missing. Revan turned around and decided to get rid of these witnesses. His essence flared and Marik realized it, this was the same essence as the young dragonblooded who killed him all those years ago. Combat started and Maximoff slipped away to the hanger’s catwalk to get a better view while Bravo charged Revan. Revan defended against Bravo’s assault and stomped his foot on the ground shaking the entire room, knocking Carlos and Maximoff off their feet. Harlock also moved onto the catwalk while Marik tried to grapple Revan with one of his bone chains. Revan started to feel out numbered and made a few quick movements with his hands and all around him, walls of earth rose from the ground creating maze-like terrain around the room. This sudden shift in earth damaged the catwalk causing Maximoff to fall off onto the ground. Bravo and Carlos climbed up the walls to travel more easily from the top of the maze. Marik now cut off from his target was debating punching through the wall or going around it when Revan’s arm grabbed him through the wall and pulled him into it leaving him stuck. Harlock tossed a bomb at Revan damaging him and the wall while Carlos shot an arrow at him. Marik used one of his bone chains to burrow out of the wall and use it as an anchor to pull him self free. Bravo dropped down on Revan from above and distracted him. Using this opportunity Marik pierced all four of Revan’s limbs with a bone chain before kicking him square in the chest. At the last moment he held back and didn’t kill his past murderer as because he knew it would be easier to question him alive rather than dead. The party took Revan back to captain Gerad and informed him that the Hateful Devourer was gone. Gerad woke up Revan and he was questioned. The party learned that he had sold himself to a Deathlord in return for power and that the invasion was tonight.