Kamak Personnel Data File

Name: Mithril the Electromaster Accelerator

Serial Number: 10032

Caste: Jade

Previous Life: The last time Kamak passed near the Elemental Pole of Lightning, many power surges began occurring which was causing factory equipment to malfunction. It got so bad in some areas that many factories had to divert power externally. Unfortunately, the cables snapped for one of the factories that heat Kamak, workers struggled to fix them, but one worker made a desperate choice and used himself to help bridge the cables. The worker lost his life, but a crisis was averted and the soul gem was recovered and was prepared for exaltation for his deeds.

Personal History: Mithril was created during a period when Kamak was passing unusually close to the Elemental Pole of Lightning, and as a result the blue jade used to construct him was super-charged with electricity. While preforming his duties as an Exalted it was noted that while his body’s ability to channel electricity was high, it was limited because it put too much strain on his body. To correct this Mithril joined a research society called GROUP which was studying various applications of Jade and helped them make many advances in the field. When not on duty or preforming research, Mithril spent his time mingling with the citizens of Kamak and became something of a local attraction as he used electricity to entertain the populace. To him this was both a way to connect with the citizens and refine his control of electricity.

Recent Events: GROUP along with other research societies were preparing presentations for Kamak’s technology expo. Mithril had received word from his superiors that some dangerous elements may try to pull something during the expo and was ordered to investigate it. After weeks of following dead leads, Mithril finally found a clue which he followed to an old factory. There he found several cloaked figures speaking of plans to steal from the expo. He rushed back to report this and return with a full squad to suppress the thieves, but when he returned it was already too late. The thieves did not mean to steal during the presentations, but to strike while everything was being transported to the expo’s vault. Mithril arrived at the expo in chaos, more than thieves, they were bandits who killed anyone who got between them and what they desired. Without many options and the bandits already beginning their escape, he donned the test model of the armor he and GROUP had made and chased after the bandits. The bandits fled from Kamak and it is unknown where they are now. Furthermore Mithril has yet to report in and it is unknown if he was in fact an inside man in this incident.

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