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Jason’s thoughts so far: The social conflict mechanics are definitely something foreign to me. I’m used to having the autonomy of deciding what my character thinks and feels. I understand why the mechanic exists and it’s usefulness. As people our feeling about each other and our world view is something that can be manipulated, not always in a bade way though.

Adapting to this shouldn’t be an issue, I’m just concerned that my character would be manipulated to the point that effectively I am no longer playing my character. I’m sure their are rules to account for that, I just need to read up on this topic. Louis (hope I spelled that right) great job on making your character.

Dutifully Striking Blades(DSB) thoughts so far:  She is trying to assess who she can trust so far. Olivia’s story doesn’t match up. To DSB this is the biggest thing to happen since Autochthon left creation. Yet Olivia is sent here on what she describes as a fools errand? If her boss really wanted her dead why would he send her somewhere where she is on guard? Given her disposition she wouldn’t be wearing armor without a reason. It would be much easier to poison her or just shoot her in the back.  One thing DSB treats as a fact is that the gremlins had help from someone on Creation to facilitate this crossing, or Autochthon has a traitor.  Olivia knew about this crossing yet they didn’t stop to greet her and she and her companion fought against the gremlins.  Could she and her companion want to intercept the artifacts? Yet she does seem friendly so far.

As for Mika, he follows DSB commands and fought bravely against the gremlins, however without the ability to talk to Mika directly assessing his worthiness is in doubt.

As for DSB’s feelings towards Mithril, he could be a traitor that led the gremlins here. It’s entirely possible that the gremlins disposed of him once his usefulness has expired. Yet he activated his
chemical fog generator to get away from Olivia. His name and description match the warrant out for his questioning. [ Just remembered, I don’t know about that ] However if Mithril really was a traitor helping the gremlins enter creation why attack an expo and risk bringing attention to such an amazing event. Mithril also mentioned meeting a gemless person before. How can that be?

And what is this mysterious female voice that keeps mentioning that we shouldn’t forget to add in our “wound penalties”? Creation is a strange land.



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  1. prions

    Thanks for posting this Jason!

    I want to address the social combat, permit me to wax paragraphic. First, right there in the core book there is a sidebox on Social Combat titled “Stop Playing My Character!”, which indicates the writers were aware this could be a concern. I’m sure everyone at that table had the same apprehension that Jason has so accurately pointed out, in that no one likes having choices taken away from them. My thoughts on this that I hope everyone will keep in mind are that when we build a character, we are already taking some choices away from ourselves by declaring this character has certain traits and those don’t change just because we don’t like the ramifications of those traits.

    So while it may be uncomfortable to watch Louis play the rest of the party like a fiddle, at the same time remember he’s just exploiting how YOU built YOUR character, just as much so as if he had built a winged Lunar with archery combos or a Sidereal assassin who could manipulate fate. If your defenses against those attacks are inadequate, that’s just the game! Nothing wrong with that, you can’t be good at everything. Also remember Olivia has no charms and therefore can’t exert unnatural mental influence, which means even if her social attacks succeed, you have the option to expend willpower to ignore them (and I checked, sorry Louis, once they refuse using two WP you cannot drain willpower any further without unnatural mental influence). I feel that as long as Louis clearly states the goal of his social attack, we should all be comfortable with monitoring his success or failure.

    The other thing that may make people uncomfortable is that the aforementioned Lunar or Sidereal exploiting your weaknesses would constitute intraparty violence and by analogy Louis is attacking the party. I offer the suggestion that with such a disparate party some force of personality is absolutely mandatory, and also hilarious. I’m sure Olivia will never betray anyone at all…

    This will definitely not be boring!

    I also join Jason in commending Louis for character building, and also commend Jason for excellent characterization insight and RPing. Also LOL at Debbie’s wound penalty reminders.

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