Session 13: Bananas

Note: These events took place at the end of Session 13.

Jacob was very excited. “That was fun, Uncle Kami! You should make a big metal man for us to ride in every day. We were way up high!”

“Sorry, Jacob, but I don’t exactly have what I need to make it. Right now, my big focus is on making you better.”

“Oh, right. Yeah, I wanna run and play like everyone else.”

“I know, Jacob. I’m working on it, and I think I’m getting closer. We just have to be patient.”

“Yeah… waiting is hard. But I’ll be all better when I’m a grown-up, right?”

“I certainly hope so. I like to think you’ll be better long before then.”

“When I’m a grown-up, I wanna fight bad guys, like you do. And I wanna fight with bananas, ‘cuz then if I got hungry I could eat one.”

“… You want to fight with bananas?” Kami asked, confused.

Jacob nodded excitedly. “Yeah, like Richard. He fights with giant shiny bananas! I’m gonna grow up and then throw bananas from a giant metal man and get all the bad guys and make ‘em be good.”

Kami laughed. “Okay, Jacob, I’ll tell you what. You get better, and I’ll make you some shiny bananas to fight with. Now it’s time to rest while I work to help make you feel better. Go ahead and lie down and rest—you’ve had an exciting day.”

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