Name: Dutifully Striking Blade

Nature: Alchemical Exalted

Caste: Soulsteel

Nation: Kamak

Focus: Stabbin’ Gremlins

Affiliation: ARCO (Autochthon Restoration Clandestine Organization) (AKA Autochthon Will Rule All Of Creation Brigade, AKA AWRAOCB)

Dutifully Striking Blade’s previous mortal life was a brave individual who sacrificed all to fight the gremlins, the creeping rot of Autochthon that must be stopped.  Though that person was hanged for treason, ARCO spirited away the soulgem and switched it with another so it would be used in the creation of the Soulsteel Alchemical that was under construction at the time to fight the gremlin threat.  Thus Dutifully Striking Blade has exceeded everyone’s expectations in her unwavering dedication to the destruction of the gremlin threat.

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