Previous Life

Cole was born as a member of the populate of Kamak. As a child Cole looked up to the Alchemicals as protectors of the people, but he knew that he could never achieve what they can. Instead he decided that he would do what he could to help his fellow man, even if he was only a small gear in the grand scheme. Like many others in his position, he completed his education and sought work in one of Kamak’s many factories, so he began to work in one of Kamak’s power plants. Because of the incredibly cold climate there, Cole considered work that kept people warm to be the most noble pursuit he was capable of.

After working for a few years, Cole was promoted to a shift manager at the power plant. Despite not being required to, he still worked directly with his subordinates at the plant and was admired by his peers. When it looked like he would be promoted further, he would always decline saying that he wasn’t suited for that kind of work. His co-workers believed that he could do more for himself and frequently asked why he would always decline the chance for advancement. Cole would always tell them that he didn’t seek a better position because that wasn’t what would be best for the factory as a whole and would tell a story from his childhood of when he was saved by an Alchemical.

One day while off on his own, the child Cole found an old factory and began to explore it. It was quite the broken down place so citizens were told to stay away Iin case of a sudden collapse. Cole was spotted by an Alchemical on patrol who tried to warn him about the danger. Cole being a cheeky brat at that age decided to run away, and the Alchemical gave chase. However, in the course of the pursuit, Cole reached the more unstable areas of the factory and the a large portion of the roof gave way. The Alchemical rushed in to protect Cole, but became injured in the process and the two of them were trapped under rubble. Cole began to panic and the Alchemical knew that it would be to risky to break out of there with Cole panicking and his injuries reducing performance. To calm him down the Alchemical told Cole that he was made up of gears and all of them were important no matter how big or small. When he rescued Cole some of the gears in his leg were damaged and that he needed Cole to become those gears so they could escape. Cole was young and didn’t understand the full meaning of the story, but did know that he was being asked to help by an Alchemical. Cole helped to brace the Alchemical’s right leg while he was using an Essence Shield Projector to push the rubble off of him so they could escape. When Cole looked back on that story he realized that no matter whether you were from the Populate or an Alchemical, you had an important role to play in Kamak.

One year, Kamak had drifted dangerously close to the Elemental Pole of Lightning and it was causing electrical anomalies everywhere. Many power plants had to restructure their production to prevent an accidental overload from the Pole. Cole’s factory was no different, but a mistake was made during set up and the factory began to overload. Cole located where the gap in power flow was occurring and could create a bypass to another circuit, but it was completely uninsulated. It would only take him seconds to connect the wires, but he would be electrocuted in the process. He saw no other option and made the connection, dying in the process leaving is family behind.When his body was collected no one was able to safely remove his soul gem because it absorbed so much electricity to give Cole enough time to connect the wires. Thanks to his noble deeds and the curious state of his soul gem, he was to be reborn as an Alchemical.

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