The night she birthed herself

Name: Dutifully Slashing Blade

Serial Number: 10143

Caste: SoulSteel

Previous Life: The 3 mines of Dutifully Slashing Blades borough barely managed to make the quotas of the city. It would have been much easier if one of the mines wasn’t always temporarily out of commission because of gremlin infestations. It was the same story throughout the year. First, the Alpha mine was closed for 2 weeks in order to clear out the blasphemy. The wardens promised this would not happen again. Then, in the middle of the next quarter, the Charlie mine was closed for 3 weeks. Workers died while gremlins wrecked and pissed on all that Autochthon had blessed his people with. Hollower promises of peaceful, blemish free work were made again.

On the last day of the third quarter, a bloody scream from a dying worker chillingly announced the return of the unclean ones. Dutifully Slashing Blade was about to clock out for her shift when she heard horrendously evil laughter and wanton destruction. It was then she made a choice. There will be no fight through the mine shafts. There will be no cleaning crews scrubbing and muttering with their soaps and chemicals. Only conviction and fire will end this threat. It was time to burn this taint off of the boroughs honor, productivity, and fears.  With a solid blow on the gears controlling the thick doors of the mine entrance, a supply of kerosene, and a fresh respirator Dutifully Slashing Blade set to do what must be done. Knowing the screams of those she burned would never turn into maddening gremlin laughter slightly comforted her. Watching the already maddened become paralyzed with fear padded her sanity even more.

The screams she heard that night would be the last screams that borough had to endure, it only took the courage to do what must be done. Although she hung from the gallows for her actions that evening her soul stone mysteriously disappeared. The fake created by the duped authorities eased the minds of cowards, but she knows that the dead threat of gremlin attacks eases those masses more.

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