Classified Information

Officially GROUP is a research organization made up of four members dedicated to tech development, but in actuality GROUP is one of the Kamak government’s underground task forces for when things need to be taken care of with out the public taking notice. Their undocumented activities include suppression of rebellious elements, removal of corrupt or unnecessary politicians, and counter intelligence operations against other countries of Autochthonia. GROUP is made up of four members all of which are exalts, Move Point a Star Metal Alchemical specializing in tracking and pursuit. Quetzalcoatl, an Eclipse Solar that slipped into Kamak as a spy, but turned double agent, specializes and disguise, stealth, and sorcery. Last Order, an Adamant Alchemical with that is walking destruction, and Mithril an artifact engineer and back up combat unit.  Recently they were tasked with preventing any leaks during the tech expo, but a group of bandits struck first and one of the members was kidnapped with an entire store room when he went to retrieve GROUP’s project.

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