House Rules

House rules for Alejo’s Exalted campaigns

All Celestial Exalted (Solars, Lunars, Sidereals, and Alchemicals) start with 7 virtue points instead of 5.  The Exalted are supposed to be virtuous, stand-out people.  Still may not exceed 4 without bonus points.  Abyssals, Infernals, Dragon-blooded, Deathblooded, God-blooded/Half-caste/etc, do not benefit from this as they receive Exaltation through other means.

Caste and/or favored specialties are only 2 XP each.

Dots of Craft may be taken as any other ability.  The original multiple Craft skills are now specialties (such as Craft (air), Craft (magitech), etc), purchasable as any other specialty.  Prerequisites for specific types of craft specialties remain in effect.  A craft roll may NOT be made without the appropriate specialty.  The Craft ability essentially represents the character’s general engineering skill (think STEMS), but cannot be applied without some minimal familiarity with the necessary materials and skills.

Death-blooded Exalted are a type of Dragon-blooded Exalted that have had their essence attuned to death.  Their favored magical material is Souljade, an alloy of souls and Underworld jade.  Their charms closely resemble Dragon-blooded charms and they are considered Terrestrial Exalted for the purposes of Necromancy (not Sorcery), martial arts, and reflexive charms.  They are considered Abyssal for the purpose of essence respiration, feeding (they possess the appropriate Abyssal excellencies), and being creatures of darkness.  They are a result of genetic experiments by several Deathlords for the last few hundred years, and this has not gone unnoticed by the Sidereals (refer to Starlight at the Well of Souls).

Sidereal Mask of Fate has been simplified: Exalted and other essence 2+ entities remember Sidereals (though perhaps vaguely), while essence 1 mortals forget them over time.

Necromancy, Sorcery, and Alchemical weaving counterspells work on each other at the same level (e.g. Iron countermagic can disrupt Terrestrial level spells and vice versa) instead of requiring an additional level above to work.

Dots of Craft, Lore, and Occult cannot be learned instantly even if favored or caste abilities.  However, they can be earned quickly through the diligent study of the rare textbooks Kami was given.  Study causes -1 to all rolls due to sleep deprivation and can grant up to (Int) points of Craft, Lore, and Occult, with each dot requiring that number of days of study (the first dot requires 1 day of study, the second dot requires 2 additional days, and so on). Specialties are not compatible.  Experience points must be spent as normal; these books only grant reduced training time.

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