Session 14: Changes

These events took place at the end of Session 14.

Something was nagging Kami. He couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but something seemed different. He felt like he had lost or forgotten something, but he wasn’t sure what it was.

Kami spent some time thinking about the past few months. There had been some pretty exciting moments—periods of calm punctuated with periods of intense activity. There was that long wait while they planned how to capture Quetzalcoatl, only for him to send a decoy. Then there was the time when the party realized they had been tricked, and they all had to get back to the ship as quickly as possible. Mithril and Olivia had flown down, Blade used her web charm, Hunter just ran down the wall, and Kami… well… wait, what had he done? He had just… jumped, hadn’t he? But that wouldn’t make sense. Kami couldn’t fly, and there was nothing that would allow him to survive a fall like that. Perhaps one of the others had carried him? No, he had a strong memory of falling!

Kami thought back to other times when he had been in danger. Once, a building had collapsed around him. He was fine, because he… he… well, he did something impressive. What was it!? It was like there was a piece of him that was suddenly missing or inaccessible. He tried concentrating and got nowhere. Then he canvassed the others, but nobody could quite remember the details.

After some thought, Kami decided to ask MIRI. After all, MIRI couldn’t forget that sort of thing. But MIRI was unable to give any details. When pressed, MIRI simply shut down for a few seconds and appeared to have forgotten the previous conversation.

“MIRI,” Kami asked after carefully recounting previous events, “could this be something that was tampered with? Could this missing ability of mine have been taken from me by someone?”

MIRI responded, “Yes, that is quite possible.”

“How can I get it back?”

Calmly, MIRI said, “That will not be possible. Changes made can be overwritten, but they cannot be reversed. As nobody remembers the details of the ability you had, it cannot be restored.”

“Oh,” Kami said, disappointed. “You’re sure about this?”

“Yes, I’m quite sure,” MIRI replied.

“Well, I suppose I had better focus on strategy even more than before.”

“This might be a good time to tell you that I see a Haslanti warship approaching quickly.”

“What!?” Kami responded. “Okay, have you alerted the others?”

“I alerted them at the same time I told you.”

“Good. Thank you, MIRI,” Kami said, while rushing to make preparations. He led Jacob and Veria to what he referred to as the saferoom and set MIRI to only open the door when given his password in his voice. Using essence from Veria, Kami cast Anointment of Miraculous Health on himself. That should at least help him survive if he were to be injured.

Next, Kami released the essence he had invested in the carrier, since he wouldn’t need the carrier for this fight. “MIRI,” he began, “please tell me when the warship reaches the proximity of the manse.”

“I will do so,” MIRI promptly responded.

Kami went to join the others and began to meditate. He cleared his mind, working to regain essence and prepare for what seemed an imminent battle.


In-Game: Kami’s Iron Skin Concentration charm no longer exists.

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