Artifact Information

Air Dragon Armor: Created by GROUP, the armor is blue silver and has a sleek design without many extruding parts to improve its aerodynamic qualities. When its flight mode is activated wings extend from the back of the armor. When tactical flight is activated the wings are larger and more flexible, but when over land is active the wings are more compact and mechanical. Rather than a full helmet the armor has a large visor that Mithril usually wears on his forehead when not in use and doesn’t internalize it with the rest of the armor.

Blue Jade Reaper Beamklaive: The hilt has two buttons on it, the first one extends a guard with a series of lenses that guide the curve of the blade and a allow the wielder to use his off hand to push against the blade for defense and offense. The second button absorbs some of the user’s essence and extends the blade.

Portable Vat: A small device that expands large enough to fit an adult. When an essence capacitor or a hearthstone is placed in it, it acts a miniature Vat that allows Alchemicals to preform maintenance on themselves in the their sleep.

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