To-Do List

Dear Diary,

Sometimes I forget stuff ’cause I’m not as smart as Exalted are.:-(But that’s okay, ’cause I can write stuff down!

Things to Do Soon:

1. Invite our new Infernal friends to join my Army of Doom Justice.  Maybe convince them that they don’t need the Yozis and can do their own thing, then propose an alliance?  (Also, that sorceress lady is totally hot.  I need to spend more time with her.)

2. Shopping! Like, OMG, I love shopping!  That’s totally why I became a Guild Factor and stuff. My mercenaries have pretty lame outfits, but I think Jarvis the Sentient Manse can build them powered armor like mine if I ask him (it?) nicely. After that last intruder, looks like some shock pikes would be great too!  Ooh, and maybe some alchemical potions, and some elemental benedictions, and…

3. Clean up the basement! I’m sooo good at cleaning, but I wish it wasn’t so boring! Oh well, maybe I can drag my Exalted friends along and flirt with them the whole time. That would make it more fun! 😉

Things to Do Later:

1. Become a Guild hierarch! Then I can do even more shopping! <3

2. Build a Scepter of Peace and Order! Who needs the Paragon’s old thing when Jeeves can make a new one in the latest fashion?!

XOXO, Olivia

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