Session 18: Cured

These events took place during Session 18.

Kami tested his new theory on some skin and blood samples from Jacob, and the new virus cleared the DNA strands of Jacob’s disease. While the process was complicated, it was workable! Today was the big day—the day he’d try the virus on Jacob himself.

After making sure Jacob rested well and had a good breakfast, Kami talked to Jacob about how they were going to try something that might cure him. It wouldn’t be immediate, and it might actually take quite a bit of time. He then healed Jacob to get him in the best shape he could.

“I want Veria to be here,” Jacob complained. He and the dog had really bonded now that Jacob was old enough to understand how to play with her.

“I’m sorry, Jacob, but Veria needs to wait outside. We’re trying to keep this room as clean as possible so you can be healthy.”

“But she isn’t dirty!”

“I know you can’t see it, but everyone’s a little dirty. It’s important to be very careful around surgery like this. I just want to be extra sure that you’re safe.”

“Fine, but Veria’s gonna be mad at you.”

“I’ll talk to her, and she’ll be right outside. We can play with her when you’re better.”

“Okayyyy,” Jacob said.

Kami had Jacob lie down and administered the virus intravenously. Jacob flinched a bit at the shot, but didn’t complain. Then they waited, with Kami telling Jacob stories while monitoring his vitals. After an hour or so, Jacob began to run a fever. This wasn’t unexpected, so Kami just did his best to keep Jacob comfortable. The fever continued to rise, however, and after another hour or so, Jacob suddenly lost consciousness. Kami’s ring told him Jacob’s heart had stopped.

Kami quickly thought through his options. He could try Anointment of Miraculous Health—that might work on someone who was healthy to begin with, but it probably wouldn’t help in this situation. His standard combo, however, should do the trick. Kami focused his energy on Jacob, put his hands on the boy’s shoulders, and let his Essence flow into Jacob. Jacob began to glow, as if he had an anima banner, his heart started beating again as the glow began to fade. Kami breathed a sigh of relief.

Jacob woke and looked confused. “I think I falled asleep.”

“Well, your heart stopped beating, but I was able to fix it. I need to figure out what happened.”

“I told you, I falled asleep, so my heart stopped.”

“No, Jacob, your heart isn’t supposed to stop. Not even if you fall asleep.”

“Oh. Well, why did it stop, then?”

“That’s a good question. I’ll need to think for a few moments, but I think we’re done trying the virus for today.”

“Am I better?”

“Well, you’re a little healthier, but you aren’t cured yet. I’m sorry.”

“Oh, okay,” Jacob said, looking upset. He suddenly perked up. “But I can play with Veria now?”

“We can go to Veria soon, and you can sit with her while I work. First, though, I’m going to need a little tiny piece of your heart so I can watch how the virus affects it.”

“Oh. Will it hurt?”

“I’m going to make you fall asleep, and you’ll feel all better when you wake up.”

“Okay, but don’t stop my heart again!”

Kami reassured Jacob that he wouldn’t, and he gave Jacob a carefully measured dose of anesthesia. Once Jacob had fallen asleep, Kami excised some heart tissue and healed him carefully. Kami took a slice of the tissue and added his virus, and he watched as the virus spread throughout the tissue. It looked as if it happened to be the same size as the gaps between the heart cells. The virus particles were getting caught in the gaps and causing the cells to beat out of rhythm. It seemed as though when enough cells were out of sync, the heart would stop.

Kami thought for a moment and then realized that if the virus were larger, he wouldn’t have that problem. He carefully added some inert DNA to the virus and tested the new, larger virus on another slice of heart tissue. It seemed to work, but Kami wanted to let the virus dissipate on its own. Besides, his diagnostic ring told him that Jacob would be waking soon, so he went over to sit next to Jacob.

“I’m ‘wake,” Jacob mumbled. “Didja take out my heart?”

“I only took a little piece, and I think I found the problem. We’ll try again tomorrow, if all goes well.”

“Oh. Can I see?”

“Sure, Jacob.” Kami walked him over to see the sample.

“Oh, that’s a really tiny piece! I thought it would be this big,” Jacob said, holding his fingers two centimeters apart.

“No, I just needed a little piece to test. I tested your blood and skin before, but this time I needed your heart to try to make sure your heart doesn’t stop again.”

“Didja fix it?”

“I think so,” Kami said. “For now, let’s go sit down with Veria and relax.”

The next morning, Kami administered the new virus. He also had realized that Jacob’s body was going through a lot of energy, so he set up a way to give Jacob nutrients throughout the procedure. As expected, he began to run a fever, but Kami actually encouraged it this time, since the fever would help slow down the progress of the virus. The virus was doing what it needed to, but slowing that process would make Jacob’s body adjust more smoothly.

After a lot of waiting on Kami’s part and fidgeting and napping on Jacob’s part, Jacob’s fever finally started to subside. Kami knew that cells with the least blood flow would be affected last, so he tested a sample from Jacob’s nose. It still had the disease after a few hours, but after another couple hours, it came out clean. Unfortunately, Kami realized that cells without blood flow, such as Jacob’s hair and nails would still contain the virus.

“Jacob, we’re going to have to give you a haircut. Otherwise, the disease could stay in your hair and re-infect you.”

“Oh. Okay.”

“And we’re going to have to shave your eyebrows and remove your eyelashes. It will look funny at first, but they’ll grow back.”

“Oh…” Jacob said, a little more hesitantly.

“…and I have to remove your fingernails and toenails, but those will grow back soon, too.”

“Umm…” Jacob said.

“It won’t hurt, and it’s okay to not have fingernails for a little while.”

“Are you sure?”

“I’m sure,” Kami said.

“Well, if it means I can run and play like other kids, okay. Will they grow back tomorrow?”

“Well, they’ll start growing back, but it’s going to take a little longer than that for them to come all the way back. I think it will take a month or so.”

“That’s like forever!”

“I think you’ll be okay. You want to be all better, right?”


“Okay. Let’s have you go back to sleep, then.”

Jacob sighed. “Fine, but I get to stay up late tonight ‘cuz I had to sleep so much today.”

“That seems fair,” Kami replied.

After Kami carefully disposed of Jacob’s hair and nails, he healed Jacob. He couldn’t make the nails regrow immediately, but he could heal it so it wouldn’t hurt.

Once Jacob woke up, Kami told him it was time to celebrate. “I’ll need to keep a close eye on you, but I think you’re finally cured, Jacob! I think soon you’ll be feeling much better.”

“Yay! I’m gonna be all better!”

That afternoon, Olivia came home from her travels. Jacob ran up to her and gave her a hug. “Guess what, ‘livia! I gots no hair or fingernails or toenails, but it’s okay ‘cuz they’ll grow back and I’m all better now and soon I bet I’ll run faster than you ‘cuz Uncle Kami fixed me!”

Kami just smiled. Curing Jacob had been his goal for so long that achieving it left him feeling more powerful than ever before. Now he hoped to have some time to think about their next actions. Jacob was still vulnerable, due to his age and due to his connection to Kami, but being healed should make a huge difference in his quality of life. Kami had known he could do it, but finally succeeding was a huge relief.

In-Game: Jacob no longer has the disease from the Silver Prince, and Kami now has Essence 5.

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