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Episode 2 – The Golden City of Heroes

A new morning dawns as the party discusses how to pursue the map thief from the previous night. Maximoff uses his Efficient Secretary Technique to find out more about where the thief might be headed from the direction that Harlock is getting his scent from. He learns that quite a distance southwest of there is the ruined city of Rathess, a city from the First Age with a scarce population of dragonkings. The first idea the party had was to repair the carriage and travel with that, but they quickly learned none of them had any idea the difference between a philips head or a flat head screwdriver. So that plan was scrapped. After watching the rest of the party scramble for a while Carlos finally spoke up and offered a suggestion. He had magic that could summon a chariot that had enough seating for everyone(excluding Marik’s minions). With that finally settled, the party headed southwest.

The party didn’t have any trouble mid-flight and eventually saw the ruins that are the city of Rathess on the horizon. They planned to land just outside the city, but when they approached they were engulfed in a bright light. When their vision cleared, they saw not a ruined city but a much a thriving metropolis adorned in gold and crystal. Carlos quickly made an emergency landing in the forest and narrowly avoided crashing his chariot at the same time. The party took a moment to make a new plan of action to infiltrate the city. At the same time, Marik began to mildly freak out and repeatedly told the others to excersise utmost discretion and not to touch anything.

They were stopped by some guards at the city gates, but Bravo and Maximoff, who was wearing the guise of one of Marik’s cultists again, convinced them to let them pass. The scent Harlock was tracking lead him to a large building adjecent to the barracks and not to far off from the palace. Harlock and Carlos decided to investigate the rest of the city, Bravo went to find a female guard captain to seduce and get information from, and Maximoff and Marik went to gather information at a bar.

Bravo met and seduced a dragonking women in charge of training recruits and during their date he learned more about the map thief. He is a high ranking Solar captain named Chulainn and takes orders directly from their king, Gilgamesh. Carlos and Harlock went around parts of the city and examined the building in question and learned that it was an intelegence building where most of the military planing was conducted. Meanwhile, Marik and Maximoff got drunk at the bar.

When night fell all five of them gathered and planned to sneak into the building which was guarded by four dragonkings. Marik and Maximoff still a little drunk got into a fight nearby to draw one of the guards away. The second burliest of the four guards came over to break up the fight and get them elsewhere. Bravo moved to a rooftop and started throwing rocks at one of the guards to get his attention elsewhere. Unfortuneately he messed up and got the guard’s attention a little too well. The guard took flight and spotted Bravo who fled, not what he intended, but there is one less guard nevertheless. Finally, Carlos used a charm to sneak himself and Harlock past the one guard who remained by the door.

They entered the building and found it to be mostly deserted as most of the people in it had gone home. Harlock tracked down where the map was and found a room full of intelegence documents. A breif glance revealed more maps with similar information, only with a bit less blood on them and better hand writing. Carlos grabbed what he could and the two of them made their escape. Harlock changed himself into a spider and shot a line of web out a window to make a zipline, however the two of them didn’t check which direction the window was facing and found the guards outside looking directly up at them.

Acting immediately the burliest of the guards shot a fireball at the zipline and Harlock shot webbing at another binding him. With the line cut Carlos and Harlock swung onto a rooftop while the flying dragonking began to chase them. Carlos climbed onto spider-Harlock’s back and used some of the webbing to tie himself to his makeshift mount. Harlock then activated Instict Driven Beast Movement several times and accelorated faster than anyone watching could believe and fled the scene. The flying dragonking tried to keep up, but a well placed arrow from Carlos slowed his pursuit. The gates were closed at night, but that didn’t stop spider-Harlock, he climbed up the walls and left the city before anyone could do anything about it. Bravo, Maximoff, and Marik met up and decided to wait until morning to slip out of the city.

When morning came, the city was in an uproar. There were increased guards everywhere and anyone leaving the city was being heavily questioned. Marik and Maximoff didn’t have much trouble outwitting the guards and Bravo had just about convinced the guards of his uninvolvement, but his tongue slipped and said that he didn’t know anything about one of their buildings being attacked. The guards found his knowledge of last night’s events suspious and they hauled him off for questioning.

Carlos, Harlock, Maximoff, and Marik met up where they landed the day before and looked over the stolen documents. They figured out that they described more details on a deathlord’s invasion of Lookshy and a counter invasion to be carred out by the Rathess military. With two invasions to thwart the party heads out.