Session 12: Interrogation

Note: These events took place near the end of Session 12.

Kami was actually rather excited about the investigation.  He had done some work on a truth serum, and he had some rather persuasive friends, each in their own way.  However, their interrogations were nothing compared to what was happening here.

When the technician started taking out his equipment, Kami was overcome with questions.  However, they had been very clear that he was not to interrupt, so he simply stood off to the side, peering intently and trying to learn what he could.

Quetzalcoatl was unconscious and tied to a chair— they were clearly taking no chances.  His gear had been removed, except for the headband that appeared to be permanently attached.  Kami hoped that wouldn’t interfere with whatever it was they were doing.  The technician, who introduced himself as Corioli, opened the suitcase he brought with him, and Kami was shocked to see one of the purple spider-like creatures that the party had encountered in the cave near the Moon-Sheltered Manse.  It was connected to technology in the suitcase via wires, and it immediately crawled over and attached itself to Quetzalcoatl.

Kami’s better judgment overcame his curiosity just in time, but his mind crawled with questions.  What was the name of the creature, and where was it from?  It looked just like the creatures the party had encountered previously, but this one appeared to be… tamed?  Controlled against its will in some way?

The interrogation began, and Kami was impressed by the ease with which the answers flowed from Quetzalcoatl.  He freely began giving an entire account of his activities… until he was asked about the auction.  His headband sprang into action, a green light went off, and the spider flew across the room.  Quetzalcoatl began convulsing.

Kami knew he was supposed to stay quiet, but he didn’t think this was what the technician had been expecting.  “Excuse me, but could I be of assistance?”

Corioli didn’t even bother to turn around as he frantically checked his equipment.  “Sorry, but you’d have to be incredibly skilled in both medicine and technology in order to be able to help in this situation.”

Kami walked up next to him and said politely, “Please step aside.”  Corioli seemed surprised, but he didn’t protest.  A quick glance at Quetzalcoatl showed that he was convulsing due interaction between the headband and the purple creature.  It had appeared before that the headband allowed Quetzalcoatl to do “impossible” things, and this seemed to be one of them.  Separating him from the headband seemed the most logical idea, but Kami had already realized that the headband appeared to be permanently implanted.  It was not coming off any time soon.

Seizures, Kami knew, were the result of abnormal electrical impulses in the brain.  These generally have a fairly short duration, but it had already been longer than Kami would expect if this were a normal seizure.  Something had to be done—the impulses needed to be reset.  Perhaps a small shock would do the trick.  Kami looked around the room for a power source… and his eyes came to rest on Mithril, who looked back at him with a mixture of curiosity and mild suspicion.

“Mithril, you can deliver electrical shocks… would you try giving a minor shock to Quetzalcoatl, please?”

Mithril seemed surprised at the request, but Kami seemed to know what he was doing.  He applied the shock, and the convulsions stopped.  Relieved, Kami took another look and realized that the light from the headband had come back on.

“I think he once again has three chances to resist us, or to do some other action that he couldn’t ordinarily do,” Kami said.  “We need to find a way to use up these powers so that we can get some more information.”

Olivia sauntered over and attempted to kick Quetzalcoatl in the head.  Once, twice, three times she kicked, and each time she was repelled by an unseen force while a green light in the headband went out.  Once the headband was depleted, Corioli was ushered in to quickly continue the interrogation.  Before long, Quetzalcoatl gave up the information that he had set up the auction in order to spy on those who bought the artifacts.  Apparently, this was not information that he was supposed to share, as his voice changed, someone used him to say, “I have tired of this servant,” and his neck snapped.  It didn’t take a medical expert to see that Quetzalcoatl wouldn’t be sharing any more information with them.

Once the proceedings were over and everyone had had a few minutes to process what had happened, Kami walked over and attempted to engage Corioli in conversation.  “That’s a very interesting procedure you have there—what kind of creature is that?”

“Ahh, uhh, I’m afraid that is proprietary information.”

“Oh, I see.  Well, it’s really fascinating.  Can you tell me whether it has to be trained, or whether it is controlled via the machine you have there?”

“We, uh, aren’t supposed to talk about it.”

“One more question, though I certainly understand if you can’t answer.  Has a subject had a bad reaction before?  You certainly seemed surprised.”

“Oh no, nothing of the sort has ever happened before.  This technology is—err, should be—foolproof.  It allows us to safely extract information.  That kind of a reaction is unprecedented.”

“I see.  How many of these interrogations have you performed?”

“Well, uhh, enough to know that this shouldn’t have happened.”

“I see.  Well, if it does happen in the future somehow, a mild electrical shock should stimulate the neural pathways and allow them to reset, thus ending the convulsions.  Of course, the cause of the convulsions would have to be eliminated, which we were able to do temporarily in this case,” Kami noted, thinking back to the interrogation.  His mind suddenly snapped back to the present.  “Anyway, thank you very much for your help.  I really appreciated being able to watch such an interesting procedure.”

“Um, yes.  It isn’t something we normally allow, but I’m sure there were reasons for it.  If you’ll excuse me, though, I should be getting back with these results.”

“Of course,” Kami said.  “Thanks again for your time.”

Kami had considered mentioning the fact that they had run into these creatures before, but wasn’t sure that Corioli would be too happy to hear about this.  Instead, he decided to attempt to study the creatures in that cavern at some other time.  It would take quite a bit of preparation to do so safely, but Kami was certain that with the proper safeguards in place, he could learn more about these interesting specimens.

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