Session 17: Cancer

These events took place near the end of Session 17.

As soon as Kami could spare a moment, he headed for the lab. He finally had some ideas for how to cure Jacob. There was a code in every living being that governed how each part of the body behaves—Kami called it the Design for Natural Attributes, or DNA. After studying Jacob’s DNA, his own DNA, and his own DNA after infecting a tissue sample with Jacob’s disease, Kami had found the problematic DNA sequence. He crafted a virus to remove that sequence and tried it on a tissue sample—only to find that it was only partially successful. Some of the problem sequences were removed, but not all of them.

After much examination, Kami realized that the virus only worked when the errant DNA string was surrounded by plenty of correct DNA on either side. If the problem DNA was at the end, the virus couldn’t excise it.

“What’cha doing, Uncle Kami?” Jacob asked, wandering in. “Veria says it’s time to play with me.” Jacob had recently decided that he could talk with Veria and frequently attributed his desires to be Veria’s. “She thinks you work lots.”

“Well, I’m still working on trying to find a way to make you better, Jacob. I want to be able to make you healthy and strong.”

“Oh. Are you almost there yet?”

“I don’t know,” Kami responded. He felt like he was, but he didn’t want to get Jacob’s hopes up. “I hope so, though.”

“Will you be done tomorrow?”

“I don’t think so, Jacob. I’m kind of stuck right now, and I need to think this through.”

“Maybe your friends can help!”

“No, Jacob, I don’t think they can help with this sort of thing. Although it does help to be able to talk through what’s going on… actually, that’s a good idea, Jacob. Thank you.”

“I have lotsa good ideas!”

“Yes, you do. I’ll tell you what. Let’s go get some dinner now and I’ll think this through later.”

“Yay! Dinner is yummy! Do they have the crunchy oatmeal again?” Even though it had been months, Jacob still occasionally asked for the addictive food they realized had been infecting everyone at the manse.

“No, but I’m sure they have something even better.”

After getting some food, Kami and Jacob sat down and were joined by Olivia. She asked how things were going, and Kami began to describe his research. He was always happy when people showed an interest, and he didn’t always catch the difference between polite interest and genuine interest. Olivia, however, listened carefully and said she might have an answer.

After dinner, Kami healed Jacob and played with him until it was time for him to go to bed. Leaving Veria to watch over the boy, he headed out and found Olivia, excited by something she had found. Apparently, the God of Cancer might have some helpful information, and she was able to find someone who could summon him.

Kami and Olivia headed out and were able to speak to the god, who was an older man and not entirely thrilled with being summoned. Once Kami explained his purpose, however, the man seemed a little more interested. Olivia arranged to buy some incantation strips that would lengthen and shorten the ends of the DNA so the virus should work. As long as Kami tagged all DNA sequences that he wanted affected, things should go smoothly. He decided to insert an inert piece of DNA right before every problem sequence, lengthen the ends, excise the problem sequence, shorten the ends, and then excise the inert piece of DNA. Now he just needed to test this process on a tissue sample—but that would have to wait until morning.

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