Recovered Personal Log

Entry 2657: Today we were told to investigate a group of bandits that may target the Technology Expo. Move Point was complaining about forced overtime

Entry 2660: The finishing touchs were finished on our project. Testing should begin soon.

Entry 2661: Testing went well. Armor is being moved to storage in preperation for the Expo.

Entry 2665: Quetzalcoatl found an dead factory still using power. Leaving to investigate it.

Entry 2670: Factory has a large number of hooded figures. Too many for the two of us to handle. Retreating to join with Last Order.

Entry 2673: Factory was empty upon return. Not good. Heading to Expo before its too late.

Entry 2674: Expo is chaotic. Last Order is heading into the fray. Going to secure GROUP’s project.

Entry 2675: Armor is secure. Standing guard until back up arrives.

Entry 2676: Loud noise and gravity distortion. Storehouse may not be on the ground anymore.

Entry 2677: Doors are sealed. Making a hole to leave log behind. Find me.

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