In case it wasn’t incredibly obvious, In the Shadow of the Bull went on an unscheduled hiatus, causing Verrance and Joshua to ride off into the sunset in pursuit of a deep and convoluted mystery.  Will we see them again? Who knows!

I am now working on new Exalted materials.  I may pick this thread up again at some point but I have my doubts that ITSB will continue along the path it was headed on before.

Never fear! There will always be more Exalted!

Session #5

Chizu stays behind at Raneth’s safehouse going through Exquisite Pain’s stuff while Raneth, Joshua, and Verrance head over to start questioning Phantom Blood.  Unfortunately, as they get close they realize there is a glow coming from a large fire at their destination.  Verrance determines from the pattern spiders that Phantom Blood is dead, and questioning of the local soldiers indicates a strange thin man came and set everything on fire with just a touch and a look.  The wall with Petrovsky itself has caught fire, so Joshua and Raneth help put out the fire.  Meanwhile Verrance, finding all this very strange, climbs to a nearby roof and activates a resplendent effect to transform himself into a crow. In this form he flies into Petrovsky and soon finds two figures running away into the night: Phantom Blood, and the Abyssal who Verrance had slit the throat of weeks ago.

Equal parts horrified and intrigued, Verrance follows them to an abandoned Victorian mansion off the road, deep within Petrovsky territory.  They are allowed into this mansion by a strange child.  Verrance books it straight back and informs Joshua about this.  They go back to the safe house, but Chizu has left a note that he is conducting experiments underground and will be back.  Joshua and Chizu decide to go to the Proxy Council with this info, and bring Raneth along.  The trip goes quickly via carriage, and they are allowed into the Proxy Council sanctum by the end of that same day.  Edison and Chantal have left to help their father, but the others are there and are familiar with this mansion as the former sanctum of Doward the Unlucky, the god of Petrovsky, who has not been seen in a long time.

Timmer informs the party that the Celestial Censor of their region, Rothazu, will soon be arriving, and this information may be valuable.  When he arrives (appearing as a stern, tall, long-haired man carrying a silver daiklave) the Exalted reveal their status and their knowledge of the sanctum, and Rothazu seems to take it under advisement, but Verrance steals his surface thoughts and Rothazu is mostly worrying about keeping Verrance out of the picture.  Rothazu indicates he will collect his deputies and fully investigate the sanctum, but if they find nothing the Proxy Council will be liable for the trouble that results. Once he leaves, Joshua and Verrance, still suspicious, hustle out through Karn and into Petrovsky by horse to try and beat Rothazu there, while Verrance also tracks him using the pattern spiders.  Verrance also learns that Doward is outside fate and was last within fate in Malfeas thirty years ago, right before he was “executed”.  All very strange.

They barely manage to get within sight of the mansion before Rothazu, and he and a flight of a dozen lesser elemental dragons fly overhead and circle the sanctum.  Rothazu is the only one to go in, however, and after a half hour of waiting, exits alone, reports nothing was found, and leaves with all the dragons (one seems reluctant to leave without further investigation and is hustled out).  Verrance and Joshua then rush back to Raneth’s, still not finding Chizu but finding Raneth again, who says he has a lot of new things to deal with but hopes they will work together again soon.

Verrance and Joshua rush to the Proxy Council and tip them off that Rothazu “found” nothing and will probably be along to get them all in huge trouble, and he is either corrupt or colluding with the enemy forces in Petrovsky.  The Proxy Council disbands and its members rush into hiding.  Timmer promises to send a message to his superiors using the Spirit Message network.

Verrance is now feeling the strong need to report all this to his higher ups but he has no convenient way of contacting them. He and Joshua start heading west to try and get back to Iceholme and the Convention of Air headquarters, but this is a long trip.  Fortunately, his boss TJ comes through for him after getting Timmer’s message by having a Babylon Candle mailed to him while they’re still taking a boat across Malice Bay.  Verrance and Joshua use it and are instantly transported to Verrance’s home in Yu-Shan.  A quick ride through the wonders of heaven later, they make it to the Forbidding Manse of Ivy and a meeting with TJ.  TJ notes that due to recent developments with Autochthon on top of their usual workload, no additional manpower can be spared, but he can send Verrance back after making it bureaucratically appear as though he is off the case to throw Rothazu off the scent, and Verrance can keep him updated using a journal that TJ can scan using the pattern spiders.

TJ also notes that one of Rothazu’s deputies has been reprimanded and moved to a new jurisdiction far away, yet she is still in Petrovsky against orders.  Her name is Kathexa, and he suggests this may be a new lead for Verrance.  Verrance’s orders are primarily to unravel the nature of the “Wind Creature” and prevent it from allying with the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears.  With his last Babylon Candle, TJ sends them both back to Slovograd, ready to follow the next step of the mystery.

Funniest Moment Candidates:

  • Verrance: “How will I find you? Oh wait… the same way I find everyone.  Boy, I was thinking like a human for a minute there.”
  • Joshua and Verrance, repeatedly: “Oh this is so bad….”

Session #4

Chizu had been called away by his squad and spent a substantial amount of time tracking two Abyssals (one of them being Phantom Blood). As they were closing in, however, they received orders from Lookshy to return to base. Finding these orders suspect, Chizu attempted to reason with his squad but they disengaged, then walked into an ambush by a number of strange telekinetic children. Chizu was rescued by a child like the others who identified herself as a spirit working against the Wind Creature. This spirit took Chizu to meet the proxy council and their new allies.

Chizu arrives at the sanctum and reunites with Verrance, Joshua and Chantal. Chantal refuses to leave Edison but the others are ready to go investigate the Abyssal incursion. They are also introduced to the other god-blooded: Timmer, son of Caltia the Eternal; Svolfbard, son of Hägar the Awesome, god of Karn (the Karnese word for Awesome is the same as most other dialects’ word for Horrible); and Carmilla, daughter of Hepathia, goddess of the Liver Chakra. Before they leave, Carmilla “scans” the party, finding something unusual about Verrance (or so he deduces from her expression). Verrance fears finding out what it is she sees so he precipitates a rapid departure.

Chizu requests that they procure a carriage, so Verrance hires the service of one from the Karn capitol to Slovograd. Joshua and Verrance ride on top while Chizu uses his Craft excellency on a total overhaul and diagnostic on his suit. He concludes the error message he received did not come from any internal error but instead came from some external source.

Once at Slovograd, Verrance uses Efficient Secretary Technique to locate Phantom Blood, who seems to be in the military supplies district (other deathknights are not nearby). Chizu had already mapped the area, so he starts walking there in broad daylight without any cloaking. This arouses a lot of attention, and eventually a platoon of Karnese guards stop him for questioning. Chizu does not really want to afford further delay, resulting in a standoff. Joshua notices the commotion and pulls the captain aside and persuades him (using his Presence excellency) that Chizu and he are on a mission to prevent sabotage in the supply district. Verrance, meanwhile, keeps tabs on the crowd and notices two black-cloaked figures watching the entire exchange very passively.

Verrance tries to get an ID on the figures but can’t get close enough to look at their faces, then when he queries the loom of fate he finds they are undead, no further information. He slips out another way and catches up with Chizu and Joshua at the edge of the supply zone, around which there is a guarded wall. Joshua attempts to fast-talk these sentries as well but it doesn’t work this time, so Verrance cuts in with Avoiding the Truth technique: “I’m sure if you don’t let us pass everything will be fine.” This is much more persuasive to the guards, who let them in. The party begins its search for anything suspicious, and Verrance rapidly notices a suspicious bird on a nearby warehouse roof. He clues the party in about it once out of line of sight.

Chizu approaches from underground, Joshua via the front, and Verrance via the back (though no back door is apparent). Joshua smashes the door down as Chizu attempts an underground surprise attack that the leader dodges, but vaporizes the skeleton behind him. As Joshua breaks the door down he sees Phantom Blood and attacks him with an absolutely epic stunt wherein he attacks, expecting to miss, kicks off the wall and attacks again expecting to miss again, and whips around and Shoryuken’s Phantom Blood in the face with his combo, connecting for severe damage. The third attack doesn’t score very many successes so Phantom Blood is only badly wounded. Verrance dances around to a good hiding place while activating Blinding the Boar and waits for the right moment.

There is an upper loft that the other Abyssal is on, and when Phantom Blood had called out to him that the Dragon-blooded were back, the upstairs Abyssal had remarked back, “Okay I’m on it.”. Chizu makes this not so likely when he uses his suit’s Earth Manipulation to collapse the second floor, which knocks the Abyssal around and crushes several skeletons and also incidentally forces him out from underground (everyone succeeds on their footing roll since the DM forgot to make people roll it, d’oh!). Meanwhile, three skeletons run over and grab Joshua while three more help the other Abyssal to his feet and guard him. Verrance then jumps out of hiding and attacks the skeletons, destroying two (including the one holding Joshua) while activating his own powerful combo.

Joshua works at cornering Phantom Blood, who is moving away from Joshua due to his invulnerability flaw. Chizu is about to engage in more combat when his suit suddenly loses power, then starts moving against his will as the other Abyssal seems to be manipulating it with a strange device. It is sending jamming signals into Chizu’s suit that impede his movement. Meanwhile, Verrance goes after the Abyssal, preparing three blows but killing him in two, then smashing the skeleton behind him with an epic backhand. Chizu still can’t move well, however, and one of the skeletons takes off with his device while the other two go after Joshua, who parries their attacks easily.

Phantom Blood has dived into the rubble, and Joshua grabs him by the leg and hauls him out while Verrance slays the remaining skeletons and runs down and backstabs the fleeing one. Chizu hears beeping and botches his perception roll so he thinks the beeping is coming from his suit and he emergency-depowers it. After briefly fiddling with the device, Verrance turns it off and Chizu can move again! He sinks back underground. Joshua has Phantom Blood wounded and cornered again, but Phantom Blood had been fishing around for a beeping device (which was the real source of Chizu’s beeping) that now opens a portal in the fabric of reality, and three Abyssals step out (a heavily armored swordsman, a lightly armored empty-handed lady, and a woman wearing a dress and a soul steel powerbow). The briefly snipe at Phantom Blood and survey the situation.

It’s also about this time that a number of Karnese guards arrive, heavily armed and armored, with a tight-lipped trenchcoat-wearing man in the lead. He identifies himself as Raneth and points some kind of device at the Abyssals while demanding to know where Nalla Bloodaxe is. This increases the tension of the standoff, until Verrance uses a resplendent effect to nudge the swordsman into attacking. He leaps to attack Raneth, who blasts him square in the chest with his essence handcannon, knocking him back into Phantom Blood, both becoming tangled in the corner. Immediately, Verrance reactivates Blinding the Boar while Chizu attempts to smash the archer lady, misses, and smashes the semi-helpless swordsman instead. Chizu then uses Earth Manipulation to sink the swordsman into a pit, which kills him, and Joshua strikes the archer lady for grievous aggravated damage, knocking her towards Verrance. Raneth tries shooting the Abyssals with his hand cannon but they dodge, and the walls are blown out instead.

Joshua and the martial artist lady have an exchange of blows at which point he is grabbed and thrown at Raneth, but Joshua yells for Raneth to shoot him, and Raneth blasts him into the corner (he uses Iron Skin Concentration to ignore the damage) where Joshua then continues to corner Phantom Blood. The archer, lying on the ground, sees Verrance and asks if he was the one who killed the other Abyssal, Exquisite Pain. Verrance feels compelled to reply and says, “Yes, and I liked it,” at which point she activates her archery combo of ultimate death, which barely scratches Verrance since his Blinding the Boar puts her attack at -7 successes on top of his stunt-augmented DV of 11. It really wouldn’t have even touched him if it hadn’t included a perfect attack charm, given all her other penalties that also applied.

Verrance then leaps forward and stabs her in the chest, remarking, “Somewhere you will be together again.” The martial artist lady appears poised to attack but Raneth questions her on Nalla’s location with an investigation charm, forcing her to answer, creating an opening for Chizu to make a massive attack from behind/underground, instantly slaying her.

Phantom Blood is now the last survivor, so he is surrounded, cuffed, and beaten unconscious. Raneth pulls the group aside and asks what is going on, and the party explains that they were investigating the Abyssals, they know about Nalla’s mission, and they also vaguely know about the Spirit War. Raneth fills them in a bit but seems to withhold some information, and also seems interested in possibly recruiting Joshua and securing Verrance’s alliance, since he works for the Bull of the North.

Phantom Blood is carried away by the guards to a secure location while Raneth takes the party to his safe house. Chizu is going through Exquisite Pain’s stuff and Raneth warns him Exquisite Pain was a terribly clever technologist. Chizu then checks all the devices to be sure they are powered off, and sure enough, one is passively still powered. Chizu pulls out the soulfire crystal and leaves it behind, then takes the device, which he believes is a tracking device, to the wilderness and ties it to an animal.

Raneth questions Joshua and Verrance further, and when Chizu arrives includes him as well, trying to learn everything they know about the Spirit War. He is deeply disturbed that the Proxy Council knows Nalla’s mission is intentional, since the Wind Creature may learn it and could then barter that information to the Lover, ruining all plans. Raneth claims he will have to meet with the Proxy Council after they question Phantom Blood.

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Joshua’s massive Presence success defuses a rather tense situation and gains them some support
  • “I’m sure if you don’t let us pass, nothing bad will happen to you.”
  • Chizu’s opening gambit of collapsing the second floor seems to make the fight work more in their favor
  • Joshua’s double-feint-Shoryuken is the first 3-dot stunt awarded in a long time, and was exceptionally epic
  • Verrance prepares three attacks, but Exquisite Pain is unprepared and dies in two, so Verrance delivers a backhand blow to the skeleton behind him, killing it. Beauty.
  • Chizu’s landsharking is only moderately effective at first…. Until he literally 1-shots Phantom Blood’s martial arts teacher, Perfectly Shaped Rose
  • “Shoot me!!” Raneth: “Um, okay.” *BLAM*
  • Verrance slays Exquisite Pain and Merchant of Blossoms and Fear, the latter with the perfect dialog to accompany, all while being concealed behind the curtain of fate.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • DM: “Svolfbard is the son of Hägar, the God of Karn. His title is the Awesome in the Karnese dialect of Skytongue, but other dialects interpret that word as Horrible.” Eli: *raised eyebrow* “You just lost some xps there.” Alejo: “What, for Hägar the Horrible?” Taylor: “OH!….Ahhhhh…..”
  • DM: “Carmilla stands and looks carefully at each of you in turn.” Steven: “I scan her back.”
  • DM: “You get much closer but you still can’t see their faces under those hoods.” Eli: “Are there nine of them? Do they ride foul steeds and screech inhumanly?”
  • Merchant of Blossoms and Fear: “You know when we got this call I thought we would be coming to help someone we like, not you, Phantom Blood.
  • Eli: “Okay I’m gonna go stab the nerd.” Steven: “Which nerd?”
  • Chizu double-botched twice. One has yet to have produced results….
  • Chizu: “I’m gonna bloooow!!”
  • Scoody Doo references seemed to creep into the discussion at one point…
  • Steven: “It’s a theme in Prion’s campaigns, the big bad guys always get 1-shotted but the little annoying guys live forever.”

Session #3

The party has set off southwest on the road to Karn.  As night falls the party decides to continue traveling in the dark, with Verrance finally managing to get sleep without nightmares thanks to Chantal’s arctic fox teddy bear form.  Joshua is driving the cart with Chizu walking alongside, and around 11PM Chizu seems to notice something and says he will be right back and runs into the woods.  About a half-hour later, Joshua receives a long-distance whispered message in his ear from Chizu, saying he has to go take care of something with his squad and he will catch up with them later.

The party takes turns driving the cart and by morning has arrived at the border towns.  Petrovsky’s town is a few bare shacks and a minimal guard presence, while across the no-man’s land the fortress of Slovograd is a well-fortified city of Karn.  The Karnese guards are allowing merchants through only after searching and questioning them, and Joshua takes the lead since he is a citizen of Karn, and talks Verrance’s way through (Chantal is still an arctic fox).  One of the guards finds the arctic fox to be the cutest thing EVAR and lets them through.

After a brief stopover to get a fresh horse and ask around for information on the king situation (apparently there are many conspiracy theories abounding and no useful info) the party continues through towards the capital.  A substantial amount of Pattern Spider questioning results in knowing where the various Abyssals are (Seductress: at the Crimson Fortress of Fail; Phantom Blood: 35 miles behind them; Circus Moribund and Melkin Fool in Red: 85 miles behind them).  Chantal also asks for location of her parents (her mother is at Gethamane, but her father is in Iceholme).

After some time Verrance notices that the merchant cart behind them has been evenly on their trail since they both left Slovograd.  Verrance collects from the Pattern Spiders that the cart driver is Lieutenant Kasevich, guard of Slovograd.  They decide to ditch their tail, as Chantal uses her control of the wind to make a huge blast of fresh snow to screen them as they go off-road.  Then after a bit she uses another blast of wind to cover up the cart’s trail and they change course, while Joshua keeps them on track for reaching Karn.  After several hours of dragging the cart through the forest Verrance determines that the guard has not been able to follow them, so they return to the road before nightfall and continue on road.

They reach the gates of Karn at around 4AM, and the gates are closed.  Guards refuse to open the door for them, so Chantal engages her master plan for reaching the palace: she uses her anima power to transform into Nalla Bloodaxe.  This rather quickly generates a lot of immediate responses from the guards.  They let them in and rush them off to the palace, which amuses Joshua (high valor) and more or less terrifies Verrance (not so high valor).  ”Nalla” is demanding to speak with his replacement immediately, so Ivanovich is summoned, and blanches upon seeing Nalla.  He rapidly sends all the guards out of the room, though “Nalla” insists Joshua and Verrance are to be trusted and must remain.

Verrance steals his surface thoughts, finding Ivanovich to be sincere and concerned about Nalla and his mission.  Ivanovich then inadvertently drops a bombshell with his further questioning: the real Nalla had intended to be seduced and had trusted the kingdom to Ivanovich, who is flustered that the plan seems to be disrupted.  ”Nalla” rapidly shifts the story to be that another deathlord, the Monster with No Name, had sent minions that interfered with the seduction and he had escaped with the help of Joshua and Verrance.  Ivanovich is troubled, and asks if the Bull knows yet.  The party responds in the negative, and Ivanovich intends to have a messenger sent.

Verrance meets with all the guards and uses Avoiding the Truth Technique to say that it was definitely the real Nalla Bloodaxe, which naturally makes all the guards suspiciously believe it was an impostor of some kind.  Meanwhile, after Ivanovich goes back to bed, the party hunts around for some of Nalla’s handwriting so as to forge a letter from him to Ivanovich explaining everything is fine and the plan is back in motion.  This leads to a rather awkward confrontation with the guards, and the effects of the Avoiding the Truth Technique are already plainly visible.  Chantal eventually uses False Burrow Pursuit to help Joshua convince the guards they’re no threat.

The party leaves to get rest at an inn.  Verrance, who has finally slept well the previous night, stays up to work on his astrology, attempting to place an ascending destiny on himself, but though he succeeds at the prayer, the effect of his creation is far too weak to be useful.  More discussion of strategy ensues, and Phantom Blood is found to now be at Slovograd, so once everyone is well-rested they decide to set out for the Circus Moribund, this time sans cart.

On their way to the gate of Karn, however, a hooded and cloaked figure sidles up to Verrance (who interposes Joshua between them) and says that “they” are waiting for them at the gate.  The party follows this mysterious stranger, who leads them to a back alley and tries to learn about why they were spotted entering the city with Nalla.  Verrance steals his surface thoughts and discovers (1) he wants to get the opinion of someone named Sigo, and (2) he might be a crazy conspiracy theorist.  The mystery man, named Salsgaard son of Svolfbard, refers to the Proxy Council and the Wind Creature and promises to reveal more if the party can prove their worth by locating Crazy Daniel for him.  He successfully resists Chantal’s Cobra Hypnosis Method and leaves via ladder and jumping, leaving the party somewhat bemused.

Verrance rapidly locates Daniel (600 miles north), and dismisses this guy as not useful.  He does go to monitor the gate and finds the Lieutenant monitoring traffic, presumably watching for them, but there seems little serious threat.  Once Kasevich gives up and goes to the barracks, Verrance follows and pretends to be a chaplain, giving a rousing sermon about duty, and talks personally with Kasevich for a while, finding him a stand-up man who had followed the party because Verrance seemed suspicious.  Kasevich also relates what he knows about the Spirit War between Karn and Petrovsky.  Meanwhile Joshua asks around about Kasevich and finds a different Kasevich on patrol by the docks, and learns this appears to be the second cousin of the Lieutenant, who is apparently in the intelligence service.  Meanwhile Chantal performs a sacred hunt of a rabbit.

When Verrance and Joshua compare notes later, Joshua wants to clear his name with the Karn military, so he goes to personally speak with Lieutenant Kasevich (not too hard since he is also a member of the Karn military).  The Lieutenant has a discussion with Joshua as well, including discussion of Salsgaard and of the Spirit War between the Proxy Council of Karn and the Wind Creature of Petrovsky.

The party meets up that evening at the inn, discussing what to do and finding little impetus for following up with Salsgaard, when Joshua’s eye is caught by something at the window. Chantal turns into a Snowy Owl and follows whatever it was, which is a strange small bluish six-legged, winged, long-necked creature that scurries along rooftops away.  Verrance asks the Pattern Spiders who was at the window and they identify a spirit named Sigo.  He then asks them where Salsgaard lives, and gets a location, so he and Joshua meet Chantal there.  They decide to have a chat with Salsgaard.

Salsgaard is very reluctant to have a talk with anyone but relents, and also brings out from his room a stuffed animal that turns itself into the same spirit Chantal saw earlier.  Sigo and Salsgaard chat with the party, not in a terribly productive way, as Salsgaard insists that Sigo is a demon he summoned and therefore a neutral party in the spirit war.  Verrance and Joshua aren’t so sure, and eventually they both leave, Joshua to inform the Lieutenant and Verrance to get some sleep (unfortunately, the nightmares return).

Joshua informs Lieutenant Kasevich, who then collects his special squad and tells Joshua he will take it from here.  Joshua, however, goes back to Salsgaard’s place and finds Chantal still there.  Salsgaard and Sigo get suspicious, so they go lock themselves in a very particularly strange room made of iron.  Joshua fails to break in until he finally smashes the hinges off, and inside he sees Salsgaard in the center of a strange demonic ritual with Sigo creating powerful runes and sigils.  Joshua attacks Sigo, who tries to retaliate by swallowing Joshua whole, but fails.  When Joshua enters his martial arts form and Chantal turns to war form, Sigo, seeing he is clearly outmatched, turns and rips Salsgaard’s throat out, devouring his blood.  Joshua attempts to hit Sigo away from Salsgaard but misses, killing Salsgaard instead, then on a backhand swipe hits Sigo for serious damage (but not creature of darkness damage….).  Sigo then dematerializes and is gone.

Lieutenant Kasevich arrives moments later, and his squad sweeps the area.  His occult specialist determines that this was no occult ritual of any kind, as the Old Realm runes read “I see London I see France I see someone’s underpants” and the geomancy is all wrong.  It seems Sigo was deceiving and using Salsgaard.  Eventually everyone gives up and goes back to the inn to sleep.

The next day the strategizing continues, as Phantom Blood is still in Slovograd and the Circus Moribund is moving farther away.  Right before they set out, Chantal asks Verrance to locate Edison again, and this time, to everyone’s surprise, he is only four miles away, near Malice Bay.  The party tracks him to a strange warehouse with locked doors and no other entrance of any kind.  Eventually it’s determined to be a spirit sanctum.  No means of forced entry is available, so eventually Chantal’s yelling at Edison through the door works, and he eventually lets them in.

This is a meeting site of the Proxy council, as several other god-blooded are there as well, including Timmer, second in command (behind someone not present) and an old friend of Baron Angelo’s.  Both had been trained by Arilak, which explains where Joshua’s martial art style came from.  Edison is working with the Proxy Council to keep Chantal’s father safe (he is currently being held by the Triad of Ice in Iceholme).  Chantal insists on staying with Edison, so he asks for their help in dealing with two Abyssals located in Slovograd.  The party is ready for this.

Most Badass Moment:

  • Chantal uses her anima power to transform into Nalla Bloodaxe.  This is not a candidate.  It is the winner.

Funniest Moment:

  • Chantal uses her anima power to transform into Nalla Bloodaxe.  This is not a candidate.  It is the winner.


Session #2

Chizu Yakiin’s grand entrance has been made as he smashes the unwary Barghest to death before it reaches Joshua and Chantal. Chizu is a bit of a pacifist and his initial request is they stop killing the Abyssal, but after they explain in a bit more detail what she is, Chizu recalls his orders for Abyssals, and joins Joshua in killing her.

Verrance soon shows up, and the four of them debate their escape and next step. Chizu had passed a number of Tear Eater Barbarians on his way in so he suggests they make their escape southward, and the suggestion is to head to Karn. As they are leaving the south end of the town, Joshua notices they are heading into an ambush and puts on his smashfists and activates his form charm. The rest of the party has noticed this, and Chantal responds by shifting into her war form. Verrance takes advantage of the distraction to dart into the supplies in the cart. Chizu drops six feet into the earth, effectively disappearing in the same instant.

That’s when four barbarians charge them from the front, and two more from behind. Chantal is stabbed by all three and drops, incapacitated, while Joshua parries the two attacking from the front but had botched his roll to notice the attacker from behind and so is stabbed in the back. Chizu, noting that his allies are being injured, uses his Terrain Transformation to raise Joshua and Chantal, while dropping the barbarians into a trench. Only their leader escapes, the others take falling damage, one is knocked out. Verrance seizes the moment to ninja roll out and stab one in the chest, then uses Flight of Mercury to rapidly move on and stab two more before they can react. Joshua makes a leap attack at the leader, killing him, and the last barbarian then flees. Joshua runs him down and subdues him, and Chizu returns to the surface to knock him out.

The cart has been knocked over by Chizu’s earthquakes and the horse has fled, so Joshua runs it down while Verrance tends to Chantal’s wounds and Chizu collects the cart. He scans it for structural issues and finds the axel is near cracking, so he reinforces it with a stone brace. They load Chantal and Verrance onto the cart and off they go, as it sounds like the barbarians are surrounding the city and battle is ensuing. Joshua is unhappy about leaving them but they really have no choice.

Verrance manages to heal Chantal and Joshua using Joshua’s Wound-Mending Needles and some newfound medical skill while Chizu walks the cart along with the barbarian trussed up. Verrance also uses Efficient Secretary Technique to try and track Nalla but apparently he is now in the Labyrinth. After a couple hours they reach a crossroads trading town, so they take a break. Chizu and Chantal chat for a bit, and Verrance and Joshua do the same. Chantal asks around for where authorities may be found to drop off their prisoner. The crosswise road to the one they have been taking leads north to the major city of Petrovsky, so they take the road north. As the afternoon wanes the weather gets nastier and there is a real risk of being snowed under but they make it to the city in time.

Chizu chats with the rest of the party some more, then goes to scout while Joshua and Chantal get some sleep, and Verrance tries and fails to do the same (more nightmares). Chizu maps the city fairly quickly, but when he goes outside the city to map the surroundings he finds the Circus Moribund has set up shop directly outside Petrovsky. He carefully sneaks around underground, finding the empty cage where Chantal was being kept, and takes and leaves samples since he is not sure how it moves so fast. He reports back to Verrance, and then goes back for more data (Verrance goes as well but rapidly turns back when the “Bad Winds” pick up).

As midnight arrives the “bad winds” the locals were speaking of pick up and become even more strange-sounding. When he gets back outside the Circus he realizes there is now only one of the three spires active. He goes underground again and tracks three light sets of footprints running away into the wilderness, so he pursues them when he realizes they’re children. However, these are obviously no ordinary children since they are fleeing him despite the snow, and when he catches up to them, the two little boys levitate him with telekinetic willpower (their eyes also glow blue) and try to drop him (he takes no damage since he can meld into the earth). He catches up to them again and one starts to force-choke him, and as he squeezes out words that he just wants to help, they say they do not need human things and flee into the darkness.

Chizu gets back and everyone is asleep except Verrance, who has been kept up by nightmares. They discuss the circus for a while and plan to investigate more. Chizu then goes downstairs but no one is present, not even the innkeeper. He attempts a cooking project and drinks some vodka, and eventually the innkeeper shows up while he’s having a dance party with himself. The innkeeper informs Chizu about the local superstition, namely, that when the “Bad Winds” come it is important that all children be asleep by midnight or else the “Wind Monster” can steal them away so they can become conduits for her power. Their “Mother”, the Wind Monster can also plant thoughts into the heads of anyone who is awake. All this seems to horrify Chizu (and all the players).

The next morning, at the behest of oths, Verrance uses Efficient Secretary Technique to locate Nalla (at the Fortress of Crimson Ice), Phantom Blood (in the Circus Moribund) and Edison (flying over the White Sea). After some further discussion, Verrance decides to scout the Circus Moribund. Adopting a Resplendent Destiny of the Crow, he becomes Calvin the Oracle, a raving yet harmless zealot, and wanders into the Circus. Scouting around, he finds the circus having a slow day and the Snow Leopard cage empty, but by chance he spots Phantom Blood entering the other now-empty tent. Inside, The Melkin Fool in Red and Phantom Blood are listening to another person, a thin black-cloaked man, examine the empty cage and remarking that the creature was reclaimed by its kin. The Fool excoriates Phantom Blood for bringing them here where the creature could be reclaimed, but he insists it’s required for his next mission, which means he needs to obtain the Inventor in order to catch the little flying boy. Verrance hears all and escapes unnoticed.

Reporting back, the party now searches for the Inventor, with Chantal having the most luck, finding out from a local that someone named Crazy Daniel lives in a big building at the south edge of town. The party rushes there and finds the building, only one door into this tall three-story building. Joshua and Chizu knock repeatedly with no reply, so Chantal flies in the window, where a white-haired old man is working away at a drafting table. As Chantal reforms into a person she tries to get the man’s attention but he is incredibly nonchalant and apathetic about her motives and anyone trying to capture him. He reveals he is a god-blooded son of Vanileth and he waas a disappointment to that god, never able nor willing to figure out the tensile strength solution that would let him fly through strong winds. He also reveals he doesn’t answer door knocks, so Chantal yells down to use the doorbell.

When the doorbell rings, Daniel says, “Excuse me a moment, I have guests.”. He fetches Chizu, Joshua and Verrance. Chizu is in awe of his technical prowess and admires his designs, and a discussion about how to incorporate flight into his suit also piques his interest. The others are more concerned with convincing him that his life is in danger, so when a banging on the door appears, Daniel casually rolls out his own personal flying device and opens the walls of the third floor, then catapults himself out into the sky and flies away.

Everyone gets ready for a fight. When the door opens a giant dog made of blood and fire sniffs its way up to the open wall, followed by Phantom Blood with a dozen skeletons in tow. Chantal and Chizu deal with the bloodhound while Joshua yells at Phantom Blood “Dio, it’s time to finish this!” and promptly punches the wall behind him, thanks to the Abyssal perfect dodge. However, Phantom Blood has not yet acquired the dodge charm for avoiding unexpected attacks, so Verrance’s knife to the kidney hits him for eight lethal damage. Now aware of the invisible murderer, the next attack misses as Phantom Blood dodges and materializes on the stairs, sending the skeletons up while he runs away. Joshua activates his new combo and punches a lot of skeletons, while Verrance, still effectively invisible, helps him out. Chizu is standing in wait to leap attack Phantom Blood when he comes out the door, and Chantal shifts to snowy owl form to scout the building.

Joshua and Verrance deal with the skeletons, but then as they head downstairs, night suddenly descends on the city. Literal night, even though it’s 2 in the afternoon. Chizu and Chantal can, however, see in the dark, so when Phantom Blood bursts out a moment later Chizu makes the attack leap, but Phantom Blood’s Laughing Wounds style gives him a bonus to everything for his wound penalty, and detects the incoming attack, and dodges it as well. Chizu makes a crater in the ground, which Phantom Blood also evades the earthquakes from, and escapes into the crowd. Chantal follows him for a bit but then lets him go to keep watch over the area.

A deep and thoughtful conversation ensues about what to do next. Verrance suggests that the whole Phantom Blood Edison Inventor scheme seems thin and distracting while the Nalla plot seems deeper and probably more crucial. Chizu is loathe to leave this workshop behind, but eventually seals it with rock and hides all the notes, so he is willing to leave it for later. The party is now ready to head to Karn to follow the next step of this mystery.

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Verrance’s ninja rolling and multi stabbing is pretty badass, as is Chizu’s earth manipulation whilst fighting extras (that pack quite a wallop!)
  • Chizu repairs the damaged cart (with an unseen flaw) using stone. Yes that’s right.
  • Chantal demonstrates several times her unique ability to actually get answers when talking to people
  • Verrance’s initial attack against Phantom Blood nearly KOs him despite wearing armor, since he can’t anticipate the attack. Unfortunately this also kicks in the Laughing Wounds bonuses.
  • Chizu’s leap attack is something impressive to behold

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • Taylor: “I put on my gauntlets.” Steve: “Wait, you don’t wear them all the time? You mean you don’t live in your magic suit of doom?”
  • Steve: “Oh I have an explanation for why I have such a huge tetsubo: It’s a construction tool! … And a destruction tool, of course.”
  • Verrance, to Joshua: “So, these Dragon-blooded certainly are useful servants, aren’t they…”
  • Alejo: “Sorry I’m running around like this a lot.” Steve: “Don’t worry, if you weren’t we’d be getting suspicious.”
  • DM: “So what’s happened to the barbarian all this time?” Everyone: “…..”
  • Steve, to Eli: “Your harshing my vibe, man!”
  • Taylor: “So…. That happened.” Steve: “That never happened.
  • Steve: “I’m going to go get something to eat.” Natalie: “Oh there’s a storage room with nails and saws!” Steve: “No I’m going to go to the kitchen.” Alejo: “Wait you’re going to eat actual human food?”
  • Steve: “Hm, what do teenagers do…. I’m going to have a dance party by myself here at the inn.” *squeaking of dancing in armor* DM: “At about 4AM the innkeeper arrives and sees you, uh, dancing.” Chizu stops, slowly still takes a bite of lamb and a swig of vodka*
  • Innkeeper: “Yes, that is why we must sleep when the Bad Winds come. Did no one tell you?” Chizu: “No, people said something about the winds but no one said anything about this! Do I sound like I’m from around here?” Innkeeper: “Well you are obviously a Prince of the Earth, a Terrestrial, surely you can resist them anyway.”
  • Verrance: “Could there be any truth to these stories?” Chizu: “Nahhh, just some old wives tales…”
  • Chantal: “So Verrance, you were saying something earlier about the Dragon-blooded being useful servants?” *Chizu looks up sharply*
  • Taylor: “I’m going to go get breakfast.” Steve: *Offers what’s in his right hand* Taylor: “Uh, it’s a bit early in the morning for vodka for me.” Steve: *Retracts hand, offers other hand*
  • Alejo: “Three successes on cooking is probably enough for me to not make you all roll resistance for eating that food…”
  • DM: “You see small child bare footprints in the snow. Wouldn’t be super weird except the kids around here have boots on.” Eli: “Well that’s unusual, who would go around barefoot in the snow? Well I am but I’m craaazy!”
  • Natalie: “I’m going to run and find the guys.” Steve: “Well I’m right behind you….” DM: “Chantal, you turn and bump into Chizu, still cloaked, right behind you.”
  • Eli: “Hey, I’ve got a sharp knife and a dark corner, I’m happy!”
  • Steve: “Oh give Phantom Blood a matching kidney scar like Joshua’s!”
  • Eli: “Yeah I need to read the astrology chapter again, there are entire role playing games that aren’t as complicated…”
  • Alejo: “Oh yeah those things, you can set a condition for someone to gain a willpower when something happens.” Eli: “Oh willpower, that sounds useful!” Steve: “Every time someone loses a kidney, you gain willpower!”

Session #1

Verrance is a young Sidereal, Chosen of Endings, assigned primarily to the Convention of Air. One day, coming in from Yu-Shan to the headquarters of the Convention of Air, he finds himself face to face with two older Sidereals, both Chosen of Secrets: Castiel, a member of the People of the Air and a Gold Faction member, and TJ, a ranking member of the Convention of Deathlords. TJ has assigned Verrance to follow the Circus Moribund, since he has encountered it before, and follow its path, since Castiel has projected that the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears is about to come into serious conflict with the Bull of the North, and the Circus is a focal point of this conflict. TJ warns Verrance that the Lover is exceptionally subtle and any obvious moves he could make may be diversions to draw him off.

Some weeks later, Joshua arrives at a town that seems drained of life and energy. When inquiring about, he learns a strange, fantastical circus came through, and several people died. He follows the path of the circus and within the next day finds it. He strides in confidently (attracting Verrance’s attention) and wanders about. After a bit, he believes he’s caught a glimpse of his brother entering the back entrance of one of the three huge tents. He follows him in, but doesn’t see which way he went and soon ends up in the main tent area, where a beautiful Snow Leopard sits in a soulsteel cage, admired by a small crowd. Joshua investigates this Snow Leopard and finds she has a silver necklace around her neck, with thin soulsteel strips wound around the hearthstone and a soulsteel collar around her neck. Joshua interacts with her a bit, even showing her his caste mark. He then decides to slip back around and look for his brother.

Verrance, in the guise of Emerius the Bard, has wandered in after Joshua, and sees him interacting with the Snow Leopard. Joshua evades all detection when he leaves but Verrance trails him with his Resplendent Destiny still active. Joshua attempts (and fails) to hide from “Emerius” while they both eavesdrop on a conversation between the Melkin Fool in Red (the ringleader of the Circus Moribund) and Joshua’s brother, Phantom Blood. The Fool is relaying orders that demand that Phantom Blood ignore his brother’s presence and carry out his assignment, which is first to ensure the success of the “Seductress’s” mission, and then to track down the “Little Flying Boy”. “Emerius” and Joshua start cooperating fairly quickly after having a measured conversation about not interfering. They split up and meet again in front of the Snow Leopard, but Verrance has dropped the destiny and it takes Joshua a bit to get used to it.

Verrance carefully analyzes the technology and identifies it as essence-draining equipment that is releasing the negative essence down around the entire area. While he’s examining it, the Snow Leopard notices The Fool, Phantom Blood and a third person who is a quote “extravagantly attractive woman” coming out the same way they came out from the back area of the tent. She gestures purposefully and Verrance rapidly conceals Joshua behind her cage. The Fool then announces that everyone must leave for a bit and the exhibit is closed, but that they will soon open it again and they will be able to feed the leopard. Verrance steals her surface thoughts while she’s talking, and finds she’s clearing the area out so they can get information from the Snow Leopard. He deems this exceptionally bad.

Verrance then stages a distraction while Joshua slips out without being noticed by Phantom Blood, and the two then fret for a bit before Verrance has the idea to check the other cages at the other two tents. One has a strange malevolent-looking child with another soulsteel collar, and the other cage has a “Fire-burper”. Joshua lies in wait near the Snow Leopard tent (but outside its line of sight) while Verrance uses his fate-stealth charm to open the cage and detach the collar from the Fire-burper, then tosses it out of the cage. It immediately begins wreaking havoc, and once Joshua sees the fire he shouts “Fire!!” with his second Presence excellency. After a moment the Seductress pokes her head out, confirms the fire, and then the Fool, Phantom and Seductress all run out towards it. Joshua slips inside, and Verrance arrives soon after. They manage to get the chains off the Snow Leopard, at which point she turns back into her human form.

The three of them sprint out the back and hide away in the nearby woods. Introductions are made, and the question of what to do next and where to go comes up. Joshua suggests he has a house back in Karn, if they need to lie low. While this is debated, they see a figure walking along the road towards the Circus Moribund. Verrance and Chantal lie in wait while Joshua comes out ahead of the road to warn the traveler to not go any further. Much to his shock the traveler is Nalla Bloodaxe, the King of Karn.

Joshua reacts with shock and demands to know why Nalla has abandoned Karn. Nalla tells him that he is in love and his love has promised to meet him at the Circus Moribund. Joshua is agitated by this and no amount of reasoning with Nalla can persuade him. Chantal then attempts to use Mirror Sight Dismay to Jedi-Mind-Trick Nalla, but her “your people need you” attempt is fairly feeble. She then tries again and bursts out with “She’s not there anymore!” which connects and Nalla is briefly confused and horrified, before the lovesick lethargy sweeps over him again and he returns to insisting that his love will wait for him at the Circus. Chantal then uses her Cobra Hypnosis technique to transfix him while the party briefly debates what to do next. The consensus seems to be to prevent him from being taken at all costs.

As he begins to snap out of it, Joshua punches Nalla in the face, trying to knock him out. Nalla hits the ground, dazed, and as Joshua strides up for a followup, Nalla says he doesn’t want to hurt him. Joshua attacks again, and Nalla activates a combo that perfectly blocks his punch, lashes out with a counterattack (which Joshua narrowly deflects himself), and spins out of the way. While he stands, still dazed and weaving drunkenly, Chantal causes a gust of wind to push his cape over his head, and while he fumbles a bit, Verrance judo-chops him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

Chantal now turns herself into a reindeer and they load Nalla on her back, trussed up with his own cape, and Joshua reckons they are a several hour walk to the next town. However, not ten minutes away, a little girl is standing in their way in the road. She is wearing black, with a blood-smeared apron and carrying very sharp knives, and asks that they give Nalla back, because her mother sent her to help Auntie Lover and the Lover needs him. Verrance uses Avoiding the Truth technique and tells the girl, “Yes this is the guy you’re looking for and we’re stealing him”, successfully tricking her into thinking he’s lying. Unfortunately her response is “What did you do with the real one??”" and brandished her knives. Verrance responds by leaping to the attack with an Auspicious Martial Arts attack with 16 successes, but the little girl is an Abyssal and perfectly dodges his attack and ends up behind him. Then with one action she shivs Verrance in the kidney, as he can’t defend the attack from behind, and throws her other knife at Joshua with a Thrown combo that produces fifty more blades. Joshua tries blocking them and also uses his Iron Skin Concentration, but they still slice his flesh.

Obviously, however, the girl was expecting them to both die, because when Joshua leaps to his next attack she does not have a perfect dodge prepared, and his attack completely slays her in one blow (his bracers cause his attacks to do aggravated damage to creatures of darkness). They dump her body in a ditch and continue on towards town, though they don’t make it until nightfall. They get a room in the inn (including dragging Nalla up with the excuse “it’s been a rough time”) while Chantal goes to buy rope and towels for restraining Nalla.

Once Chantal gets back she finds Verrance and Joshua still debating whether and how to use the Wound-Mending Needles that Joshua’s mentor had left him. They eventually ask Chantal to do it, and while she demurs at first they eventually talk her into it. She uses them on Verrance first, and successfully activates them for 18 motes of essence. Verrance then has to lie still for an hour and a half. While that happens, Nalla comes to, and Joshua ungags him so they can talk. Nalla continues to plead with them that he must go see his love, and eventually Joshua knocks him out again.

Everyone sleeps in shifts, but Verrance’s nightmares keep him up so he takes most of the watches. At around 4am he vaguely hears someone walking outside, mumbling about ‘Annabelle’ quietly. Verrance chalks it up to sleep madness.

In the morning, Chantal goes downstairs to pick up food, and while she’s there she’s accosted by a white-haired, black-clothed teenage girl who asks if she’s seen her sister. Chantal replies in the negative and leaves with her food. After breakfast the topic comes up of how to move Nalla without suspicion, and ultimately Verrance heads out to buy a horse and wagon. He successfully makes the purchase while Joshua guards Nalla and Chantal practices blowing things with her wind powers. While she’s doing this, however, she notices a guy on the roof of the building across the street attempting to drag something up. She alerts Joshua, and as they look again he is casting some kind of sorcery. Joshua quickly drags Nalla out the door while Chantal jumps out the window in Snowy Owl form, both narrowly evading the Flight of the Brilliant Raptor which explodes the room and sets the building on fire.

Verrance had been heading back when he saw the firebird light up the room, so he sneaks around the side of the building and finds a ladder. Chantal sees him sneaking up on the arsonist so she flies off to find Joshua. Joshua has been carrying Nalla on his back and as he enters a crowd of people fleeing the fire, a white-haired teenage girl attempts to stab him in the side. He manages to activate Iron Skin Concentration and prevent taking damage, but the girl is gone into the crowd before he even gets a look at her.

Joshua does not go out the main exit, but instead goes out to a back alley, where his path is blocked by the same extravagantly attractive lady from before. She blows him a kiss and he narrowly avoids standing and doing nothing, but she is still so distracting he can’t really prevent the knife in the kidney from the assassin girl. She also kicks him in the back of the knee and he falls over so when he looks up, Nalla is gone, as is the Seductress.

Verrance has made it to the roof and activates his fate-manipulation stealth charm to ease up very close to the man on the roof, who has a very large and heavy essence cannon and is muttering about who to kill and how awesome the fire is. Verrance finally reaches him and activates his Fateful Martial Arts Excellency as he puts his hand over the pyromaniac’s mouth, whispers “Your time has come”, and slits his throat and dumps him over the roof. The fuel bolt launcher also falls off the roof, and as it hits the ground it discharges, sending a blast of piercing fire clean through another building. The pyro is now lying broken on the ground in a huge pool of his own blood.

The assassin girl is now standing over Joshua, bleeding and wounded, preparing to kill him as she asserts that he killed her sister. Joshua can see Chantal dive-bombing her and wise-cracks “Would you like to join her?” Chantal then rakes the assassin’s eyes and Joshua takes the opportunity to punch her in the arm, though he fails to cripple said arm. Chantal transforms into her human form asking Joshua where Nalla went, but he berates her for her priorities, so she transforms to her war form and slashes the assassin across the chest. Joshua activates his martial arts form, and then the assassin begins a rapid flurry attack that slashes both Chantal and Joshua repeatedly, but now she’s wounded as well, so she fails to dodge Chantal’s coiling tattoo-artifact prehensile tail as it wraps around her neck, hoists her off the ground and strangles her. The assassin’s last thrashing includes to put a whistle in her mouth, and though no sound comes out, soon deep and scary barking echoes through the alley. A massive undead demon dog, a Barghest, comes charging at them, with glowing eyes and slavering jaws, but right before it reaches them it is hammered into unconsciousness by a huge shimmering figure. The cloaking screen falls away and a huge figure in white jade and steel power armor with a massive jade tetsubo stands before them dramatically.

Most Badass Moment candidates:

  • Joshua’s first and only attack against Shoat of the Mire completely slaughters her, from full health to very dead in one blast of Orichalcum-fueled power.
  • Verrance’s Avoiding the Truth Technique scores 8 successes and tricks Shoat of the Mire into thinking the real Nalla Bloodaxe is elsewhere. Unfortunately, her response is then to try and beat the truth out of the party.
  • Verrance’s initial attack against the Shoat of the Mire is an Auspicious Martial Arts attack which means it scores 16 automatic successes…
  • Chantal’s dive bomb attack saves Joshua and evens out the fight with the Crying Lonely Heart. Didn’t quite pull her eye out though…
  • Verrance uses Fateful Martial Arts Excellency to score 17 successes for only 3 motes of essence spent. His one-liner is perfectly delivered as well.

Funniest Moment candidates:

  • “What no foreplay?”
  • Verrance: “Yes this is the guy you’re looking for and we’re taking him away from you.”
  • Alejo: “Okay she’s going to split her action because I don’t feel like making Eli roll a new character already”
  • Alejo: “Oh, Eli, this is going to be bad for you…” *picks up many dice* Eli: “Yes I know…”
  • *Verrance and Joshua are debating something, Chantal is piping up.* Chantal: “Guys? Hey why don’t we, guys? HEY! The girl is trying to talk!” *The guys fall silent*
  • Fun with Avoiding the Truth Technique: “I’m going to kill you as soon as you let your guard down” “Oh psh well he’s no threat gyah!”
  • Natalie: “Okay okay I’ll try it. *picks up 3 dice* DM: “Which of them are you going to try first?” *Joshua and Verrance point at each other*
  • Verrance, to Chantal: “You’re actually disappointed we don’t want you to pull the wagon??” Chantal: “I’m just trying to be helpful!” Verrance: “It just doesn’t seem very gentlemanly to ask you to do that!”
  • Eli: “The NFL is going to want this data. ‘Oh he’s had 17 concussions in the last 24 hours?’ ‘Yeah give or take, not really sure about some in the middle there…’”
  • Chantal: “Uh Joshua, there’s a man climbing onto the roof.” Joshua: “What’s he doing?” Chantal: “Apparently, throwing out his back.”

Tentative Start Date

Schedule of Sundays:

  • Jan 27: I’m still sick
  • Feb 3: Super Bowl Sunday
  • Feb 10: Eli’s wedding was cancelled but turns out that’s Natalie’s birthday party
  • Feb 17: Official start! Steven will be at some Con
  • Feb 24: Chizu Yakiin joins party

What do you all think?!

Also, what is a good start time for people? Is noon good?


Welcome to the 2013 Exalted campaign, In the Shadow of the Bull.  It is set in the Northeast and is open to all players and character types.

Start time will most likely be in February and depends on the schedule of both the players and the Baltimore Ravens. Play time will be Sunday afternoons. These are both somewhat but not very flexible.

Four fixed seats are set with a “stretch” fifth seat.  Current status of the party makeup will be made public here:

  • Natalie: 1st seat claimed
  • Taylor: 2nd seat claimed
  • Eli: Strongly interested, 3rd seat reserved
  • Steven: 4th seat claimed.
  • There is a stretch 5th seat so don’t be shy to invite someone if you think they would be a good addition to the game (all 4 players are highly experienced so there’s still space for a noob in theory!)
  • Brianna: offered a seat but may hold off until summer, Bridget has declined, An said and I quote, “We’ll see”, and no response from Tim.
  • Also feel free to invite someone if you feel they would make a good addition to the party!
  • Leslie and Debbie are sitting out until Tides of Fortune Season 2
  • Debbie may be assistant-DMing!