Craft: Genesis Backstory

“Hmm… so it seems like you have a disease that’s very similar to what Raina and Jonas had, but you aren’t responding to the same treatment.  I’m going to try distilling the medicine into something more potent, but it may have some unpleasant side effects.  We’re going to have to keep you here for more observation.”  Kami frowned, considering his options, until Urik politely coughed and brought him back to reality.  “Okay, this medicine will take about twenty-four hours to produce.  Until then, you can go back to your home as long as someone is there with you to keep watch over you.  Once we start the medication, however, you’ll need to stay here.”

“I understand,” Urik replied, looking less than thrilled about the prospect of having to stay at the makeshift hospital Kami and several of the other islanders had put together.

“I’ll be in touch,” Kami said.  After treating Jacob and Lay-torr, Kami began setting up the necessary ingredients.  He worked well into the night, alternating between creating his latest attempt to combat the Silver Prince’s most recent attack and studying Professor Mudd’s Science and Society book.  It really was rather fascinating, but he managed to pay just enough attention to the concoctions he was working with to keep them on track.

Morning came only a few short hours after Kami retired for the night, and with it came a frantic child’s voice.  Not Jacob’s voice, for which Kami breathed a short sigh of relief, but important nonetheless.  “Come quick,” said a small girl Kami thought he recognized.  “Mom got worse!”  Once she was certain Kami would follow, the girl quickly turned and ran to her home.  When Kami realized that it was Urik’s daughter, he picked her up, put her on his back, and ran the rest of the way.  The girl was heavier than Jacob, but years of running with him meant Kami knew exactly how to balance the need for a smooth ride with the importance of speed.

Upon arriving at the house, he found Urik’s older son cooling Urik’s forehead with a wet cloth.  Kami knew that Urik’s husband had perished in an attack only a few months ago, and he quickly instructed the children to go to their neighbors’ home.  They protested, but Kami insisted.  Once they were gone, he used Flawless Diagnosis Technique and realized that Urik’s disease had progressed more quickly than he had expected.  The fingers on her right hand, where she had been injured, had begun to darken to an ugly deep purple.  As she floated in and out of consciousness, Kami carefully carried Urik back to the hospital/laboratory he had constructed, regretting his decision to send her home in the first place.

She woke once on the way, appearing confused and disoriented.  Kami soothed her and she fell back asleep only moments later.  His mind raced as he tried to decide on a course of action.  The medication he planned to use wouldn’t be ready for another few hours, and there was no way to speed the chemical reactions necessary.  He arrived and set Urik down on a bed, trying to keep her cool and as comfortable as possible until the medicine was finished.

An hour went by, and then two.  Jacob wandered in and sat quietly in the corner, watching.  He was such a well-behaved child, though Kami sometimes wished he had the energy to make a little mischief.  Now, however, Kami needed to focus, so he was grateful for the patience Jacob had learned in their time together.

The medicine was finally ready, and a quick application of Flawless Diagnosis Technique confirmed that the situation was dire.  Kami used Anointment of Miraculous Health to bolster Urik’s strength, though he knew his charm would do nothing for the disease itself.  He injected her with the medication and sat down to wait.  A few hours would tell whether the medicine’s potency was enough to counteract the deadly necrotic disease that lurked in her body.

Kami turned to Jacob, put on the best smile he could manage at the moment, and sat down on the ground next to him.  “Will she get better?” Jacob asked.  “Did you fix her?”

“I hope so,” Kami sighed.  “I certainly hope so.”

Several hours passed, and Jacob fell back asleep.  Kami carried him to the room they shared and set him back on the bed, silently asking Veria to watch over him.  ‘Fixing’ Urik would be difficult, but healing Jacob… that had always been his goal.  Kami felt at times that he was closer than ever, especially with the new necrotic diseases that had been popping up.  While he was horrified by the Silver Prince’s actions, he had hoped that there would be some silver lining to this, and that he could learn more about treating Jacob’s disease by working with the inhabitants of this island.  Although there were many promising leads, nothing had worked.

Upon returning to the main room, Kami checked on Urik again and saw that the medicine appeared to be making a dent in the disease.  Her fingers, however, were not recovering.  If anything, the discoloration appeared to be spreading.  Nothing could be done to save her hand.  Unless… unless he tried something nobody had ever done before.

Kami carefully sliced a thin layer of tissue off her healthy hand, taking care to include the stem cells residing under the skin in his cut.  He added a few drops of his new medicine to the damaged hand and placed the tissue layer on top.  Kami channeled his Essence through it, urging the healthy tissue to bond with the injured hand and lend its ability to repair itself.  Time passed, but Kami took no notice of it, focusing all of his efforts on this last chance to save her hand.

Hours later, Kami stopped channeling and used Flawless Diagnosis Technique.  He finally relaxed after learning that, while it would take time, her hand would heal.  Kami was already thinking over what he had learned and how he might apply it to Jacob.  He didn’t see a way to make such a connection, since the necrotic infection permeated all of Jacob’s body.  Urik had relatively healthy tissue to begin with.  Jacob would be harder to cure, since he didn’t have any uncontaminated stem cells… but it would happen; Kami was sure of it.

In-Game Effects: Kami now has the one-dot specialty Craft: Genesis.

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