Between the Lines – Session 14

Mithril had returned to the Moon-Shelted Manse with the rest of the party after a long voyage. Kami had quickly left to speak with MIRI about something and the others went off to do their own thing. Mithril retired to his room to perform some meditative maintenance on his equipment. He soon found himself lost in thought and realized that not only had he collected all but one of the stolen artifacts, but he had also secured a method of connecting Creation and Kamak. Such success felt a bit surreal and left him at a bit of a loss. What was next? Would he return to his work in Kamak or would he remain in Creation and try to establish Kamak’s influence here?

Mithril started to think back of all of his pursuits and thoughts from before this all got started. The projects he left unfinished and the things he wanted to accomplish felt very distant. He then remembered an old, petty gripe he had. Mithril was not very fond of his name, it lacked concrete meaning. He understood “Mithril,” it was a legendary metal known for its strength and blue hue. It was the whole “Electromaster Accelerator” part that bugged him. It felt like something lazy bureaucrats would think up when they just wanted to get something out of the way. He admired names like Hunter of the Gloaming Truths and Dutifully Striking Blade because…

Before Mithril could finish that thought, Kami burst into the room with some disturbing news. The red moon from earlier had indicated many changes in Creation including the concealment of this manse. Everyone feared that their enemies would soon be closing in on their location and everyone began immediate preparations. With the Moral Ambiguity away they were short on firepower, which would have been a great asset against the expected siege.

Mithril decided that now was as good of time as any to finish an old pet project of his. It was a brand new charm based on miniaturizing technology proposed to launch vehicles over long distances to allow travel between the cities of Autochthonia even when they were very far apart. He used the resources available at the Moon-Shelted Manse to quickly finish the charm and install it.

Just as he put the finishing touches on it, Kami returned with more news. A Haslanti ship was now approaching their location quickly. Mithril went outside to try and gather as much information on the enemy as possible. With his enhanced eyesight he would be able to spot them before anyone else. He suspected that it might be the demon crewed ship he, Kami and Blade encountered before.

Mithril stood their waiting for them and thought to himself. He was not brave enough to challenge the captain himself, but he was not his opponent. Neither was the crew nor anything else that was brought along his opponent, he could trust his allies to handle them. No his opponent was the ship itself, Mithril knew technology better than just about anyone and there was no one else suited to bring it down.

“I am Mithril, the Railgun and I will stop you here.”

Mithril now has a shiny new charm.

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