Session 14: Conversation

These events took place near the end of Session 14.

“Hunter, do you have a moment?” Kami asked with a serious look on his face.

“What troubles you?” Hunter replied.

“Well, I was thinking back on the events from the past few months, and some things don’t quite make sense.”

“Sometimes it seems like the only sense is in what we do. But I can see something stands out to you.”

“Well, you remember how we had to leave in a hurry to get from the council room to the ship? We all jumped out the window and flew or ran or webbed down to get there as quickly as possible.”


“How did I get down?”

“Well, you…” Hunter’s voice trailed off. “I guess you… maybe I carried you down? Or one of the others did?”

“But that doesn’t seem right, does it?” Kami asked. “It’s as if your memory has been tampered with, just like mine has.”

“Whoever did this and however they did it, they are fools to think we will stand for it.”

“I feel like there’s something missing. Something I used to be able to do but no longer can. And that worries me. What if I lose more of my abilities? What if I’m no longer able to keep Jacob safe? He’s already such a target for the Silver Prince…”

“The Silver Prince must be desperate now, but that will make him weak!” Hunter said, awkwardly trying to reassure Kami. “When his minions come, we will be ready.”

“Still,” Kami said. “I’d like your help.”

“With what?”

“If something were to happen to me, Jacob’s condition would worsen very quickly. Without the daily healing, he would become very ill and extremely contagious in a matter of two or three days. However, I think there are a few things that could be done to slow the progress.”

Hunter nodded, motioning for him to continue.

“The new Void Essence Extractor that I created can make a field to suppress the death essence, as you know. If that were trained on Jacob, it would contain the contagion, but his condition would continue to worsen. The only other person I know who would be able to do anything is the Doctor.”

“So I would need to find a way to contact the Doctor,” Hunter said cautiously.

“Yes,” Kami said. “If I were killed and you couldn’t find the Doctor… well, Jacob would not only be dangerous to others, but he would be in a lot of pain. That idea really frightens me. I know it’s extremely unlikely, but if there is simply no hope… well, Jacob doesn’t deserve to die in pain.”

“I understand,” Hunter responded, realizing how difficult it was for Kami to face the stark evil of the world and trying to spare him the difficulty of saying the words. “What if you could have another chance? I came back from death… perhaps you too could discard this life and have another. What if you and I could stand together, free to do whatever it took to save Jacob?”

Hunter hesitated before saying those last two words, awaiting the punishment of the Neverborn.

Shocked, Kami stood silent a moment. “That… that’s a very interesting thought. I would do anything for Jacob. We should discuss this further. Could we talk in the library later this evening? I have some books that might be relevant.”

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  1. prions

    +1 xp for both Kami and Hunter, and also, damn there is something subtly epic in Hunter tempting Kami with immortality for Jacob’s sake. It’s like what Star Wars Episode 3 was supposed to be like….

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